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The monk who sold his ferrari



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The monk who sold his ferrari

  1. 1. A presentationpresentation on… By : Rupika Singh
  2. 2. About the author : Robin SharmaAbout the author : Robin Sharma • Robin S. Sharma is an Indo-Canadian lawyer,   leadership expert  and author. • He is devoted to the mission of helping organizations develop  people who lead without a title so that they win in this period of  intense change. • His THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI and THE GREATNESS GUIDE have topped best sellers list across the globe and have sold  millions of copies in more than 70 languages. 
  3. 3. About the bookAbout the book  This book is a fable of Julian Mantle’s life changing experiences and  journey.  His  discoveries of powerful, wise,and practical lessions that teaches us  to :                               -Develop joyful thoughts       -Follow our life’s mission and calling        -Cultivate self- discipline and act courageously       -Value time as our most important commodity       -Nourish our relationships and live fully , one day at a time .  
  4. 4. THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY GARDENTHE MOST EXTRAORDINARY GARDEN   You are sitting in the middle of a magnificent, lush, green garden. This garden is  filled with the most spectacular flowers you have ever seen. The environment is  supremely  tranquil and silent. Savor the sensual delights of this garden and feel as  if you have all the time in the world to  enjoy this natural oasis. As you look around  you see that  in the center of this magical garden stands a towering, red lighthouse,  six stories high. Suddenly, the silence of the garden is disturbed by a loud creaking  as the door at the base of the lighthouse opens. Out stumbles a nine-foot-tall, nine- hundred-pound Japanese sumo wrestler  who  is  fully  naked  ,  coverimg  his  private parts with a pink cable. casually wanders into the center of the garden. As  this  sumo  wrestler  starts  to  move  around  the  garden,  he  finds  a  shiny  gold  stopwatch which someone had left behind many years earlier. He slips it on, and  falls  to  the  ground  with  an  enormous  thud.  The  sumo  wrestler  is  rendered  unconscious and lies there, silent and still. Just when you think he has taken his last  breath,  the  wrestler  awakens,  perhaps  stirred  by  the  fragrance  of  some  fresh  yellow roses blooming  nearby.  Energized,  the  wrestler  jumps  swiftly  to  his  feet  and intuitively looks to his left. He is startled at what he sees. Through the bushes  at  the  very  edge  of  the  garden  he  observes  a  long  winding  path covered by millions of sparkling diamonds. Something seems to instruct the wrestler to take  the  path,  and  to  his  credit,  he  does.  This  path  leads  him  down  the  road  of  everlasting joy and eternal bliss.
  5. 5. SimplicitySimplicity  Never overlook the power of simplicity .  The ordinary garden tale is nothing but the most extraordinary garden  of life .  It tells us about the 7 virtues for an enlightened life, the keys for self  leadership , personal responsibilities and spiritual enlightenment .
  6. 6. Symbol : GardenSymbol : Garden 11stst Virtue : Master your MINDVirtue : Master your MIND If you consider your mind as a garden and nurture  and cultivate it  like a fertile rich garden, it will  blossom beyond your expectations.  Do not let anyone throw toxic waste into your  garden of mind .
  7. 7. Ways of mastering yourWays of mastering your mindmind 1. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts. - you can’t afford the luxury of negative thoughts .(60000 thoughts criterion). 2. There are no mistakes , Only lessons. - nothing like negative experience , only opportunities to learn & grow . - struggle comes strength. Pain can be a great teacher. 3. Things are always created twice . 4. Never fix your eyes on the destination instead fix it on the journey . 5. LUCK is a marriage of preparation with opportunity. 6. Always keep the cup of your mind empty.(Slumdog Millionaire) 7. Concentration is at the root of mental mastery .
  8. 8. Techniques for mastery ofTechniques for mastery of mindmind 1. Heart of rose : Stare the rose and observe its colour, design and texture. After few days you will feel calmer as never forget the power of silence & stillness. 2. Opposition thinking : Whenever a negative slide comes up on the screen, take swift action to replace it with a positive one.
  9. 9. Symbol : The lighthouseSymbol : The lighthouse 22ndnd Virtue : Follow your purposeVirtue : Follow your purpose  Purpose of life is a life of purpose.  People who study others are wise but people who study themselves are enlightened. - they know what they want emotionally , physically & spiritually.  We all have heroic mission .we all have granted secret mission . THE KEY IS TO DISCOVER THEM.  Only when we get to know the purpose ,we will be able to follow it .  Self realization is the DNA of self enlightenment.  Find a correct passion and follow it otherwise you will never be satisfied.(camel example)
  10. 10.  You will never be able to hit a target that you can’t see. (60000 thoughts criterion) - Make a journal called dream book and review it daily .
  11. 11. 5 steps to fulfill the Purpose of life5 steps to fulfill the Purpose of life 1) Form a clear mental image of the outcome.(more clearer, more effective) 2) Get the positive pressure on yourself. 3) Attach a timeline/deadline to your goal. 4) Magical rule of 21. 5) Enjoy what you are doing. -do not do anything because you have to, do it because you want to and it is the right thing to do. - never regret your past, rather embrace it as the teacher that it is.
