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Localism & Parish Councils October 2011


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A presentation given to the North Somerset branch of the Avon Local Council Association

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Localism & Parish Councils October 2011

  1. 1. West of England Rural Network Localism The impact and opportunities for the First Tier of Local Government ALCA North Somerset Group 18th October 2011
  2. 2. West of England Rural Network• To support & encourage community-led action and strong local governance• To increase the long-term sustainability of local community life• To influence policies and services to achieve equity for rural communities
  3. 3. West of England Rural Network• Broadband• Affordable housing• Access to Services and Community Transport• Fuel Poverty and Energy Generation• Community Planning• Community Buildings and Assets• Village Agents• Social Enterprise Support and Funding Advice
  4. 4. Localism in Context
  5. 5. Current Parliamentary progress of Localism Bill (October 2011)
  6. 6. A Radical Shift of Power
  7. 7. Localism in a Nutshell• Abolition of the standards board• Community right to build• Community right to challenge• Community right to bid• Right to veto excessive Council Tax• Local Referendums• Reforming community infrastructure levy• Community right to plan• General power of competence
  8. 8. “Theres nothing milk andhoney about localism.Theres nothing easy about it –theres no guidance manual.That isnt really the point.Localism wont deliver homogenous,bland, uniform public services. This is about pushing poweroutwards, downwards as far as possible. And all thepossibilities that arise from local communities seizing powerthemselves. And taking on the responsibilities and theconsequences of getting things right and getting them wrong.”The Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP - Localism and the public services revolution15 June 2011
  9. 9. Reforming communityinfrastructure levy
  10. 10. Reforming community infrastructure levy• The CIL is to contribute towards the provision of infrastructure required to support growth• All eligible development will be required to pay• CIL will not be a matter that can be appealed through the planning system• CIL will not be related to the development from which it came• CIL will not have a time limit on its spending.• It must be spent on infrastructure and Local Authorities will be under a duty to report how much has been received, how much has been spent and on what, and how much is held.
  11. 11. Community right to plan
  12. 12. General power of competence
  13. 13. West of England Rural Network Chris Head Director  01275 333701   Tunbridge Mill, Tunbridge Road, Chew Magna, BS40 8SP RuralChris
  14. 14.