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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. S ---Digital Strategy for Pandora Radio
  2. 2.  One of the most popular online music service providers worldwide;  Provides high-quality music according to users' personal preference;  Targets on young music lovers;  Mobile, cloud, and private.
  3. 3. Pandora is now threated by…
  4. 4. Target and track specific groups of users, and make an integrated digital campaign as a way to fight back its competitors and expand the market share.
  5. 5. Female, Young adults Has kids Less affluent Africa American
  6. 6. Within a 6-month digital campaign, Pandora could:  Effectively increase number of users by at least 20%;  Double the visit of its webpage, blog, Twitter, Facebook page etc.;  Successfully create hot news via a series of highlight and routine events;  Boosting the competitiveness to similar services;  Expand market share by a 10% increase.
  7. 7. is a desired platform for music critics official blog musicians, record company  Release fresh messages or low time effect news:
  8. 8.  E.g. Spanish videos for Hispanic users, Asian- Americans, child-rearing users or young female.  Pick proper keywords: "internet radio" (4090000 clicks/day) "free online music" (673000 clicks/day) "internet radio station" (201000 clicks/day) "free music app" (60500 clicks/day) "music station" (368000 clicks/day)  E.g. Hispanic users, Asian-Americans, child-rearing users or young female.
  9. 9. Seize hotspot and properly translate it into a creative advertising. E.g. Don’t cry for me Argentina Links between news and brand should be appropriate or it would generate inefficiency and counter product that damage brand image. Providing more sharing options on other social media channels; Allow users to get music html tag, making Pandora radio player embeddable at blog or personal webpage. Sports, interviews, news and other non-music radios also ask for online radio services. According to Arbitron data in 2009, non-music radio took up around 20% of market sharing. It is an opportunity for Pandora to run the non- music program to fulfill the needs of more audiences.
  10. 10. Looking for deeper cooperative relationship with mobile phone, major car manufacturers, and other potential mobile audio devices.
  11. 11. Google Adwords: Clicks/day * $/click = Budget 1 $9900. Social media management: 2 PR * 6 months = Budget 2 $15,600. Creations: Design * (Video + App + Car audio system) + Research + Sundries = Budget 3 $6000.
  12. 12. Pandora relies on social media to increasing its music sharing and promotions. Also, it helps to strengthen social relationships based on music communication. The interaction between users who share common interest and taste forms Pandora a music-based social network, which also drive driven its rapid growth of users population.