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Simon Van Wyk's (MediaDigitalX) presentation at Mumbrella's Automotive Marketing Summit.


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Managing Director at MediaDigitalX, Simon Van Wyk, presented on Re-Imagining The Sales Process: Do Automotive Marketers Really Understand The Car Buyer at Mumbrella's Automotive Marketing Summit.

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Simon Van Wyk's (MediaDigitalX) presentation at Mumbrella's Automotive Marketing Summit.

  1. 1. Understand the job your customer is trying to do, and you’ll sell more cars. SIMON VAN WYK
  2. 2. in automotive marketingThe missing ingredient T H E C U S T O M E R So what you can do – a practical plan
  3. 3. Where this all started What would Google do Unlimited budget – UX Journey mapping – 18 dealers Journey map – Single brand
  4. 4. Years of GDP growth House prices and equity at record levels Interest rates never so low Brands selling fixed price service Longer warranty Guaranteed value leasing Consumers happy to spend $120k on a 4WD that never leaves Mosman The environment – it’s never been better
  5. 5. However If you account for population growth new car sales are static The fleet is not getting any younger – it’s around 10 years. So you have to deduce most of this is not really working There are fewer dealer visits than ever before.
  6. 6. Y Because despite the fact the automotive industry went to Disney and now calls their customer guests, the customer has been forgotten.
  7. 7. SITE SPEED Toyota 28/100 Holden 33/100 Ford 37/100 Hyundai 47/100 EVERYONE COPIES Technology – Sitecore, Adobe and Salesforce Global initiatives are now common Buzz word Bingo proliferates PRICING IS HARD TO GET NO INTEGRATION OF DEALER AND BRAND So look at the digital initiatives PROLIFERATION OF APPS
  8. 8. Your customers have made it clear. The brands only hang on to 30% of their owners. And it’s not about the staff – they are brilliant - it’s about the process – it’s about the showrooms – it’s about the test drive – it’s about the finance -
  9. 9. So about the Job To be done THE PROBLEM IS: This customer looks like that one, or 68% of customers say they prefer version A to version B – this is how most of this works. What automotive marketers really need to work on is the progress that the customer is trying to make in a given circumstance — what the customer hopes to accomplish. This is what we mean by job to be done. It applies to buying, owning and buying again.
  10. 10. “Job” is shorthand for what an individual really seeks to accomplish in a given circumstance. A new way of thinking
  11. 11. JTBD method What is a Job-To-Be-Done? The premise is simple: Customers don’t just buy products, They HIRE them to do a job. “people don’t want to BUY a quarter-inch drill... … they WANT a quarter-inch hole... T H E S O L U T I O N ( W H AT ) T H E J O B ( W H Y )
  12. 12. So here was my circumstance I owned a Skoda it was financed. I got to the end of the lease – I really loved the car. The end of the lease came I had no residual – I thought if they offer me one I’d get another. They did not – so I kept it another 2 years. Then after the dealer did not replace the oil after the service I thought it’s time.
  13. 13. So what’s the job. To buy a VAG or Subaru To spend as little as possible – but would have spent up to $50k Must have driver assist – my wife got a Golf AllTrack on loan and loved it. Spend as little time as possible Do it all online ACTUALLY IT WAS:
  14. 14. Despite the fact I knew my Skoda had been upgraded at a lower price I could not actually find one with driver assist Every one wanted to get me into a dealership Lots of the cars online are not really available No stock – opaque pricing No merchandising for new and used – spec sheets are a waste of space Can’t pick the car up on a weekend Despite the fact I’d come off a finance agreement I had to start from scratch The call centres are separated from the business so can’t actually tell you what's available How was the job frustrated
  15. 15. Start by trying to define your customers segments by circumstance. S TA R T I N G P O I N T C H A R T T H E D E S T I N AT I O N M A K E T H E T R I P W O R T H W H I L E How might you start Define the jobs they are trying to do.. Look at what you are doing and look at the pain points Identify the segments success criteria Investigate the obstacles that need to be overcome Access the value of the solutions Use this to beat the competition
  16. 16. Customer segments People who have no choice Current owners Retail shoppers Worried and insecure THERE ARE 6 I love my car and it reflects me The young
  17. 17. So how might this approach Impact the experience
  18. 18. C H E C K When I book a test drive – check whether I have a current vehicle under finance C H A R M Get the most charming person in the entire dealership – the receptionist to look after the entire process S C A N L I C E N S E Scan my license and send me an email to click on acceptance of test drive conditions S C A N N U M B E R P L AT E Scan the number plate of my trade in and push that into the system
  19. 19. R I D T H E PA I N Get rid of sales person, business manager loop of pain C U S T O M E R S E R V I C E Don’t put a ribbon on my car and ask me to book an appointment – bring it to me when it suits N O N O No Ming sting O R G A N I S AT I O N Integrated and coherent paperwork
  20. 20. The industry needs to focus on the circumstance not the sale It’s not the fault of the people – they are pretty good When you understand the jobs you’ll be able to deliver against that There are jobs of buying, owning and buying back into the brand again – the jobs are different Don’t make me do the job over and over Friction is everywhere – work to remove that and you’ll sell more cars In Summary