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Black people exploiting themselves in black comedy films

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. BLAXPLOITATION Blaxploitation is an ethic subgenre of a film Spike Lee’s films explored race relations in the U.S but are controversial as people accused the movies of perpetuating common white stereotypes about black people. The NAACP (National Association of the Advancement of Coloured People), Southern Christian Leadership and National Urban League joined to form the coalition against Blaxploitation. ‘Do The Right Thing’ is a Black comedy film directed by Spike Lee which focuses on Black urban life and made use of Blaxploitation elements, for example; Criminal behaviour. Spike Lee accuses Quentin Taratino, a white director of Blaxploitation saying he has a “definite problem” with Taratino‘s “excessive use” of the N-word. This shows Blaxploitation is only for black people to exploit. In order to avoid Blaxploitation within my film trailer ‘Lagos Girls in London’, I will focus on the positive Nigerian stereotypes and comedy aspects.