  12. 12. Symbol : The tall,900 poundsSymbol : The tall,900 pounds Japanese Sumo wrestlerJapanese Sumo wrestler 3rd Virtue : Practice3rd Virtue : Practice KaizenKaizen Philosophy of Kaizen is constant & never ending self improvements and personal expansion.  Self mastery is the DNA of life mastery.  Master yourself first .(never neglect yourself) - build a strong character, full of discipline, energy, power & optimism . - for leading a corporation, lead yourself first .  Don’t make fun of people reading books like The Power of Positive Thinking ,they are not the weakest ,who took the time to strengthen themselves are the strongest.
  13. 13.  Enrich your inner world, it will enhance your outer world and make you far more effective in all that you do.  The only limits on our life are those that you set for yourself. When you push your limits , you unlock mental & physical results that you never thought you had.(push-up exercise)  Do the things you fear. - FEAR is nothing more than a mental monster you have created. - Face the fear. - Wise people know the key of happiness(father, son & map)
  14. 14. Rituals of radiant livingRituals of radiant living • Ritual of Solitude : A mandatory period of peace. - exploring the healing power of silence. • Ritual of Physicality : You train/care for your body , you train/care for your mind. - In 168 hours a week , take 5 hours to do physical activity. - Yoga : effective way to unlock your reserve of vitality. - vigorous walking in natural surrounding works wonders. - breathe not to live , breathe to thrive.(breathe efficiently) • Ritual of Live Nourishment : Eat live food (easily digestible). - Live food: foods that are not dead and created through the natural interaction of sun, air, soil & water.(vegetarian food). - try to have salad and fruits.
  15. 15. • Ritual of Abundant knowledge :Lifelong learning & expanding your knowledge. - Read regularly : All the mistakes you will ever make ,have already been made by those who walked before you . - Its not what you get out of the book , its what the book gets out of you matters. Some books are – the biography of the great American, Benjamin Franklin, Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography entitled The Story of My Experiments with Truth. • Ritual of personal reflection : Take the time to get to know about yourself. - Benjamin Franklin had made a book in which he used to write all the negative and positive actions he took in a day so that he could improve them . - avoid tendency of making excuses.(EXCUSITUS). - important to know the wrong u did today to improve the tomorrow.
  16. 16. • Rituals of Early awakening: Quality of sleep matters not the quantity(criteria of 10 minutes before sleeping and after waking up). • Ritual of Music :Music make you laugh , dance & sing. • Ritual of spoken words : Repetition of MANTRA - MAN: Mind , TRA : Freeing . - design to free the mind. Example : I am inspired, disciplined and energised.(say aloud) • Ritual of Simplicity :Live a simple life . - Reduce your needs. - hoping for more than u have can’t make you happy and also reduces the essence of what you have . - King Midas story .
  17. 17. Symbol : The pink cable wire covering his private parts . 4th Virtue : Live with Discipline  Many thin wires unite together and form h cable becomes stronger than iron.(spider web & Lion )  Will power + self control makes you disciplined.  By constant practice with will power , self control and DISCIPLINE, you can overcome any hurdle .  Will power – wake you up , hold your tongue at times, offers inner power to fulfill commitments.  Race against yourself .  Don’t be a sea foam, be the water flowing in it .(along with liberty , get the freedom)
  18. 18.  Recite a Mantra - ‘I am more than I appear to be , all the world’s strength & power rests inside me.’ EXERCISE: Do things what you don’t like.(cease to become slave of your mind ).  Vow of silence –By keeping silent for a day , you are conditioning your will as you command it to do (monks in Arjun Pandit).  Small victories lead to large victories.
  19. 19. Symbol : The StopwatchSymbol : The Stopwatch 55thth Virtue : Important commodityVirtue : Important commodity i.e. Timei.e. Time  Time management .  Failing to plan is planning to fail .  Focus on priorities.  Ancient rule of twenty ( 20 % activities , 80 % result)  Learn to say NO. Don't allow anyone to steal your time.  Develop a DEATHBED mentality.
  20. 20. Symbol : The RosesSymbol : The Roses 66thth Virtue :Selflessly serve othersVirtue :Selflessly serve others • Quality of your life will come down to the quality of your contribution. • Save others : work to improve others life , you indirectly elevate your own life into process.(monk and his son ) • What you sow , so shall you reap. (Widow mother, son and daughter) • Cultivate richer relationships. • Live a life so that when you die , people cry and you rejoice.
  21. 21. Symbol : Diamond studded path.Symbol : Diamond studded path. 77thth Virtue :Embrace the presentVirtue :Embrace the present • Live in the present . • Don’t be the prisoner of your past , be the architecture of your future. • Don’t lose present happiness for achieving good future. • Happiness is a journey not a destination.
  22. 22. These were the lessons and teachings given by SAGES of SIVANA to Julian Mantle by taking a promise that he will spread the teachings to the people out in the world. He fulfilled his promise . I tried to convey a bit of it to you all . Try to spread these words as much as you can .
  23. 23. Thank you! 