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The "Red" furniture (slide 27) now known as Lacoste Live was created by the architect Franklin Azzi.
The Citadium space (slide 37) was developed by the French Puma shop in shop team.....
The Puma Motorsport space (slide 39) was developed with architects Plajer & Franz.

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  1. 1. LACOSTE
  4. 4. Visual Merchandising Creation of Green Book of Merchandising. (Old store concept) Creation of White Book of Merchandising. (New store concept) Seasonal VM Guidelines. Red VM Guidelines. Creation of store window campaigns Creation & execution of VM trainings
  5. 5. Green Book of Merchandising
  6. 6. White Book of Merchandising
  7. 7. Seasonal Merchandising guide
  8. 8. Seasonal Merchandising Guide
  9. 9. Red Merchandising Guide
  10. 10. Window image for Lacoste Valentine’s Day
  11. 11. 10/2002-05/200522 Mkts800people
  12. 12. Training Prague
  13. 13. Training China
  14. 14. Training the Trainer• In order to increase « reach » I developed (with an external agency) a « trainingthe trainer » module.• Nov 2005 trained 10 markets in Paris (UK, Ireland, Turkey, Denmark/Sweden,Greece, Morocco, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain & Italy).• Resulting from this session; 43 trainings underway & scheduled and at least 185participants reached.• May 2006 trained 14 markets in Bangkok & futher 9 Markets in Mexico City.
  15. 15. Training the Trainer Bangkok
  16. 16. Training the Trainer Mexico City
  17. 17. Local Training London further to Training the Trainer
  18. 18. Local Trainings Florence & Rome further to Training the Trainer
  19. 19. « Our shops resemble well organised stock rooms »Bernard Lacoste Nov 2000
  20. 20. Store Concept Organised competition of architects bidding for New Concept contract Responsible for retail initiation of winning architect (Designer Christophe Pillet & Architect Patrick Rubin Canal) Responsible for adaptation of new Lacoste logo (agency Seenk) into facade signage. Canal version deemed visually unsatisfactory. Development of free standing furniture with Pillet Partnered with KMF Media6 furniture producers; achieved 50% cost & timeline reduction of concept. Developed « take down’s » of concept; Access, Access Soft Responsible for education of local architects & furniture suppliers. Responsible for approbation of local furniture suppliers Responsible for validation of all architectural plans for all stores & corners global. Responsible for architectural input (examples; ceiling Salzburg, introduction of Visplay into concept,sourcing) Development of « Red » furniture with Franklin Azzi
  21. 21. Shop Concept From:
  22. 22. ………..To:
  23. 23. New Facade signage
  24. 24. Shop fit system From: €2000 per linear M……
  25. 25. ………..To: ….€850 per linear M
  26. 26. Salzburg; before & after.
  27. 27. Lacoste « Red » Furniture
  28. 28. Architectural Workshop
  29. 29. Architectural workshop Vienna November 2007Participants Nine countries were present; Turkey, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, China, Canada, France, England & Germany.Germany covers also Austria.Greece covers Cyprus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Rep of Czech Republic, Macedonia,Malta.Rumania, SlovakiaObjectives: To get all markets onto the same page (en phase) concerning qualitative level required by Devanlay for Lacoste POS. To highlight & solve as many problems encountered as possible. This to be achieved through exchange. To identify previous mistakes in the concept. This to help us develop the next step of concept (free standing) To ensure that participants leave feeling they are part of a worldwide team.Subjects to be treated: (Prior to the meeting each country will have been asked to provide M² cost sheet completed) Store review-Photo review of all recent openings highlighting good & bad points. Presentation by each market of their recent openings explaining difficulties faced & solutions found. Presentation by each of the markets explaining what works & what doesn’t concerning the concept, the furniture and the communication (role of Intl Retail Development) what’s missing. New developments-Present and explain in detail new additions to the concept Maintenance how do they treat this issue in their markets
  30. 30. Architectural workshop Vienna November 2007
  31. 31. Design of new shopping bags
  32. 32. PUMA
  33. 33. VM & Marketing storiesKaufhof Berlin Before ….& after
  34. 34. Kaufhof Berlin before ….& after
  35. 35. Munich airport before … after
  36. 36. Citadium 215 M2 with 6 different collectionsCtadium Paris before Citadium Paris before
  37. 37. Citadium Paris 100 M2 with 2 collectionsCitadium Paris after Citadium Paris after
  38. 38. El Corte Ingles (with everything)
  39. 39. El Corte Ingles (after development of separate Motor Sport space)