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Tanya Joseph's (This Girl Can) presentation at Mumbrella's Health & Wellness Marketing Summit


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Tanya Joseph, architect of award-winning campaign This Girl Can, presented on Inspiring Millions to Exercise: This Girl Can campaign at Mumbrella's Health & Wellness Marketing Summit.

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Tanya Joseph's (This Girl Can) presentation at Mumbrella's Health & Wellness Marketing Summit

  1. 1. Tanya Joseph
  2. 2. Regular exercise – a very stubborn gender gap 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 Jan-06 Jan-07 Jan-08 Jan-09 Jan-10 Jan-11 Jan-12 Jan-13 Jan-14 Men Women Source: Active People Survey 1.75m
  3. 3. The conundrum… 75% of women say they want to do more exercise… …yet the combined strength of the health & fitness industry, doctors or international success of Team GB, women’s rugby, cricket and football teams has not closed the gender gap… …why?
  4. 4. Being sweaty Not being fit enough Family should be more important Having a red face Not being good enough Studying should take priority Not looking ‘made up’ Looking silly Bringing the wrong equipment Time with friends should be more important Changing in front of others Not being competitive enough Being the only new person Exercise isn’t cool Wearing tight clothing Not knowing the rules Showing their body Holding back the group Wearing sports clothing Being ‘too’ good Not appearing feminine Body parts wobbling when exercising Wearing the wrong clothing/kit Developing too many muscles Being seen as too competitive FEAR OF JUDGEMENT
  5. 5. Three areas of judgment PrioritiesAppearance 8/10 50% girls aged 11-21 believe there is too much discussion about women’s weight in the media of the same group say they would like to look more like the pictures of girls and women they see in the media Ability BUTCH RUBBISH FAMILY EXERCISE
  6. 6. Get women aged 14-40 exercising Ground-breaking – fresh, surprising, disruptive Reshape the language around women and exercise Ability to be owned by women & partners long-term Think ‘campaigning’, not a campaign Behaviour change brief
  7. 7. Our Manifesto Women come in all shapes and sizes and all levels of ability. It doesn’t matter if you’re rubbish or an expert. The point is you’re a woman and you’re doing something.
  8. 8. To liberate women from the judgements that hold them back Role for Communications
  9. 9. A sassy celebration of active women everywhere •  Street cast •  Breadth of activities •  Variety of shapes, sizes & skill levels •  ALL with a ‘don’t give a damn’ attitude
  10. 10. Insight told us to go where women are
  11. 11. Three phases of the campaign REALISATION INSPIRATION SELF- IDENTIFICATION
  12. 12. Listening…. REALISATION
  13. 13. REALISATION Creating conversation….
  14. 14. REALISATION Creating conversation….
  15. 15. REALISATION Curating conversation….
  16. 16. Films views: Victoria vs Sweat: 750,000 Julie vs Inhibitions: 500,000 Kelly vs Mummy!: 500,000 Grace vs Pace: 250,000 YouTube Pre-launch REALISATION 104,566 reach 6,842 fans 3.7m impressions 1,041 followers
  21. 21. Facebook Twitter Instagram Website Social is delivering Facebook: campaign reached 97% of all women 14-40 on with an engagement rate of 18.64%. Benchmark is 1-2% Twitter: 40.45% video view completions. Benchmark is 5-7% Instagram: reached over 60% of all women under 24 years 37million ad views on our platforms This Girl Can has been talked about on social media every day since launch on 12 Jan 2015
  22. 22. Impact summary •  Connecting with women and girls •  Women are motivated by the campaign and are taking action •  To achieve a step change in behaviour, the call to action and quality of the experience are crucial •  Shifting broader attitudinal norms is likely to follow positive changes in
  23. 23. 42 Lessons for you •  Use insight, understanding and empathy •  Think carefully about role models •  Language and tone of voice are crucial •  Test and learn, test and learn •  Create and curate conversations that charm •  React, respond, recognise and reward
  24. 24. Be bold, be brave
  25. 25. Any questions? @tanyajoseph