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  1. 1. Name Rusli Passport A223391 Address BTN Narogong Indah, Jl Megah 6 No 4 E19 , Bekasi (Indonesia) 17115 Email, Nationality Indonesia Experience 22 years IT Birthday Palembang, 23-03-1970 Phone +6281905057104 Role Co PM Project Office & IT Lead H/w & S/W AS/400 & RPG, RPGLE, Cobol, C++ ech COORs SIBS SILVERLAKE & ITM Sigma Assessment (1). I am person how has motivated of purpose of organization and hard work and commitment for schedule and also always Team work. Prepare before do action and always more sprite for team to do what I delegation the job. All the jobs from user requirement have to clear as: Specification, requirement, design after everything clear form User and I discuses with Team to Do Action what the User require. I always do job follow SDLC (system development life Cycle). (2).As usually I do add value for organization, Full Support all User and run smoothly the System. Always go around to User and Ask what we must be delivery to achieve user satisfaction. Run well Project as Schedule or time frame Maximal the budget of project (3) Expected Salary and Allowance as Minimun in CIMBNiaga above Expected salary Rp.xx.000.000,- Nett (4). Notice a month as possible. Experiences IT PROJECT Bank CIMB NIAGA TBK Indonesia August 2011 – Present Project Office and Analyst Operation and Risk Scope Of Work : As IT Lead handle for Project running as smoothly and Manage team to project schedule as timeline. Conduct vendor for deciding negotiable as for Man-day and design and Development project.
  2. 2. I. Project Upgrade Citynet to Rec7 June 2016 – Jan 2017 - Speed up and improve the results of automatic reconciliation of CityNet application to verify every transaction and the difference which can then conduct as the basis for adjustment, reversal, refund or claim against transactions of CIMB Niaga with a third party by way of renewal of hardware and software systems existing reconciliation IE CityNet 3 to Broad ridge Reconciliation 7 (REC7). - The application can perform a reconciliation for the data associated with the transactions listed earlier - Third-party Data (external) downloaded manually can in automation with the provisions of the agreement have done the Exchange/sending data with third parties and with the standard format that has been specified by the related Business Unit Reconciliation there are some Features LIVE On Schedule - Reconciliation of transactions via ATM/CDM good channel On/Off Premises by using data source: GFMS (GL Posting) ITM vs. Electronic Journal (EJ) of the ATM Machine. - Phase 1.A o Reconciliation Nostro with data Source swift MT940 & MT950 o Reconciliation NOP (Net Open Position) with Source Data : GL Position (LBT) Branch VS GL Position (LBT) Murex o Reconciliation Transaction Mobile Banking MBMC/Go Mobile/MERCHANT o Reconciliation Transaction ATM Bersama & ATM Prima Switching & ATM NK - IPU o Reconciliation Money Gram & Bill Payment Offline & Western Union o Reconciliation ATM/CDM /CRM Transaction OffUS (Non Branch) and OnUS (Branch) o Reconciliation Credit Card : Transaction Debit & Credit & Payment - Phase 1.B o Reconciliation SKN & RTGS o Reconciliation Replenish Refund ATM Machine o Reconciliation Biller Online and Offline o Reconciliation EDC Prima Debit & Siskohat II. Project 1P SIBS Coor Silverlake Upgrade August 2015 – Jun 2016 o Project 1P Involves account changes from 15 to 10 digits so that all application upgrade both in the dbase or Software supported on that all channel have to upgrade from existing Account to account Changed as for :  End Of Day processing to changes and Post General Ledger (GL)  Master Account and the CIF Master  Master Card Middleware Dbase changes  Changes the Menu to update the parameters  Change Flow Update Dbase. III. Project GFMS (General Finance Management System ). Feb 2014 – Jun 2015 o The Project application get source data Transaction Via Channel Switching (ITM) and create file transaction as Online jobs and the file result will be send by using FTP as automatically. The end of the day data detail Transaction and Balance Check send by Ftp to Sever Finance (GFMS). At Sever GFMS will be Processed General ledger for Finance Recon.
