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Carl bjorgan

  1. 1. Carl Åge Bjørgan Scandinavian Rail Development Conference - Oslo April 29th 2014 ”Ensuring ERTMS development in the Nordic countries”
  2. 2. ALSTOM Transport in Nordic’s Page 2
  3. 3. A complete portfolio of ERTMS solutions From individual products to global solutions Track side Products Integrated Security, Passenger Information & Telecom Interlocking Integrated Control Centres (ATS, SCADA) Route Control Security and Control SmartsysMainline On board systems Urban Integrated Signalling Solutions ATLASTM URBALISTM SMARTLOCKTM VPITM SMARTWAYTM ICONISTM PACISTM (*)
  4. 4. A complete Service offer - Signaling Programme is a System Endeavour ERTMS onboard ERTMS trackside Interlocking Track Products TMS Technical / Product Project Management Overall System Integration Evolution / upgrades Deployment Immobilization Change Management Operational Performance
  5. 5. ERTMS: Major TRACKSIDE Projects NETHERLANDS Betuweroute A15 L2 2007 BELGIUM L3 High Speed Line L1/L2 2009 2009 BELGIUM L4 High Speed Line L1/L2 2009 2010 NEW SWITZERLAND Mattstetten Rothrist L2 2006 ITALY Bologna Firenze High Speed Line L2 2009 Turkey Eskisehir-Balikesir L1-2 2014 SPAIN Zaragoza - Huesca L 1 2008 FRANCE RFF Corridors C& D L 1 2012 GREECE 2004 Athens suburban L1 SPAIN 2011 Castellbisbal – Can Tunis L 1 SPAIN 2011 Girona-Figueres L 1 2008 NETHERLANDS Havenspoorlijn L1 2009 ITALY Rome Naples High Speed Line L2 2005 ITALY Bologna Passante High Speed Line L2 2012 In commercial service with ETCS Trackside Projects * Date: commercial service Completed NEW Romania Curtici Arad L2 2014 NEW Spain Albacente Alicante L2 2014 NETHERLANDS 2012 Hanzelijn L 2 GERMANY Wuppertal Monorail L3 2014 NEWDENMARK Resignalling Program L2 2016 NEW
  6. 6. Outlook for Onboard – Nordic region 416 TS & 184 Loc Bl 23oD SWSTM 2.3.0.D Bl 3 SWSTM 2.3.0.D Bl 3 STM 3 From 2016- From 2016 111 TS + 60 TS Cross border From + 2018 From 2016 • Norway will request a baseline 3 and Sweden will in the short-run go with a baseline 2.3.0.D, where it will be essential to deliver a full retro-convertible system. • Delivery and Timing of solutions to avoid any baselines gaps and to support a ”harmonised” plan between the infrastructure Managers. 155TS & +90 Loc Bl 3 FISTM 2.3.0.D From 2019 +470 TS & +142 Loc
  7. 7. Outlook for Trackside – Nordic region Bl 23oD Bl 3 Bl 3 Roll-out 2016 - 2030 Cross border From + 2018 • The Nordic Trackside marked is developing. • Denmark has chooesen a full country approach and split the country into East & west contracts. • Norway planning for ERTMS L2. • Sweden are doing a partial ERTMS roll-out based on line pr. line approach Bl 3 2.100 km +200 stations 4.100 km +350 stations +11.000 km +350 stations Roll-out 2012 - 2030 Roll-out 2016 - 2021
  8. 8. Experience from Denmark • An old signaling system that needs to be renewed also the situation in Norway • Signal systems from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s • Decline in punctuality due to the old signaling program • Expensive maintenance cost • New system needed before 2020 • Difficult Interface between different technologies • Monopolistic marked situation – high entry barriers • Compliant with EU -> ERTMS level 2 8
  9. 9. Experience from Denmark: A total renewal of the system Total renewal of the system proved better than running renewal because: • Cheaper and faster implementation • Provides higher train punctuality and capacity • Most benefits for the passengers • Benefits are achieved faster 2006: Strategic political decision of total renewal 2007-08: Plans and budget for a total renewal program January 2009: Final political decision for a fully financed total renewal program was decided by the Danish parliament
  10. 10. Political vision: − Doubling number of Passengers in 2030 (from 2011) − Strengthen conditions for collective transport − Decrease in CO2 emission • Improved regularity in regional/local trains from 84 % to 94 % • The new signaling program will mean savings of 1.2 BE. Compared to a modernization strategy. • Government approved budget for the Signal Program 3.2 BE. • As a result of the increased competitiveness and dialog with suppliers through the tender stage the Signal Program performed savings of 0.7BE • Inreased capacity after national roll-out 2021. Experience from Denmark: Benefits of to replacement strategy (less interfaces) Passenger requires a high punctual level
