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Pitch Deck of Friendfiz - An Augmented Reality based Social Network


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Friendfiz is a social network where people connect with each other using exciting features implemented with unique blend of technologies.

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Pitch Deck of Friendfiz - An Augmented Reality based Social Network

  1. 1. “Dating cum Social Network”
  2. 2. Friendfiz Confidential 2 Pain Points in existing Networks People get cheated by fake profiles. There is no way to know trustability of people. I like the person standing in front of me, How to know profile of that person. I want to connect to him, how to connect ? How to know people crossing me ? May be someone whom I know crossed path with me. I want to upload a pic after doing some changes, how can I do photo editing in simplest way?
  3. 3. Friendfiz Confidential 3 Our Solution to Pain Points It lets user know reliability of users. We have many factors from which we get to know that particular user is …% reliable. ReliabilityScore Profile of persons who is standing in front of you or just a few km away gets projected on your mobile screen FlipAR it lets you know who crossed path with you whether he/she your friend or unknown person. Walkover Edit the pics in easiest way and add extra features like stickers, filters, brush, handwriting, add more pics into one pics etc. PicStory for more details please visit
  4. 4. Friendfiz Confidential 4 Vision and Mission VISION To revolutionize the way people connect with each other MISSION To let people connect with each other in more open world using more advanced technologies.
  5. 5. Friendfiz Confidential 5 Business Model
  6. 6. Friendfiz Confidential 6 These platforms have number of monthly users in the range of 10 million to 100 million. And because of such high base of users, they are able to earn in millions and billions. Market Research ! ! Top dating sites : Badoo, Tinder, Match, OkCupid, Skout, POF, Zoosk, eharmony, Christian mingle, ourtime, datehookup, BlackPeoplemeet. ! Market Research Online Dating is $2.5 billion industry, IAC is the market leader owning, OkCupid, Tinder and Meetic. ! There are 91 million people around the world using dating apps. ! 61 million (2 out of 3 people) of them are men and 64 million (7 in 10) are between 16 and 34 years old. ! 59% people agree that online dating is a good way to meet new people. ! ! These are earning revenue in range of $20 Million to $200 Million
  7. 7. Friendfiz Confidential 7 Marketing strategies to be used to promote Friendfiz. Marketing Strategy Advertising Pay per click Ads on Facebook, Google, MGID, Outbrain etc News Creating news highlighting our features Campaigning Promotion in Organizations / Institutions Promotions Marketing by promoting social causes Sponsors in Events Sponsorship in various events in different fields Marketing strategies to be used to promote Friendfiz
  8. 8. Friendfiz Confidential Born May 2013 Growth May 2014 Stronger Nov 2014 Bigger June 2015 Unbelievable Friendfiz company growth Company Growth Started with the Spirit Pilot Project Slowly began to spread their wings Got Investments Friendfiz Incorporated as private limited Successfully launched on Web and Mobile Platform ! Now going to expanding our network.
  9. 9. Friendfiz Confidential 9 -Rupesh Patil- Chief Executive Officer Rupesh Patil, 28 is the Founder and C.E.O of Friendfiz - Social Network based on Augmented Reality. Mr. Rupesh has more than 10 years of diversified experience. ! Prior to taking over the role as Founder and Chief executive Officer of the Friendfiz. In 2013, Rupesh Patil was Director and C.E.O of JSM Infosoft Pvt. LTd., Indore. In May 2014, he took the responsibility of relaunch and redesign Friendfiz with many new attractive features, Indore as a Founder and Chief Executive Officer and spearheaded its growth.
