SPONSOR PACKET:Rural Coalition National Rural Gathering


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the sponsorship packet detailing sponsor categories and benefits for the 2011 Rural Coalition, National Rural Gathering in Shawnee, Oklahoma June 22-26,2011.

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SPONSOR PACKET:Rural Coalition National Rural Gathering

  1. 1. SPONSORSHIP PACKET: NATIONAL RURAL GATHERING; Water, Land, Energy, and Food June 22-26, 2011 Working together towards a new society that values unity, hope, people and the land.WHO WE AREThe Rural Coalition is an alliance of farmers, farm-workers, and indigenous, migrant and workingpeople from the United States, Mexico, Canada, and beyond working together toward a new societythat values unity, hope, people and the land.We work to: • bring fair returns to minority and other small farmers and rural communities • ensure just and fair working conditions for farm workers • deliver safe and healthy food to consumers • protect the environmentWHAT IS THE NATIONAL RURAL GATHERINGThe Rural Coalition’s National Rural Gathering is one of the few places nationwide where more250 rural leaders and their allies, including farmers and ranchers, farm workers, and youthdelegates engaged in agriculture can gather to learn, strategize and share. This engagement inturn empowers them to develop innovative grassroots solutions to build a more just andsustainable food system that fosters diverse land tenure as well as, vibrant and inclusive ruralcommunities. Each year the participants and supporters grow.Throughout the four-day Assembly, we will collaborate with partners to conduct skills labs,business plan workshops, climate change and farm bill panels and debates. Our Youth in Today’sAgriculture will participate and lead some of the overall events and will hold their own specialworkshops.WHO YOUR SUPPORT BENEFITSOur goal is to assure the necessary resources to bring together 250 rural community leadersincluding youth from diverse communities and global partners. Your support will be used to helpthe Rural Coalition expand participation in this event and bring diverse leaders together to conferon how current policies are working on concrete changes to improve equity and inclusion. Theresources we secure will also help assure that the diverse youth that we serve are able to shareresources and best practices, and to learn and collaborate. 1
  2. 2. SPONSORSHIP PACKET FOUR (4) TYPES OF SPONSORSHIP FULL EVENT SPONSOR PACKAGES Lead Harvest Fresh-Fields Seed Sponsor Sponsors Sponsors Sponsor $25,000 $10,000 $5,000 $2,5000Invited to speak at openingOrg/Company nameincorporated with eventlogo, event logo placed onall event publicityLogo on event T-shirtLogo on sponsorship bannerand signage at the assemblyOn-site Marketing: DisplayTable during the GatheringLogo on printed materialweb site and social mediacampaign visibilityDirect Marketing:participant packetComplimentaryNational Rural Gathering 6 4 2 1Participant PassesAd in the program booklet Full Color Half Color Quarter Page Eighth Page Color Color 2
  3. 3. SPONSORSHIP PACKET YOUTH IN TODAY’S AGRICULTURE SPONSOR CATEGORIESFUTURE BUILDER SPONSOR ($25,000)Includes listing as “Future-Builder Sponsor” in all invitation and program printed materials, logo onbanner and t-shirts, youth recognition, display table and signage at the Assembly, invitation toaddress the youth, and 6 tickets to the full gathering.CULTIVATOR SPONSOR ($10,000)Includes listing as “Cultivator Sponsor” in all program materials, website and social media visibility,logo on banner and t-shirts, display table and signage at the Assembly, and 4 tickets to the fullgathering.FULL SCHOLARSHIP UNDERWRITERAs a full scholarship underwriter, your contribution covers registration, meals, travel, and hotel forfour days per youth delegate sponsored. OUT OF STATE $850 IN- STATE (Oklahoma) $500 per Youth Delegate per Youth Delegate Visibility on website and on the National level Visibility on website and on the scholarship honor role during the National State scholarship honor role during Rural Gathering. the National Rural Gathering.YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP FUND CONTRIBUTORChoose the amount and the delegation you wish to support by contributing towards travel, lodgingand registration for delegates from a particular organization, town and/or state. Your name will beplaced on the scholarship honorable role at the National Rural Gathering. GLOBAL SOLIDARITY PARTNER FUNDYour donation of $1,200 for the global solidarity partner fund will cover the costs, travel, transport,hotel and meals for one global partner participant to attend the National Rural Gathering and bringback this knowledge to their communities abroad. This will give you recognition on the website andsocial media campaign and all printed material. Your contribution can be a collection of variousindividuals, group, or member organization donations. 3
