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Introduction to Home Automation


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An introduction and overview of technologies and devices used in Smart Homes.

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Published in: Technology
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Introduction to Home Automation

  1. 1. Home automation future-proofing our living spaces February 2016 by Ruslan Ulanov (c) Mocana Corp.
  2. 2. Agenda What is home automation? What could be automated? / device types Device languages / automation protocols Control Systems and Hubs Cloud services Security concerns Demo Q&A Technology deep dive
  3. 3. My Experience With Home Automation Started tinkering with home automation about 10 years ago. Using over 100 devices (X10, Insteon, ZigBee and Z-Wave) on a daily basis. Backed several HA projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo (including UBI, Plant Link, Ninja Sphere, ShutterEaze, Oomi and SmartThings) Participated in research (focus groups) for Logitech’s Harmony Home initiative Contributed to HA topics in Wikipedia Created a couple of open source projects for automating my home Received several awards in home automation contests Certified in Lighting Control, Structured Wiring, Multi-room audio, Camera, Intercom, Home Theater installation, etc.
  4. 4. What Is Home Automation? –Wikipedia “Home automation is the residential extension of building automation. It is automation of the home, housework or household activity. Home automation may include centralized control of lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), appliances, security locks of gates and doors and other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security.”
  5. 5. Automated House
  6. 6. What Could be Automated? Lights - Philips Hue Cameras - DropCam Sensors - contact, motion, temperature, humidity Wall Outlets Wall switches/dimmers/keypads Water valves - prevent water leaks Shades/blinds - privacy, power savings Security systems & access control - door locks, intercoms Home theater & entertainment - Sonos, networked AVRs, projector screens Thermostats - Nest, Lyric Smoke & CO2 sensors - Nest protect Fans - room or whole house Irrigation - save water Pet feeders, invisible leash Cars - geofence, parking location, speed Technology bridges - IPIR, X10Insteon, IPLutron RF The ‘things’ in IoT
  7. 7. The INSTEON family water leak sensor outlet wall dimmer remote control keypad web camera LED lights low-power IO module open/close sensor plug-in module the Hub energy monitor embedded module fan controller Insteon to IR bridge motion sensor
  8. 8. The Game Plan device cloud(s) devices sensors network 3rd party services Home Internet
  9. 9. X10 - est. 1975, power-line + 310 MHz, cheap, slow, error prone Wi-Fi - est. 1997, based on IEEE 802.11 standards 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz MQTT - est. 1999, lightweight pub/sub messaging transport ZigBee - IEEE standard since 2003, 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz using 802.15.4 radio Z-Wave - est. 2005, 900 MHz, proprietary radio by Sigma Design, 300+ manufacturers worldwide. Insteon - est. 2005, 900 MHz, dual-band mesh (power-line + RF) Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) a.k.a. Bluetooth Smart or Version 4.0 - adopted in 2010, 2.4 GHz, energy efficient, short range protocol built specifically for IoT, 128-bit AES data encryption Thread - est. 2014, 6LoWPAN using IEEE 802.15.4 radio Device Languages
  10. 10. Control Systems and Hubs Hardware components Crestron - upper high end ($100K+), IP-based, proprietary. Control4 - lower high end ($5K+), IP-based, proprietary, TV-based UI Samsung SmartThings Hub ($99) - ZigBee, Z- Wave, IP, IFTTT Insteon Hub ($99) - Insteon, IP, Nest Lowes IRIS - Z-Wave XFINITY Home - ZigBee AT&T Digital Life - Z-Wave The UBI - Android-based, Sensors: temp, humidity, light/sound level, TTS, API, IFTTT Amazon Echo - works with Hue, Insteon Hub, SmartThings Hub, ISY-994 Hub Centralize control and management of devices, scenes and programs Software Apple HomeKit - hardware cert program + SDK. Supports iOS only. iCloud sync. Device discovery, configuration, management, and communication. 3072-bit keys, Curve25519 Project Brillo - Android-based OS + Core services + SDK. Supports ARM, Intel x86, and MIPS-based hardware. Weave. Weave - communication platform for device discovery, provisioning, auth, interaction openHAB - open source, Java-based, hardware/protocol agnostic Home Assistant - open source, Python- based, hardware/protocol agnostic
  11. 11. Cloud Services If this then that (a.k.a IFTTT) - the super glue of IoT world Logitech Harmony Home - controlling your media Oracle Cloud - analyze your big data Amazon Alexa - voice of the IoT AWS IoT - are you an Amazon fan? AWS Lambda functions, Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Machine Learning, Amazon QuickSight. Xively - IoT platform as a service many more are available from Microsoft, IBM, and others
  12. 12. IFTTT recipes
