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Airport security 2013 slawomir szlufik

  1. 1. PSIM Nextiva IP – High Profile Security for Airports Slawomir Szlufik Account Director Poland/East Europe Verint Systems UK Ltd
  2. 2. Sławomir Szlufik – Account Director Eastern Europe
  3. 3. Verint At A Glance Global Leader in Actionable Intelligence Solutions and Value-Added Services * Financial information is non-GAAP and excludes certain non-cash and non-recurring items. 2012 figure is based on Verint’s guidance for the year ending January 31, 2012.
  4. 4. Our Markets
  5. 5. Verint Security Intelligence Solutions Verint enables organizations to generate Actionable Intelligence for neutralizing terror and crime and protecting people, property, and assets.  Law enforcement  Government  Retail  Financial institutions  Telecommunications  Airports and seaports  Other critical infrastructure
  6. 6. Verint END to END solution Verint is a “single source” for every facet of your networked video operations.
  7. 7. Physical Security Information Management Consolidation of systems into one unified command and control system What is PSIM
  8. 8. Nextiva PSIM – Open Platform
  9. 9. Nextiva PSIM Situation Intelligence Unified Monitoring Situational Awareness Response Management Compliance Open Platform Cost Effective • 2D3D Mapping • Rule based detection • Geospatial awareness with GIS data • Relevant cameras • Video wall • Consistent response using relevant checklists • Operator collaboration • Share data with mobile users • Control devices • Single application for monitoring video and data. All devices and alarms on the same map • Define checklists based on regulation • Report • Incident reporting • Audit trail • Easy plug-in to security systems • Partnering with leading security vendors • SDKs • Unified user management with the VMS
  10. 10. 10 Nextiva PSIM  3D / 2D Maps – Indoor – Outdoor  Multiple GIS Layers  All sensors are geo positioned in the model  Camera designation based on location
  11. 11. Training & Simulation • Mission rehearsal execution for different functions • Enables simulating crisis scenarios and effectively measure the effects of floods, mass evacuations, gas leakages, and other such disasters. • Proactive decision support based on pre- planned simulated threat scenarios. Fusing information delivered from all on-site devices and systems, the solutions' predictive simulations enable operators to make the right 11
  12. 12. Solutions in Action Detroit Metro Airport • Integrated surveillance system with alarm system • Airport security is immediately notified of security breaches • PTZ cameras installed for central monitoring station controls • Nextiva has helped reduce shutdowns, comply with government regulations, and respond rapidly to incidents Customer Detroit Metro Airport Industry Airports Solutions and Services Nextiva® Networked IP Video Management Solution Region Americas Location Detroit, Michigan
  13. 13. Solutions in Action Charles de Gaulle • Aéroports de Paris Group has deployed Verint Nextiva intelligent edge devices to enhance the safety of passengers using the new Galerie Parisienne terminal extension at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France • More than 600 cameras in the new terminal have been integrated with the Aéroports de Paris’ existing IP CCTV network • The project comprises more than 4,000 video encodings on a single digital system and a single network, of which more than 600 are supported by Nextiva intelligent edge devices • Nextiva intelligent edge devices help deliver the highest level of security to safeguard passengers, airline companies and partners Customer Charles de Gaulle Industry Airports Solutions and Services Nextiva® Intelligent Edge Devices Region EMEA Location Paris, France
  14. 14. PSIM NEXTIVA San Francisco Airport
  15. 15. San Francisco Airport Facts  SFO “Gateway to the Pacific” is a major gateway to Europe and Asia.  Ranked #7 in the US in total passengers  4 runways, 59 total airlines and 40,800,352 total passengers (2012)  382,018 total metric tons of loaded and unloaded cargo (2011)  In 2012, construction began on new $81 million control tower - New Verint business  First major U.S. airport to achieve 100% automated and integrated baggage screening  SFO awarded “sustainability leader” in “Overall-Eco-Friendly ‘Green’ Airport” (2012) • Verint collaborates with SFO operations and security, TSA, FBI, SFO police
  16. 16. 16  Challenge: To consolidate all alarm sensor points across the airport into a single command and control interface to better manage events and alarms to enhance their security and situational intelligence.  Opportunity: The implementation, which will be finalized in 2013, will provide the airport with enhanced situational awareness and will integrate a variety of the airport’s security, safety and building management systems including access control, radar, analytics, command and dispatch.  Result: The Nextiva solution will provide a more proactive, effective approach to security and incident management at San Francisco International Airport and will serve as a model for Verint’s solutions throughout the airport industry. Deal Summary
  17. 17. Solution Overview • Nextiva VMS (Replacement of Pelco) – 1900 cameras – 300 PTZ’s – 12+ Immervision Lens’ at TSA Checkpoints – Marathon Failover, Failover recording • Nextiva PSIM – 60+ users (Airport Ops, FBI, TSA, SFPD) – Nextiva VMS – Lenel Access Control – MDI Access Control – Integraph CAD – Airport Mapping • 5000+ sensors, 3000 doorways • Nextiva HDR’s (PC based) – 11 Video Walls (176 video tiles) • Nextiva Surveillance Analytics • Integration with Pelco Matrix
  18. 18. Security Command Center
  19. 19. Situation Management Room