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Pity the poor Flat Earth Society


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Pity the poor Flat Earth Society

  1. 1. Pity the poor Flat Earth Society Russell Grenning Late lastmonthUS PresidentBarackObamagave a wide-rangingspeechonclimate change which, accordingto the GreenWarriorIncarnate , formerUS Vice PresidentandClive PalmerfanAl Gore, was the bestspeecheverdeliveredbyanAmericanPresidentonclimate change. Duringthisspeech,Obamaswitchedtovaudevilletogeta few laughs,sayingthat “We don’thave time for a meeting of the Flat EarthSociety.Sticking yourhead in the sand mightmake you feel safer, butit’s not going to saveyou fromthe coming storm.” Inferringthatsomebody‘sbelief issimilartothe belief of the FlatEarth Societythatthe earthis actuallyflathaslong beenatactic to deride anddismissanycontraryview makingit,therefore, a crackpot theory. Oh dear. As ithappens,the FlatEarth Societygota bit peevedatthe President’scheapshot.Yousee,they actuallybelieve inman-madeclimate change. TheirPresident,Daniel Shenton,toldUSmediathat, “Iaccept thatclimate changeis a processthat hasbeen going on since the beginning of detectablehistory,butthereseems to be a definite correlation between the recent increasein world-widetemperatures and man’s entry into the industrialage.” Shenton’scommentshadaworld-wearyfeel aboutthem.Theyare usedtobeingabused,denigrated and generallyridiculedandShentonsaidthatObama’sdigatthemdidn’tsurprise himandhe didn’t take it personally.Jollybigof him,isn’tit? In fact,the FlatEarth Society’sbelief relies onprovable science.AsShentonexplained, “I’d likethe public to know,though,thatourviewsarebased on extensiveresearch and we highly valuethe pursuitof truth.” Of course theyare.Andso are the beliefsof those whobelieve thatman-made or,atleastman- aggravated,climate change isruiningthe planet.Dependingonthe era,climate change theoryhad us descendingintoanewIce Age or,more recently,intoanightmare of tidal waves,fierce storms, extensive flooding,ruined agricultural landandworse all because of global warming. It’sa goodthingthat Obamadidn’tassertinhishilarious,rib-ticklingcommentthatostrichesstick theirheadsintothe sandin some sortof desperate attempttoavoiddangerbecause theydon’tand neverhave. ActuallythiscommentbyObamawasclear plagiarism but,thenagain,he isthe boss.
  2. 2. His Secretaryof State,JohnKerry,saidexactlythe same thinginan addressinIndonesiainFebruary. No doubthe broke up hisaudience withthe remark, “Thescience is unequivocaland thosewho refuseto believe it are simply burying their headsin thesand.We don’thavetime fora meeting anywhereof theFlat Earth Society.” A majorcontroversyisragingin the USA currently overa proposedprojectcalledtheKeystoneXL pipelinewhich,if itgoesahead,will transportdirtyfuel fromCanadiantarsandstorefineriesinthe US State of NewMexico.Obamahad some statesman-like commenttomake aboutthat inhis speechdeclaring, “Ournationalinterestwill be served only if thisprojectdoesnot significantly exacerbatetheproblemof carbon pollution.” The State Department –so ablyleadand inspiredbyJohnKerry – wasrequiredtocarry out an extensive environmental reviewof thisproposedpipelineandconcludedlastMarchthat it would not accelerate global greenhouse emissions.Quiteunderstandably,thisishardlythe outcome Kerry and the climate change industry –not to mentionthe FlatEarth SocietyIsuppose –wantedso ithas beensentback for a furtherreview. If onlyfor Kerry’ssake,we can onlyhope andpray that thisfurtherreview will provide the answer he wants. If I wasyou I wouldn’tmake anybetsonthe promotionchancesof these State DepartmentNeanderthalswho don’thave the goodsense toprovide ananswertheirbossclearly wants. Meanwhile,inMay,ProfessorLennartBengtsson coppedatirade of abuse whenhe submitteda paperto the journal EnvironmentalResearch Letters whichhad the unmitigatedgall toquestionthe projects bythe UN IntergovernmentalClimateChange outfitthatglobal average temperaturescould rise by more than4 degreesCelsiusbythe endof the century.Hispaperwas rejected. ProfessorBengtsson,whoisSeniorResearchFellow atthe Environmental Systems Science Centre at the UK Universityof Reading,haspublishedmore than200 scientificpapers,haswon20 prestigious awardsand is a formerDirectorof the Max PlanckInstitute of Meteorology,one of the world’s leadingclimate researchcentres. He saidhe was worriedabout “The increased tendency of pseudo-sciencein climate research”and he pointedto“the biasin publication recordstowardsonly reporting resultswhich supportoneclimate changehypothesis” There are noprizesforguessingwhat “climate changehypothesis”isthe acceptable one. ProfessorBengtssonchallengedthe assertionthatthere wasa 97% scientificconsensusaboutthe effectsof greenhouse gases –an assertionpeddledbythe climate change industrywithoutany factual foundation –and addedthat there is “even less (consensus) concerning how weatherand climate will turn out.” He calledintoquestionthe verypractice of predictingclimatetrendswriting, “Itis practically impossibleto makeclimate forecasts” andthat “climate calculationsare uncertain even if all model equationswould beperfect.”
  3. 3. He has hadto cop a lotof abuse from the climate change industrywhichwillbrooknochallenge to theirpettheories.AndIhave newsforhim – he won’tbe gettinganyinvitationstoaddressthe Flat Earth Societyeitherandthatserveshimright.