  3. 3. Bank OF Tokyo Indonesia Jan 2008 - August 2011. Project SMILE COOR Banking o Foreign Remittance enable Future Value. - Project generates source data at PC and uploads to As/400 after that processing data by register with remit value date and then use swift message. o Domestic Remittance Auto Numbering. - Project data Customer will be proceed by SKN or RTGS .This process with Auto numbering as by workstation ID Number. o Internal Transfer Future Value. - Project register by today and process Debit and Credit Account customer with remit Value Date. o AML Search Space Project. - Generate Transaction file to deliver as online to Tokyo Japan, the Files as Coors Smile produce format Data. o Swift Massages for MT 940, MT942 and MT998 and Support for All transactions Swift International Consultant Sdn Bhd Client as –(PT. BANK NIAGA Indonesia) Project Delivery Channel including: ATM, Internet Banking, Phone Banking, Auto Debit such as deliver Project: o Implementation of online Billers such as Electronic voucher and PLN (Electric). o Design and implementation payment online Credit Card Visa CITIBANK o Manage project delivering Visa, Payment Online Credit card Niaga o Project Credit card Online payment o Project ELECTRIC online Payment for East Indonesia o Project Payment online Credit Card and Visa TCP/IP Protocol. o GL parameter Setting to host teller (Coors Banking) o Project EMV Credit card. Client : < RHB Bank – Malaysia and Singapore > - Project Visa Acquire and Issuer Mobile Whoops and ESA( Electronic Share App) Client: < BIDV Bank – Vietnam Hanoi> - Project Visa Acquire via ATM and Project Batch Job Core Silverlake and also Development reporting Visa . PT. BANK MEGA Tbk. Indonesia Jun 2003 – August 2008  Implementation Card Management System and Delivery Channel.  Project Transfer Via Bank online and other Card holder. Tools used: System Architect for Database Design, Programming Language: RPG, RPGLE, , Cobol, C++, Dbase : Db2 MAYBANK of Singapore Jun 2002 - Jun 2003  Hand of Maintenance of Delivery Channel. o Error Requested APPLIX robotic and handling from any delivery Channel as ATM or Deposit Machine Time-out , Insufficient fund, Wrong Pin and Cash handler Error.
  4. 4. o As Information Request for enhancement Project as request change pin to 6 Digits, automatic check Cash for Deposit Machine for case pseudo Money and Change Denomination for ATM. o As Project Passbook Machine when Print Passbook on transaction day by day. o As Regional Interface as Online with messaging use ISO8583 for country Singapore and Malaysia. PT SILVERLAKE INDONESIA All project at Client Base o Implementation both of Bank Mega and UNIBANK for Project Card Management. o Implementation Switching POS and EDC and Payment System o Manage project Visa as credit card o Provide Transaction Billing payment for TELKOM and Flexi telecoms Tools used: System Architect for Database Design, Programming Language: RPG, RPGLE, Cobol, C++, Dbase : Db2, ISO8583. PROJECT TRACK RECORD 1. Upgrade Recon Citynet to REC7 2. Upgrade AS400 V5i to AS400 V7 3. Card Management system as ATM 4. Visa Credit card Main activities: 1. Planning and controlling of survey, installation, testing, development and Designed 2. Supervision and control over sub-contractors to strictly comply with the relevant conditions of the time frame project. 3. Migration Of ATM from RS-600 to ATM (Silverlake) 4. Migration POS/EDC Bank Mega for 200 Branches 5. Migration POS/EDC CIMB NIAGA 6. Migration Credit card Visa With Card Pro and Silverlake Bank Niaga and Bank Mega. QUALIFICATION AND EXPERTISE: 1. Wide knowledge in Telecommunication and payment online and IT System and technologies for system integration and total solution business, for Card Management , card Business on Delivery channel 2. Capability of handling several projects at the same time and works under pressure. 3. Capability of working individually and also possesses strong leadership in managing a team to achieve main objectives. 4. Wide relations and contacts with local and foreign telecommunication companies having a strong presentation and reporting skill (English and Indonesian). Competencies Languages Indonesia and English Computer AS/400, Mainframe, PABX, ATM , TCP/IP, SNA, Racal (HSM), Network, VTAM , Router. NDC++, DDC, NCR , NCR 2in 1 , Diebold, TCP/IP Protocol, Visa , Master, EDC, pos Switching Software  C++, COBOL, RPGI/LE, RPG, CLP, DDSF. SQL/Cobol, Sql RPG/ILE,
  5. 5. Aldon, Thenon. DB2, DL/1,. Message Base : ISO8583 Education 2005-2007 Institute of Bani Saleh (System Information) Sep 1995 Academic of Bani Saleh Legalize of Singapore Embassy , degree Trainings Smart learning Project Management Leadership Project Management Communication Skills.