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Airport IT&T 2013 Cornelious Bernard


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Airport IT&T 2013 Cornelious Bernard

  1. 1. Implementing a Comprehensive Airport Performance Management System Cornelious Bernard Chairman and Managing Director Ibhar Technologies
  2. 2. Implementing a comprehensive Airport Performance Management System C. Bernard Managing Director Ibhar Technologies Pvt. Ltd AIRPORT IT&T 2013 26-27TH November ● Hilton , Copenhagen Airport ● Denmark
  3. 3. Performance management is an important tool to improve the efficiency in the provision and operation of airports and air navigation services (ICAO’s Policies on Charges for Airports and Air Navigation Services Doc. 9082)
  4. 4. There are Multiple Approaches & Perspectives Management Balanced Scorecards PMS Operational ACDM CHALLENGE Safety CHOOSING, PRIORITIZING Safety Information Technology Business Intelligence Risk
  5. 5. Ibhar Approach Organizational Performance Management Initiative can be implemented leveraging all existing investments in Information technology & creating an environment where Performance can be defined, monitored and improved using approaches and information technology. 1 Define Objectives & Communicate 2 Support with Action Plans 3 Collaborate, Monitor, Review & Improve 4 Rewards & Recognition
  6. 6. Business Objectives Establish Corporate Goals Equip Airside & Terminal side managers – Mobility Tools Improve Turnaround times Common Platform Review Operational Performance
  7. 7. Ibhar Approach & Communicate 1 Define Objectives Define Specific Objectives SET GOALS Establish Targets USE FRAMEWORKS Assign Individual responsibility COMPELETE BEFORE BEGINNING OF YEAR LINK IT TO APPRAISALS
  8. 8. Ibhar Approach 2 Support with Action Plans Plan an Initiative or Activity to achieve objectives Create Milestones and Activities to Projects Assign responsibility Track Progress PROJECT MANAGEMENT TASKS & ACTIVITIES ALERTS REVIEW
  9. 9. 3 Collaborate, Monitor, Review and Improve Daily Monitoring of Key Functions CHALLENGES Periodic Review of Performance AVAILABILITY OF INFORMATION Individual Responsibility Problem Solving ACCESSIBILITY OF INFORMATION READABILITY OF INFORMATION
  10. 10. Challenges Most Systems are Passenger, Airline, Concessionaire support based Myriad systems Registers, Logs, Excel support Internal work Emails and Chats the only source of collaboration Collaborate, Monitor, Review and Improve All Functions are not supported with systems
  11. 11. Support Solutions Airside Solutions INSPECTIONS, INCIDENTS, FACILITATION Terminal Solutions Support Systems BAGGAGE, DIGNITARY, LOGS, INSPECTIONS Collaboration POSTS, COMMENTS, CROSS FUNCTIONAL PROJECTS Infrastructure TASK ASSIGNMENT, PROJECTS, WORK COMPLETION Airline marketing SALES MANAGEMENT, AIRLINE PERFORMANCE, ROUTE PERFORMANCE Safety AUDITS, PROCEDURES, TRAINING Collaborate, Monitor, Review and Improve Support most areas that require co-relation, review with systems to enable holistic access of information
  12. 12. Departmental Focus To Collaborate better personnel within Departments need to engage contextually Planning Resource Planning Utilization of Resources Airline Marketing Airside Surveillance Enforcement Facilitation Inspection Terminal side Inspections Waiting times Dignitaries Key Account Management Revenue Analysis Infrastructure Support Functions Safety ICT Promotion Human Resources Airline Performance Audits Finance & Administration SOPs & Procedures Risk Assessment Initiatives & Activities MTTR, MTBF Equipment downtime
  13. 13. Mobility Solutions - Airside Collaborate, Monitor, Review and Improve Leverage Mobility technologies in the Workspace to create ease of data capture and management
  14. 14. Key Performance Indicators Review and Manage Key Performance Indicators
  15. 15. Cross Functional Teams Improve accountability and collaboration
  16. 16. Consolidation of Data Correlate Information Collaborate, Monitor, Review and Improve Collate Data
  17. 17. Accessibility, Availability, Readability Collaborate, Monitor, Review and Improve
  18. 18. Review & Analytical Tools Collaborate, Monitor, Review and Improve Structured Reviews. Record Decisions. Review Previous Action Points.
  19. 19. Review & Analytical Tools Collaborate, Monitor, Review and Improve Business Intelligence in the Context of business function
  20. 20. Review & Analytical Tools Collaborate, Monitor, Review and Improve Business Intelligence in the Context of business function
  21. 21. Review & Analytical Tools Collaborate, Monitor, Review and Improve Engaging Senior management
  22. 22. Achieving Strategic Objectives in Time is an Indicator of a good implementation of Performance Management Strategy C O N T Programs for Each Unit L E E Resource Allocation R O F D B A Performance C K Evaluation
  23. 23. Summary Reward HR Keep employees motivated, Improve contribution Review, Monitor, Manage Take decisions in time, Provide direction, Complete PDCA cycle Data : Accessibility, Availability, Readability Improve Decision taking capability & Turn-around-times Equip & Empower with Tools Get more. Reduce data capture efforts. Improve decision taking, Collboration Objectives : Setting & Articulation Clarity on what needs to be done. Improve accountability MANAGEMENT IT IT PLANNING HR
  24. 24. Summary : Leveraging Technology Implementing Performance Management Collation of Data Set Goals Appraisal systems Support non-core Airport functions Review Collaboration Projects Analytics Task management, Collaboration, Anytime, Anywhere access to information
  25. 25. Thank You C. Bernard Managing Director Ibhar Technologies Pvt. Ltd