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Thesis Presentation on Vernacular Advertising


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Thesis Presentation on Vernacular Advertising, by Megha Gupta, Student Executive, The Delhi School of Communication

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Thesis Presentation on Vernacular Advertising

  1. 1. Vernacular Advertising Glocal v/s V/s Regcal Approach Presenter: Megha Gupta PGDPC XV
  2. 2. DefinitionUsing a local language or dialect native to a region or country rather than a literary, cultured, or foreign language
  3. 3. In simpler terms Global
  4. 4. Glocal
  5. 5. Regcal
  6. 6. Lingo blunders• Electrolux in an American Ad campaign: “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux”
  7. 7. • Coca-Cola in China: Ke-kou-ke-la“bite the wax tadpole” or “female horse stuffed with wax”
  8. 8. • Pepsi in Taiwan“Come alive with the Pepsi Generation” came out as “Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the dead”
  9. 9. • KFC in China“finger-lickin’good” came out as “eat your fingers off”
  10. 10. • Nova in S.America No va means “it won’t go” • Pen in Mexico“It wont leak in your pocket and make you pregnant”
  11. 11. Universal imperatives • A sign of progress • Dont just talk, engage • Speaking to the target audience • Tap in, tune in
  12. 12. Current Scenario • Better understanding of the impact of local language on advertising• Talking with your audience V/S engaging them in a “BRAND CONVERSATION”
  13. 13. • Local Indian partners for international advertising firms• Mumbai, no more the centre of advertising business
  14. 14. Not a new concept• Horlicks- East and South• Kaya- need-based communication‘
  15. 15. Vernacular Content market in India
  16. 16. English level
  17. 17. English literacy level
  18. 18. Let’s dig in!
  19. 19. A common myth:Vernacular content should be restricted to radio
  20. 20. Scope for “Vernacularity”Hindi and other regional language newspapers surpass English newspapers in terms of readership
  21. 21. The Rulers
  22. 22. A similar story…
  23. 23. Growing popularityMultinational brands picking the model to penetrate into rural India
  24. 24. The rise of regionalism• With increase in consumption, demand for local increases• Media rates are much higher in the metros, the shift in spends is significant
  25. 25. • National brand decides to go regional to take market share away from strong local players or price warriors• And vice versa
  26. 26. Bi-lingual advertisingAdvertisements have to walk a fine line between incorporating Indian languages and avoiding the stigma of ‘poor language’
  27. 27. The joshmachine
  28. 28. Taste bhi, health bhiMirchi sunne walealways khush
  29. 29. Which advertisements grabyour immediate attention?
  30. 30. If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head butIf you talk to him in his own language it goes to his heart
  31. 31. ???Do you find "great deals",irritating when they Does it become any less "exclusive packages" and speak to you in yourany more persuasive "today only" offers own language? when they are in your dialect?
  32. 32. Idea trumps language• How about a bad concept in immaculate regional language?• If a concept is right, lets not debate language
  33. 33. Thin line of differenceTranslation Adaptation
  34. 34. • Virgin Mobile Tamil & Hindi Ad
  35. 35. The common way• Keep the plot similar, change the protagonist• LOreal- Penelope and Aishwarya• Thanda matlab Coca Cola Campaign- Aamir and Vikram
  36. 36. Reasons for poor adaptation• An advertising agency do not have a rainbow team to cater to a rainbow nation• Translators are hired and not ‘adaptors’!
  37. 37. South African researchTo explore whether or not consumers can recall vernacular ads?
  38. 38. phase study• Phase I: Qualitative research Five 2 hour focus groups• Phase II: Quantitative research 400 Ad hoc study
  39. 39. Outcome• Respondents did remember seeing vernacular content, news being the most cited example• Top of mind vernacular advertising was almost non-existent
  40. 40. LSM A’s response• 46% of respondents claimed to see vernacular advertising• Almost half could not remember what ads they had seen• Few did mention vernacular but what they remembered was an eclectic mix
  41. 41. LSM B’s response• 50% claimed to see vernacular advertising• Nearly all (87%) could verify by recalling the exact advertisement and brand
  42. 42. No formula• Dont translate from English, create proper vernacular scripts instead• Use the right dialect• Simple language is best - dont confuse consumers
  43. 43. …• Use the right characters• And make it catchy/entertaining
  44. 44. What would you prefer-
  45. 45. The creative pie
  46. 46. Which advertisements doyou think are more reliable?
  47. 47. Quantum of effort• Potential size of the market• Extent of the brands penetration
  48. 48. Popularity stakes• Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal• Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala
  49. 49. Active categories• FMCG & Colas• Talcum powder in South India and skin care products in West Bengal• Luxury brands- Rural Punjab
  50. 50. Straight from the horse’s mouth• Vernacular advertising is considered non- premium• Does not work with certain categories/ brands/ images• Depends on whether you want to be aspirational, confrontational or congregational
  51. 51. ResponsesNo. of respondents: 1 : 51% : 49%
  52. 52. How many languages are known to you?
  53. 53. What do you do when anadvertisement comes while watching T.V? Watch the advertisements if the 16 product is meant for me Watch the advertisements 13Put the medium in mute mode and 5 start doing my work Zip the channel 7
  54. 54. When did you last see an advertisement in your regional language?
  55. 55. Which medium did you see/hear it on?
  56. 56. Advertisement in locallanguage as per you, is most suited to-
  57. 57. How often do you come across such regional language ads?
  58. 58. Would you prefer seeingadvertisements in your local dialect?
  59. 59. What are you likely to remember more?
  60. 60. What according to you persuades more?
  61. 61. Whom do you think theadvertisements in regional languages target?
  62. 62. Which genre ofadvertisements fit better inregional language bracket?
  63. 63. Living away from your home town,would you still like to hear or see advertisements in your language? Never 10% Definitely 29% May be 61%
  64. 64. Regional ads for you symbolize-
  65. 65. ConclusionTo be or not to be depends on:1.Target Audience2.Brand Image
  66. 66. Acknowledgements• Parents & Almighty• The Delhi School of Communication• Prof. Ramola Kumar• Miss Rupanjali Lahiri
  67. 67. …• My friends- PGDPC XV• Seniors- PGDPC XIV• Respondents• Miss Sony Kumari, Miss Piyali and Miss Sunaina Chaturvedi
  68. 68. …• Shaukinder Bhaiya, Vijay Bhaiya• PGDPC XVI