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Innovation Teaching BarCamp RussGiles


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2012 3rd March Shanghai HackerSpace presentation

Published in: Education
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Innovation Teaching BarCamp RussGiles

  1. 1. West & Farr (1990) defined innovation as: ‘ …the intentional introduction and applicationwithin a role, group or organization of ideas,processes, products or procedures, new tothe relevant unit of adoption, designed tosignificantly benefit the individual, the group,the organization or wider society’ (p. 9)West M.A., Farr J.L. (1990) Innovation and Creativity at Work:Psychological and Organizational Strategies. Chichester: Wiley.
  2. 2. Executing a new idea to create value.
  3. 3. What do I need to add to a person sothey become an innovator? Einstein 诸葛亮 Zhūgě Liàng 邓小平 DèngXiǎoPíng
  4. 4. Side-stepped education research and myown experience.It’s an eco-system not an individual!– It’s all in the culture!
  5. 5. The IB Learner Profile (10 Attributes) •Inquirer •Knowledgeable •Thinker •Communicator •Principled •Open-Minded •Caring •Risk-taker •Balanced •Reflective Bronfenbrener’s Environmental Theory
  6. 6. 小心 xiǎoxīn = be careful What does this tell us about the role of the heart in attitudes? Describe to your neighbour why the heart character appears in the word for "careful!“
  7. 7. 怕 Pà = fear?? 我很怕在人前讲话。 Wǒ hěn pà zài rénqián jiǎnghuà.Minimal organisational consequences for failure
  8. 8.  Excellent knowledge of at least one relevant discipline. A generous team player with mastery of communication and collaboration skills both face-to-face and thru ICTs. A strong desire to find better ways of doing things and try them out, even if they are disruptive and frightening.
  9. 9. Views the business environment (and thebusiness plan to exploit it) as tentative.It is part of an ongoing vigorous experiment- each part usable only until a betteralternative can be put into place. Understandings/language are shared andthis learning organisation is notvery hierarchical when innovating.
  10. 10. Googleplex
  11. 11.  before hiring the interior designers? as a potential employee? Innovation Audit Tool Kit
  12. 12. Today, I wanted to present some facts about innovation systems and ask some useful questions: If you want to be a better innovator, what is the best way to learn? If youre a company wanting to be more innovative and thinking of hiring some innovators, how do you get the best value from them?
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