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Culture Presentation on Amsterdam. Presented by the students at The Delhi School of Communication.

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  1. 1. Amsterdam 2007 Group II
  3. 3. SCHIPHOL AIRPORT Largest airport in the country Fourth largest in Europe In 2002, more than 40 million passengers passed through which is twice the population of Amsterdam It is also the home of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the world’s oldest airline
  4. 4. THE NETHERLANDS Itlies on the North Sea, next to Germany and Belgium More than 16 million people live here Making it one of the most crowded countries of the world.
  5. 5. Is it the Netherlands or Holland Itis sometimes called as Holland Holland is the name of two of the twelve provinces that make up Netherlands These provinces play an important role so that name has stuck
  6. 6. RED, WHITE & BLUE Earlier, the top of the flag was orange Also known as Prince’s flag Named after Prince William of Orange, the most famous ancestor of the Queen Orange ribbon attached to the flag on special occasions
  7. 7. The Cities Large proportion live in the West. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht Area also known as Randstad Amsterdam is the capital The Hague is the seat of the government
  8. 8. The Language It is the DUTCH Many people in Belgium, Suriname, Indonesia and Aruba also speak Dutch DID YOU KNOW?In the north of Netherlands is the province of Friesland.People here speak Frisian which is a mix of English & Scandinavian languages
  10. 10.  Amsterdam- by far…“ the freest city in the world”. Amsterdam recognizes freedoms fraternal twin is… RESPONSIBILTY.
  11. 11. Demographics Population- 743,000 (plus an estimated 20,000 unregistered). Dutch- 95% Netherlands- Approx. 16,400,000. Population aged between 20-40:40%. Ethnic minorities:47%. Two farthest points in Netherlands-350 km apart.
  12. 12. Climate Gentle climate. Winters are mild, average temperature in Jan (2 degrees Celsius) Summers- fairly cool, average temperature in July (17 degree Celsius) Summers can be warm, while extreme winters at times. Often rainy and windy.
  13. 13. DUTCH PEOPLE
  14. 14. What are they all about? The Dutch- known to tolerate and accept different opinions. Very fond of their freedom. According to Law - “everyone is equal and should have the same chances in life” Very down to earth- do not like to fuss. One well known Dutch saying…“ Just act normally, that’s crazy enough as it is”
  15. 15. A City of Multi Cultures
  16. 16.  Netherlands – multi cultural society. More than 200 nationalities in Amsterdam. Moroccan Turkish Indonesian Suriname
  17. 17. The Dutch – The Famous
  18. 18. The known… Anne Frank (1929-1945) – The Dairy of Anne Frank Dick Bruna – Dutch children’s author and illustrator- famous character is rabbit ‘Miffy’. Inventors – Philips, inventors of the first C.D, 1982. Christians Huygens (1629-1695)- famous for inventing the pendulum clock. Antony van Leeuwenhok (1632-1723)- invented the microscope, discovered bacteria.
  19. 19. ART Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669) - Greatest painter of the Golden Age Vincent van Gogh(1853-1890)- Special style of his own, museum in Amsterdam named after him.
  20. 20.  The Dutch masters are the best known painters ever to come out of Northern Europe. Amsterdam, one of the world’s greatest creative centers. Art- A part of everyday life. Amsterdam- has an entire section of town with streets named for artists and musicians.
  21. 21. Food Most Dutch people eat sandwiches for breakfast and lunch In the evening they have a hot meal, which often includes potatoes Some typical Dutch dishes, pea soup, Kale with sausage and hutspot School children usually cheese sandwiches on brown bread with peanut butter and chocolates sprinkles as part of their breakfast Parents give money to their children, to buy milk at lunch time
  22. 22. Literature Cees Nooteboom – Most prolific, non- fiction, fiction book introductions writer. Nicholas Freeling – ‘Love in Amsterdam’ , inaugural book of Van der Valk, detective series. Tracy Chevalier – ‘Girl with a pearl earrning’, offers real insight into life in the Golden Age. Xaviera Hollander- ‘The Happy Hooker’, talks of ins and outs of sex trade. Deborah Moggach – ‘Tulip fever’, offers a feel of Amsterdam and importance of tulips.
  23. 23. “Many can grow flowers. Many can sell flowers, but only the Dutch can deliver an Easter lily grown in Columbia to a purchaser in Maine and guarantee that it will bloom on Easter. Because of this ability, the Dutch make most of the money in the flower business”.
  25. 25. Wooden Shoes Also called Clogs. Worn by farmers working in fields. Clogs- Very hard and long lasting, so they protect the feet.
  26. 26. Wind Mills Used hundreds of years ago. More than 10,000 wind mills in the Netherland at one time. Now, only about 1,000 left. Modern wind mills- used to generate electricity in an environment friendly manner.
  27. 27. DUTCH SPORTS
  28. 28. Soccer Extremely popular. Few Dutch soccer clubs- Ajax, Feienoord. Famous Players- Johan Cruijiff, Ruud van Nistelrooy and Dennis Bergkamp.
  29. 29. Swimming Very common in a country with so much water. Children learn to swim at a very young age. Famous swimmers- Inge de Bruijn, Pietre van den Hoogenband.
