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Airport IT&T 2013 Dominic Nessi


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Airport IT&T 2013 Dominic Nessi

  1. 1. An Overview of LAX Airport’s Airport Modernisation Plan: Implementing Technological Advances & Improving Safety Dominic Nessi Deputy Director & CIO Los Angeles World Airports
  4. 4. LOS ANGELES WORLD AIRPORTS 4 “The Sights and Sounds of LAX”
  5. 5. LOS ANGELES WORLD AIRPORTS Owns & operates 3 airports LAX, ONT, VNY LAX 6th busiest airport in the world, 3rd in US Van Nuys busiest general aviation airport in the world LAX - World’s busiest origin and destination airport LAX served 61 million passengers in 2011 11th busiest cargo airport in the world 5 • • • • • •
  6. 6. LOS ANGELES WORLD AIRPORTS Nine terminal buildings – 150 gates – four runways 1500 takeoffs/landings a day (1 per minute) 80 airlines – 20 cargo carriers 59,000 employees work at LAX – 408,000 jobs attributed to LAX Over 350,000 passengers, visitors and employees each day 6 • • • • •
  7. 7. LOS ANGELES WORLD AIRPORTS 24/7 working environment – the airport never sleeps 254 concessionaires, tenants and support services In the midst of a $4b capital improvement program Bradley International Terminal expansion over 2m sq feet LAX contributes $61b to the economy each year 7 • • • • •
  8. 8. LOS ANGELES WORLD AIRPORTS 8 Federal agencies – FAA, CBP, TSA, DOA, SS, FBI, DHS, Coast Guard LAX - Number one terrorist target on the West Coast according to the FBI Largest US Airport police force – over 1,000 officers 1,000 controlled doors and close to 3,000 camera views 8 • • • •
  9. 9. BUSINESS CHALLENGE FOR LAX 9 No Central Operations or Communication Center No Emergency Operations Center Key units in siloed locations in different buildings across airport grounds • Operations • Facilities • Police • Information Technology Sporadic communications - just telephones and e-mail Stand-alone, non-integrated systems
  10. 10. LAWA EXECUTIVE MANDATE Mission - Rehabilitate the terminals and infrastructure to make LAX a first-rate facility, while still operating the airport Culture/Organizational change - various groups must work together better Airport Management tasked with: Fast track building LAX centralized coordination center Eliminate “silos” across the organization SOPs Select and Update Technologies 10 • • • •
  11. 11. AIRPORT RESPONSE COORDINATION CENTER (ARCC) Centralizes and integrates people, processes, technology Core technology: Situational Awareness Management System (SAMS) Improve day-to-day operational efficiency & crisis management 11 Int’l recognized best practice
  12. 12. PROJECT GOALS Day-to-Day and Incident Management Physically co-locate main stakeholders • Police, Operations, Facilities and Information Technology Enhance situational awareness Continual scanning Timely response Increase operational efficiencies Faster recovery to normal ops Create accountability/solid documentation 12 Improve customer service to: • passengers, airlines, tenants, concessionaires, service providers, public
  13. 13. ARCC DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION     13 Raised floor system Command Center Video walls Use rapid devolvement methodology  Key user involvement for buy-in
  14. 14. ARCC RAPID DEVELOPMENT APPROACH Translate CONOPS into Standard Operating Procedures focused on Day One requirements: • Facilitated sessions across functional groups • Learn from other airports • Adapt SOPs to LAX environment • Understand integrated information needs • Rank and select new enabling technologies 14 • Configure and integrate old and new systems to support SOPs
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. THE NEW ARCC TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM A nexus of information across Operations, Police, Fire, Facilities Maintenance and external LAWA agencies: • One number to call • Timely notifications • Ability to document response • Employee’s ability to follow SOPs • Ability to track/audit customer satisfaction • Integrated actionable information
  17. 17. NEXT PHASE - EXTENDING THE ARCC INTO THE FIELD EGIS Map-based display of all incidents, providing a single mobile situational awareness tool combining all airport operations incidents Uses 17 • Crisis – Field Incident Reporting • Day to day ops – Part 139 field & terminal inspection • Public Safety
  18. 18. HARDWARE/SOFTWARE APPROACH Integration of the following: • Mobile Device (iPad) • Situational Awareness Management Software • Geographic Information System (GIS) • LAWA Legacy Systems • New LAWA Systems - Maximo 18
  19. 19. MANAGING TERMINAL REPAIRS 19 • Facility managers will be able to review completed repairs for quality assurance • Determining repairs adjacent to one another which could cause passenger flow issues
  20. 20. Entering repair information from the field allows staff to be more productive and the data to be real-time 20 MANAGING TERMINAL REPAIRS
  21. 21. MANAGING WORK ORDERS MANAGING WORK ORDERS 21 • Scheduling maintenance personnel • Monitoring work order status and completion
  22. 22. MANAGING WORK ORDERS 22 Pinpoint repair activities at a glance
  23. 23. ENTERING WORK ORDERS IN THE FIELD 23 • Enter completion or commentary information while on the job • Provide running commentary on ancillary issues • Document repairs for future work orders
  24. 24. • Operations staff on the airfield entering potential NOTAMs • Operations staff in the terminals identifying passenger safety and convenience issues 24 ENTERING DATA FROM THE TERMINALS OR AIRFIELD
  25. 25. UTILITY MANAGEMENT 25 • Managing unplanned utility outages • Managing planned electrical shutdowns
  26. 26. ELECTRICAL OUTAGES, DISRUPTIONS 26 Allows personnel to see exact locations of outages and nearby patch panels, fuse boxes, electrical closets
  27. 27. FOCUSING ON THE EXACT LOCATION 27 Provides electricians with significant information on the extent of the outage
  28. 28. CLOSED CIRCUIT TV VIEWING SECURITY VIEWS 28 Allows for force multiplier by giving airport police the ability to choose camera views based on geography
  29. 29. SECURITY OFFICER VIEW 29 Responding police get the same view as the dispatch and the ARCC
  30. 30. • With an average of 300 door breaches a day, greater situational awareness allows airport police to clear incidences much quicker • With the accompanying camera view, police can determine the cause of the breach 30 PHYSICAL ACCESS CONTROL MONITORING
  31. 31. PERIMETER INTRUSION DETECTION 31 Provides a force multiplier on long fence lines
  32. 32. PROVIDING SITUATIONAL AWARENESS TO POLICE 32 Responding police get better situational awareness of the possible intrusion
  33. 33. POSITIVE RESULTS FROM TECHNOLOGY MODERNIZATION • Mobile devices extend situational awareness to the field • Airport Police get instantaneous visual images of breaches • Airport can close an incident more quickly – especially breaches which can shut-down a terminal causing serious inconvenience to the traveling public Terminal managers walking the terminals can instantly report issues and get quicker correction 33 •
  34. 34. POSITIVE RESULTS FROM TECHNOLOGY MODERNIZATION • More proactive to serious maintenance issues • The end of LAWA “silos” • Improved safety for aircraft • Drives additional innovation • Realizes new efficiencies not previously envisioned • Supports the team approach to both everyday operations and 34 emergency management
  35. 35. Thank You for Allowing Los Angeles World Airports to Participate in your Conference and We Hope to See You in Our Airport Soon!!