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In-short about SARS

  1. Rushikesh H. Dasare SARS
  2. SARS (severe active respiratory syndrome) • It is the viral respiratory disease cause by CoV (corona virus). • It is the disorder that is communicable. • It involves serious illness that inhibit the ability to breath. • Cause high fever, dry cough, and trouble breathing.
  3. Epidemiology Agent :- Corona virus Host :- all age groups Environment :- overcrowding
  4. Agent • The causative agent is the new strain of corona virus. • Present in infected material of mouth, nose, eyes and present in infectious respiratory droplets. • Incubation period is 2-7 days.
  5. SARS corona virus. • It is the positive single stranded RNA virus +ss RNA virus • Belonging to the family of enveloped corona virus. • Its genome is approximately 29.7 kb(kilo-base).
  6. Host • Humans and animals. • It rarely occurs in infants. • No proof has been reported regarding the occurrence of SARS in infants if mother is infected during pregnancy.
  7. Environment • Virus can live for long time period in cold. • It can survive out side the body for hours. • It can survive on plastic surface at R.T for at least 24hrs. • It spread faster in overcrowded area.
  8. Mode of transmission • Infected droplets by sneezing. • Infected discharge. • Infected objects. • Person to person contact.
  9. Signs and symptoms
  10. Laboratory diagnosis Blood test – eg. CBC and CRP Stool test Chest x- ray CT scan R-T-PCR
  11. • Use of mask and gloves, disinfecting floor, disinfecting cloths, etc. • Covering the mouth while sneezing. • Use of sanitizer. • Washing hands frequently with soap. • Isolation of the infected person. • Getting Vaccination. Prevention and control
  12. Medicinal Treatment i) Broad spectrum antibiotic. E.g :- Ampicillin, amoxicillin, tetracycline, chloramphenicol, quinolones, etc. ii) Antiviral agent. E.g:- Ribavirin, Lapinavir, Ritinavir, Ramdesivir, etc. iii) Corticosteroids. E.g:- cortison, hydro-cortisone, prednisone,etc.
  13. Medicinal Treatment cont……. iv) o2 therapy v) Supportive treatment – eg. Vitamin C suppliment
  14. Questions ? 1) Why we use antibiotic to treat SARS ? 2) What is positive single stranded RNA ?
  15. Answers > A1) The symptoms of SARS may get confused with other respirator diseases caused by bacterial (eg.pneumonia), hence we also use antibiotics. A2) Positive single stranded RNA translate directly to the protein and negative single stranded RNA transcript for mRNA and then translate to proteins. +ve ss RNA ---------- Proteins -ve ss RNA ---------- mRNA -------- proteins

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