  30. 30. Skating The Dutch- very good at skating. World champions- Jochem Uytdehaage, Erben Wennemars.
  31. 31. Cycling Country of cyclists. Amsterdam – Bicycle capital of Europe. More bicycles than people. Both a sport plus means of commutation.
  32. 32. The City
  33. 33. Some facts Houses are built on wooden piles to prevent sinking their house from sinking City busy even during the night Some people live right on water in houseboats Lots of tall apartment blocks have been built because of dense population
  34. 34. NATURE
  35. 35.  Lots of woods, heathland, dunes and lots and lots of water Flevoland province – a paradise for birds, geese, spoonbills and cormorants which go to breed De Hoge Veluwe – national park with lots of woods and heathland
  36. 36. WORK
  37. 37.  World’s sixth biggest exporter and investor Make lots of money from growing fruits, vegetables, grain and cattle farming Some major Dutch companies – Philips, Heineken and Unilever
  38. 38. Cooperation One of the first six members of the European Economic Community Also a member of the European Union in order to follow the established norms
  39. 39. FARMING – A modern business
  40. 40.  More than half of the land is used for growing fruit, vegetables and cattle farming The pastures are full of grazing cattle and pigs are kept in big sheds Farmers have become modern businessmen Using modern, computer-controlled farming machinery and equipment in the work
  41. 41. Flowers and Bulbs Famous all over the world Bulb fields at Keukenhof They sell tulip, daffodil and hyacinth bulbs to the world Almost two thirds of all imported flowers come from Amsterdam Flowers sold in Aalsmeer, worlds largest flower auction
  42. 42. Music Organ music in churches in 17th century today- local musicians excel in classical music, jazz In summer- free Jazz, classical and world music performers stage free lunch time concerts and festivals- provide free music
  43. 43. Dance• Amsterdam’s national ballet performs classical ballet• World leaders in modern dance• Amsterdam’s Julie dans festival in July brings dancer all over the world• Popular forms of the dance : pop, jazz, rock
  44. 44. CATTLE FARMINGMILK CHEESE A Dutch cow produces  They export about 55 approx 20 ltrs of milk per million kilos of cheese day  Dutch cheese are from Cows are fed and milked Edam and Gouda by machines  Cheese come in ages – Used to make butter, young and old yoghurt and different types of cheese
  45. 45. DUTCH GOVERNMENT Queen Beatrix – the head of the state Decisions are made together – Queen and the ministers Also known as a democratic country Similar to that of India
  46. 46.  Queen Beatrix – 3 sons – William Alexander, Johan Friso, Constantijn William Alexander – the crown of prince Queen Beatrix was married to Claus Van Amsberg who died in 2002.
  47. 47. Prince William Alexander  Studied history at state university  Learnt to fly planes  Keen on sports  Has also participated in the skating marathon  Married Maxima Zorreguieta from Argentina
  48. 48. HISTORY The early days• The first people – There were already people living 250,000 yrs ago• Favourite tools – Sharpened stone called a hand axe The Golden Age• People became rich• Did many great things in the field of painting, literature and science
  49. 49. Contd.. Trade• Dutch have always sailed the seas and oceans• During the golden age – they did a lot of trade in Indonesia and other countries in South East Asia• They set up trading posts for buying and selling things in all the countries they did business with• Usually traded silk, cotton, porcelain, coffee, tea and sugar
  50. 50. The Dutch East India Company Set up by merchants in 1602 and existed for 200 years One had to become members in order to trade Life on the ship was pretty tough as the quarters were pretty small
  51. 51. THE 20th CenturyThe First World War The Second World War(1914-1918) (1940-1945) Dutch didn’t choose sides  Netherlands occupied by Germans wanted to Germany in 1940 continue trading to the  South liberated by the world through Netherland Allies in 1944 Compared to other  Many Dutch people died countries in the world, because they had nothing things were not too bad to eat
  52. 52. DID YOU KNOW? Amsterdam has over 1 million bikes but only 700,000 Amsterdammers When you land at Schiphol Airport, you are actually 4 meters below sea level Amsterdam has about 300 coffee shops which can sell upto 5 grams soft drugs to each person They cover all weird and wonderful topic from painters, museums to sex and marijuana The world famous Koh-i-Noor diamond was cut in Amsterdam
  53. 53. Continued… Amsterdam has about 15000 km of bicycle lanes If global warming causes the sea levels to rise even a little, it will be time for Amsterdam to say bye bye because it will be the first city to get flooded Amsterdam is built entirely on piles, huge stakes driven into the ground Every Dutch person has at least one bike and there are twice as many bikes as cars.
  54. 54. THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU HAVE NO MONEY You can take a stroll along the wonderful canals, up one side and down the other while admiring beautiful buildings and amazing architecture If you have to escape the rain and the sun, you must visit the historic museum and explore the paintings of the 16th century You can also drop into Begijnhof surrounded by town houses and are extremely peaceful
  55. 55. We suggest So rush to you nearest travel agent, book the Royal Dutch KLM Airlines and reach Amsterdam.Feel the freedom, explore the beauty, be cool and
  56. 56. BE VIVID And sayI amsterdam