  4. 4. SPONSORSHIP PACKET CAUSE RELATED MARKETINGPARTICIPANT MARKETING PACKETFor your contribution of $50, one of your promotional items of choice will be placed in eachparticipant’s bag. Please consider that we will need 250 promotional items to fill all of theparticipants’ bags. Promotional items must be approved by the Rural Coalition (products due by: June10th, 2011).ADVERTISEMENT IN ASSEMBLY PROGRAM BOOKAnnounce your events; share your message with participants and partners around the United States,Canada and Mexico that will be receiving a copy of the program in solidarity. (Copy and JPEGs due byJune 10th 2011) Ad Size Full Size $500 Half Page $250 Quarter Page $125 Eighth page $75 25 word message of solidarity $25 (RC Members and Youth Only)DISPLAY TABLEFor $700 you have the use of a display table at the National Rural Gathering for the full four days.Please consider that there are an estimated 250 participants so plan accordingly. Tables are assignedon a first come first serve basis. This includes all meals for the four days and the trip to Wewoka.(Due by: June 10th, 2011). IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONSSponsorship level for in-kind contributions is calculated at 1/2 of the estimated value of goods and/orservices. For example, if you donate $5000 worth of product than you will be considered a seed-levelsponsor. If you are donating a product, please consider that we will need 250 for participants’packets. Please view the grid on the page above to see which package fits your contribution. 4
  5. 5. SPONSORSHIP PACKETIMPORTANT DATESJUNE 1stThe sponsorship deadline! In order for your organization to be included in all marketing efforts, wewill need your application, payment and logo (if applicable) by this date. This is the deadline for T-shirt logos.JUNE 10thIf you would like to sponsor the National Rural Gathering but cannot confirm by June 1st 2011. Yourbusiness will have missed out on the opportunity to be included in our printed materials. This is alsothe deadline for final Ad copy edits and jpegs.June 22ndNational Rural Gathering beginsCONTACTSAngela Adrar Lorette PiccianoField/Outreach Coordinator Executive DirectorRural Coalition Rural Coalition202.628-7160 202-628-7160angela@ruralco.org lpicciano@ruralco.orgAssembly Registration:http://www.regonline.com/NationalRuralGatheringRural Coalition Website:http://www.ruralco.orgRural Coalition FaceBook FanPage:http://on.fb.me/jNOTuWTwitter:www.twitter.com/RuralCoYouTube:http://www.youtube.com/ruralcoalition 5
  6. 6. SPONSORSHIP PACKET: NATIONAL RURAL GATHERING; Water, Land, Energy, and Food June 22-26, 2011 Working together towards a new society that values unity, hope, people and the land. Rural Coalition National Rural Gathering Order Form __________________________________________________________________________________ Company name Contact person (First & Last name) Title _________________________________________________________________________________ Phone # #Fax Email __________________________________________________________________________________ Address City State Zip Sponsor Options [please mark the sponsorship option(s) in which you would like to participate]Type of Sponsorship(see attached Choose Level Choose Quantity Sub-Totalinformation forPackage Details) Full Event Level: ____$25,000 LeadNational Rural ____$10,000 HarvestGathering Full-Event ____$5,000 Fields _______ $__________Sponsorships ____$2,500 Seed Sponsor Levels ___$25,000 Future-builder _______Youth in Today’s ___$10,000 CultivatorAgriculture Packages FULL Scholarship #of In-State Youth TOTAL In-State $550/per youth ______ $__________ Out of State $850/per youth #of Out-of-State TOTAL Youth ______ $__________ Scholarship Fund Contributor: [Specify Org/Town/State if you TOTAL please] _______________________ __________ $ ___________ _____________________________ 6
  7. 7. SPONSORSHIP PACKET FULL Global Solidarity Partner for TOTAL International Delegates/ ______# of Delegates $_________Global Solidarity $1200 per delegatePartner Global Solidarity Partner _________ TOTAL Fund Contributor: $_________ Package Product PRODUCT $50/per product Type # of Product Types TOTALCause Related _____ $________Marketing AD in Program Book # of Ads Full Page ___ $500 Half Page ___ $250 Quarter Page ___ $125 AD Eighth of a Page ___ $ 75 TOTAL 25 Words of Solidarity ___ $ 25 $________ (RC Members and Youth only) # of Display Tables DISPLAY TOTAL Display Table ______ $________ $700/per Table (includes 1 full registration) Type/Name Product or Service Offered ______________ TOTAL VALUEIn-Kind Contributions ______________ $ ___________TOTAL for all Types of FINAL TOTALSponsorships $__________ Total Contribution Pledged: $ _________________ Please return application with payment no later than Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 to take advantage of all marketing opportunities for your sponsorship option] to: ____ Pay by Check to: Rural Coalition 1012 14th Street, NW Suite 1100 Washington, DC 20005 7
  8. 8. SPONSORSHIP PACKET____ Pay by Credit Card (Complete information below)Card Type (Visa, MC, American Express, etc.): ______________________Card Number: _______________________________________ Exp. Date: ___________________Cardholder/Name as it appears on card:_____________________________________________________Signature: ____________________________________________________________Please complete and fax to 202-393-1816 or email: lpicciano@ruralco.orgFor Direct Deposit, contact Rural Coalition for information. Contributions to the Rural Coalition aretax-deductible.Please provide agency name as you wish it listed in the event program, and the names of agencyleaders and staff who will attend the assembly.Thank you for supporting the Rural Coalition’s National Gathering! 8