  11. 11. The Signal Program contract setup: Design Build Maintain contracts – up to 25 years of maintenance 1. 2 Contracts on main & regional lines (East and West), with option to take over other contract 2. 1 Contract on the S-bane (S-train around CPH) including rolling stock 3. 1 Contract for on-board main & regional rolling stock 4. GSM-R data included in GSM-R tender starting now Framework type contracts that allow fitting of new lines Possible option for ERTMS regional The 4 contracts are harmonised with the overall project plan and timetable for the Signal Program (2.3 B€) Banedanmark Signal Program
  12. 12. Experience from Denmark: Full-country roll-out split in East and West P 12 • It will take 10- 12 years to carry out the total renewal • Contracts: − Two contracts for the Trackside (East and West) • To be awarded to different Suppliers • West contract must contain an option for East part, so in case the awarded company for West contract can’t fulfill its project it can be cancelled and re-assigned to the winner of the East part (and viceversa) − One framework contract for on-board equipment • Track side contracts interface at Lillebælt
  13. 13. Total replacement concept Page 13
  14. 14. How :  Manage and coordinate system integration and migration process  Have a high level of Stakeholder involvement and satisfaction  Minimal disruption during migration of the on-board system Delivery of :  Proven solutions  Product maturity  Short delivery time and operational cost reduction Success criterias – Take-aways from the DK experience Meet the schedule With minimal disruption during migration … to improve service … with excellent Life Cycle Costover 25+ years
  15. 15. NTL project some figures • The state owned national railway network are managed by eight traffic control centres • To increase safety and efficiency Trafikverket initiated 2012 an public procurement process, to buy a new, nation-wide Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) system for the Swedish railway network • Number of stations: 718 • Number of point machines: 5894 • At least 400 active simultaneous users, and must be scalable. • At least 1.200 interlockings and RBCs, and must be scalable. • At least 150.000 field objects, and must be scalable. • At least 10.000 trains per day, and must be scalable. • At least 2.500 actively controlled authority areas (system managed areas of railway infrastructure), and must be scalable. • At least 1.500 simultaneous running trains, and must be scalable.
  16. 16. Alstom’s ICONIS TMS solution provides Based on a technical advanced product, knowledge about the local conditions, a strong local presence, succesful references and large synergies with Danish TMS project, Alstom are able to offer: • A well tested and mature solution • High degree of automatic planning and disturbance management • High flexibility and scalability • Well-developed task management and system for follow-up of incidents • User-friendliness and intuitive solution in focus
  17. 17. SL X60B - Delivery overview  71 X60 trains delivered from 2005 to 2008  12 additional X60-A trains delivered in 2012  46 additional X60-B trains to be delivered 2016 + 2017
  18. 18. Atlas: Nordic Onboard Solution used for X60B • Alstom ETCS BL3 developed for Denmark and reused for X60B • ETCS Certified and DoC issued in December 2014 • STM provided from Ansaldo • Certified and DoC issued in 2012 • Homologation in Sweden 2015 • Includes test on Swedish ATC and ERTMS track
  19. 19. Atlas: Nordic Onboard Solution • Alstom is currently able to deliver an ERTMS Onboard Solution for seamless operation throughout Norway, Sweden and Denmark • ETCS BL3 is able to operate on any ERTMS track in Norway, Sweden and Denmark • Operation on ATC track in Norway and Sweden is secured by STM from Ansaldo. Currently integrated as part of contract with SL (X60B) • Operation on ATP track in Denmark is secured by STM from Siemens Currently integrated as part of contract with BDK.
  20. 20. … and Norway is full speed on the way to ERTMS implementation
  21. 21.