  10. 10. Friendfiz Confidential 10 Meet Our Amazing Team Members CSO CTO CAO Rahul Khedkar Chief Strategy Officer PGDM from IIM Raipur Software Engineer, Accenture 5+ years of experience Ramesh Patil Chief Administrative Officer 30+ years of experience in IT and Management Kapil Karda Chief Technology Officer 5+ years of experience in IT (Specialization in AR)
  11. 11. Friendfiz Confidential 11 We successfully raised funds from the following investors. Investors in previous rounds Amit Pundir PGPWE from IIM Raipur 10+ years of experience Director - Aquosi Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Investor, Zeal Mobile Publicity Sunil Sulchaniya 18+ years of experience Owner of Super India Roadways Pvt. LTd. Investor, Zeal Mobile Publicity Rajeev Roy PGDM, IIM Ahmedabad Core Team Member, National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) 15+ years experience of entrepreneurial education. Mentor to 500+ Entrepreneurs Dr. Sanjeev Parashar Chief Placement Officer, IIM Raipur Faculty of Marketing at IIM Raipur 20+ years of experience in Marketing Marketing consultant to many companies Advisors
  12. 12. Friendfiz Confidential 12 UNITED STATES 15% LATIN AMERICA 5% AFRICA 2% UK 7% INDIA 60% AUSTRALIA 6% What we have achieved so far Tractions and Achievements Friendfiz Framework Developed our own framework for Web Modified existing development platform and developed our own framework i,e, Friendfiz framework. Popular in Many Countries Hits from various countries Hits from around 23 countries and 500+ cities (Source Google Analytics) First of its type social network where people can do multiple things like fun, work, earn and maintain social + professional relationships.
  13. 13. Friendfiz Confidential 13 Our future plans is very promising Future EnhancementsPHASE05 PHASE04 PHASE03 PHASE02 PHASE01 Phase 01 Regional Stickers (City/State specific) Phase 02 Implementation of AR into different business areas like Job Search Phase 03 Open Friendfiz Framework to all developers for creating apps on Friendfiz (Simple Apps, AR) Phase 04 Virtual Reality (VR) in Social Networking using Mobile Devices Phase 05 Implementation of AR & VR in different business areas
  14. 14. 14 This is minimum investment required for survival & promotion for 6 months or until next round of funding. Seed Fund Required Server Promotion Manpower CostingInfrastructure AR Plugin OPex CAPex Rs 2.4 Lacs Rs 2.6 Lacs Rs 10 Lacs Rs 12 Lacs Rs 1 Lac Total Requirement =Rs 28 Lacs
  15. 15. Friendfiz Confidential 15 Paid services with their rate and %age of user availing Projections Advertisements $ 1 to $ 7.5 /user Per user Revenue from advertising would increase with growth in user base Themes $ 2 to $ 7 /month We believe that our 5% users would avail this service Paid Profiles $ 5 to $ 30 /month We believe that our 3% users would avail this service
  16. 16. Friendfiz Confidential 16 ANNUAL REVENUE 0.1 Million users $ 5,53,000 Aug 2015 April 2016 july 2016 Projection for user base growth & respective revenue growth with timelines based on all sources of revenue. Projections 0.5 Million users $ 2765000 1 Million users $ 6730000
  17. 17. Friendfiz Confidential 17 ANNUAL REVENUE Jan 2017 July 2017 Jan 2018 5 Million users $ 2,13,11587 10 Million users $ 67300000 50 Million users $ 803000000
  18. 18. Friendfiz Confidential 18 FlipAR - Augmented Reality Get distant friends or unknown people projected on your mobile screen. It projects profile of the people, which are in the range of your mobile camera, on your mobile screen. WalkOver Want to know who crossed you ? It just got easy to get information of people who crossed you. See their profile and send them nudge and if they will also interested in you start chatting. Features of Friendfiz
  19. 19. Friendfiz Confidential 19 ReliabilityScore Save yourself from people with fake profiles. Through various means you get information on reliability of each profile. Trust Score of each profile is visible to you. More the trust score more reliable is the person. PicStory Create stories through pics Take any pictures. Show your creativity, modify it and tell your thoughts to the world through it.
  20. 20. Thanks For Watching!!!