  13. 13. Security Concerns Overall security focus in recent years was lacking, but is improving as media brings attention to issues. No industry-wide standards/blueprints for securing IoT devices. Too many devices to efficiently patch manually. Firmware upgrades must be automated. Many devices are not field upgradeable. Web cams - ship without protecting remote access - can see you now! Insecure door locks (or lock’s mobile app)- could allow unauthorized entry Even with best security practices in place there are indirect ways to collect sensitive info :(
  14. 14. Symantec Research, March 2015 Around 19 percent of all tested mobile apps that are used to control IoT devices did not use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections to the cloud None of the analyzed devices provided mutual authentication between the client and the server Some devices offered no enforcement and often no possibility of strong passwords Some IoT cloud interfaces did not support two-factor authentication (2FA) Many IoT services did not have lock-out or delaying measures to protect users’ accounts against brute-force attacks Some devices did not implement protections against account harvesting Many of the IoT cloud platforms included common web application vulnerabilities We found ten security issues in fifteen web portals used to control IoT devices without performing any deep tests. Six of them were serious issues, allowing unauthorized access to the backend systems. Most of the IoT services did not provide signed or encrypted firmware updates, if updates were provided at all Source: “Insecurity in the Internet of Things” Key findings
  15. 15. DEMO
  16. 16. PlantLink Notification
  17. 17. INSTEON Light Control remote control open/close sensor plug-in module lamp RF signal RF signal No Hub! Instantaneous execution Power-off memory
  18. 18. Q&A
  20. 20. Protocols Compared Brand INSTEON Z-Wave Wi-Fi Bluetooth 802.15.4/Zigbee Maximum Theoretical Network Size Unlimited 232 256 9 256 Maximum Practical Network Size 1000's 30-35 Dozens 9 Dozens Physical Layer 1 RF RF RF RF RF Physical Layer 1 Frequency 915MHz 915MHz 2.4GHz / 5GHz 2.4GHz 915MHz or 2.4GHz Physical Layer 2 Powerline - - - - Physical Layer 2 Frequency 132KHz - - - - Mesh Enrollment Automatic Procedural Procedural Procedural Procedural Operate without Hub Yes - - - - Cost $ $$ $$$ $ $$ Compatibility Classes (Less is More) 1 >1 Many 3 >9 Forward & Backward Compatible Yes - - - - Scenes without Delay Yes - - - - Message Propagation Simulcast Routed Routed Theoretical Routed Network Configuration Full Mesh Partial Mesh Star Star Star + Mesh Controller Failure Remote Access Failure Complete Network Failure Complete Network Failure Complete Network Failure Complete Network Failure Mobile Devices Automatic Breakdown Automatic Automatic Breakdown Initial Products Fully Supported Obsolete Just launched Just launched Obsolete Physical Interoperability Yes Yes Yes Yes Not Assured Brand Interoperability Yes Not Assured With Software/SDK With Software/SDK Limited Messages Acknowledged Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Unique Addressing Yes - - - Not Enforced Error Detection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Error Correction Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Collision Avoidance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Source:
  21. 21. Systems Compared Insteon Wink SmartThings Lowes Iris WeMo Climate Control yes yes yes yes - Drapery Control yes yes - - - Energy Monitoring yes yes yes yes yes On/Off Wall Switch yes yes yes - yes Dimming Wall Switch yes yes yes - yes LED Bulbs yes yes yes yes yes Low Voltage & Custom Devices yes - yes - - On/Off Plug-In Module yes yes yes yes yes Dimming Plug-In Module yes yes yes yes yes Motion Sensor yes yes yes yes yes Water Leak Sensor yes yes yes yes yes Smoke And CO Detection yes yes yes yes yes WiFi Cameras yes yes yes yes yes Adjustable Ramp Rates For Dimmers yes - - - - Customizable On Levels For Dimmers yes - - - - Multi-Device Scenes yes yes - - - IOS App yes yes yes yes yes Android App yes yes yes yes yes Windows Phone App yes - yes - - Windows 8 App yes - - - - Communication Radio Frequency + Powerline Radio Frequency Radio Frequency Radio Frequency Radio Frequency Technology Insteon WiFi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth LE, Lutron ClearConnect WiFi, ZigBee, Z-Wave Z-Wave WiFi API yes yes yes - - Source:
  22. 22. Use Case: Samsung SmartThings Platform Samsung backed Cloud-first - moves resource intensive ops to the cloud Scales on demand Best security among peers Developer-friendly open architecture web-based IDE GitHub integration active community hundred of 3rd party device drivers support in-app
  23. 23. Use Case: AWS IoT Platform Cert auth between “thing” and “cloud” TLS 1.2 enforced Communicates with devices via MQTT and HTTP 1.1 - Pub/Sub SDKs for most common languages Prototype kits available Tight integration with other Amazon services Scales on demand (Amazon Lambda functions) Device shadows - persistent device state during intermittent connections
  24. 24. Thank you! :)
  25. 25. Resources CABA - Continental Automated Buildings Association SAMI - Samsung IoT cloud AWS IoT - Amazon IoT cloud Xively - IoT platform as a service - largest HA store Insteon - official site ZigBee - official site Z-Wave - official site SmartThings - HA system openHAB - open-source software Home Assistant - open-source software “Insecurity in the Internet of Things”, Symantec research SmartThings integration demo video MQTT official site PetCube - interactive pet camera + toy PlantLink - plant monitoring