The View from 2024


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Technology is reshaping how we do business, live our lives and interact. See the changes that are coming in the next ten years that will shift our lives dramatically.

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The View from 2024

  1. 1. The View From 2024 24 Projections for the Next Decade
  2. 2. Computers will be 32 times faster than they are today
  3. 3. Social skills will lag behind social interconnectivity with society fracturing into subgroups
  4. 4. The printed word will be predominately electronic
  5. 5. Penalties for late payments will virtually disappear
  6. 6. Technology will create a greater “free” economy
  7. 7. Consumers will accept less is more in a shrinking economy
  8. 8. Companies will outsource almost completely to achieve stockholder equity
  9. 9. The need for proactive security systems will be significant
  10. 10. The battle for individual privacy will become a consumer’s major concern
  11. 11. Biometric security will begin to make keys and passwords obsolete.
  12. 12. Doctor visits will be replaced with electronic diagnosis
  13. 13. Simultaneous translations will enable greater global commerce through speech recognition
  14. 14. White panic will cause a disruptive social fabric as they become a minority
  15. 15. An underground economy that is untaxable will grow as young people resist supporting baby boomers in retirement
  16. 16. The more people fail the more they will be bailed out
  17. 17. Skepticism will grow to a point where success and authority will be completely distrusted
  18. 18. High unemployment will occur at the same time as a significant number of job openings due to a wide talent gap
  19. 19. Big Box retailers will disappear as online sales grow exponentially
  20. 20. Childless couples will increase as the pace of life speeds up
  21. 21. The bionic human will be common 2009 scientists developed the first artificial hand with feeling. 2010 retina implants began to restore vision to blind patients. 2011 the Texas Heart Institute developed a “spinning” heart with no pulse, no clogs and no breakdowns. What replacement parts will be created in the next ten years?
  22. 22. 3D printing will allow boutique manufacturing including printed food
  23. 23. Virtual humans will be added to the workforce Animated characters and voice replicators will be able to remember previous customer encounters and through voice recognition software will be able to serve most customer service needs
  24. 24. Religion will get larger and smaller Churches will grow while overall attendance will diminish
  25. 25. Entrepreneurism will grow exponentially
  26. 26. Email me for a free copy of the white paper, The View From 2024. Russell J White Contact me: 803-984-9448 Russell J White, is a leading authority on business in today’s economy. He is an author, consultant and international speaker on leadership and business strategies for success in the ever-changing economy.