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Template of front cove.. updated

Template and design of front cover, contents and dps.

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Template of front cove.. updated

  2. 2. I started my magazine by creating a template in order to figure out the positioning of the features of my magazine and also included the masthead with the name I had chosen. To further enhance my magazine, I began to add some features, for example, changing the background to forest green, the masthead to white and filled in the skyline and also one coverline. Here I have altered the positioning of the magazine features, for example the coverline saying the name of the artist from the bottom to the top to make it seem like a conventional feature of a magazine.
  3. 3. My next draft consisted of me changing the font type of the coverline which reveals the name of the artist featured. I felt this was a better option as it is the same font as the other coverlines. Additionally, I altered the features of the masthead by outlining around the text using the ….. Tool which made my magazine appear more bold. Despite changing the font type of the coverline revealing the name of the artist featured in my magazine, I changed it back to the …… font as after surfing the web to attain inspiration from other existing RnB magazines, I found out the fonts used for the coverlines are hardly fancy. I also removed the outline and inner shadow of the masthead as I thought it did not appear similar to a magazine masthead.
  4. 4. After further analysing my magazine, I changed the font of the masthead to ‘Crackvetica’ as ‘Sandre’ did not appear bold and eye-catching, which is what I was after. I also changed the coverline ‘Caliph Yibz sex, drugs and fame’ back to ‘Blacklisted’ as I thought it matched with the new font of the masthead. To improve, I re-positioned the red bar at the top of the page so that the skyline would be displayed in a more effective way. Additionally, I brought the coverlines from behind the direct mode of address to the front in order for the consumers to visualise them well. I also included the barcode behind the coverline at the bottom as the front cover was getting full and so I was confused as to where to place it.
  5. 5. Here, I changed the colour of the skyline and also the colour of the main coverline to make it stand out further. I added a barcode but placed it at the back of the main coverline as I was lost for space. After further analysing my work, I decided the position of the barcode was not conventional and rotated it to the bottom of the page.
  6. 6. This is my first draft of my contents page where I placed the features of the contents page. I added content to the sub-headings and also included an editor’s letter and a footer which immediately made my contents page appear conventional.