Temptations of a High Potential


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As a high potential employee, there are many challenges to making the most of your situation. Based on a panel of career gurus and leading talent management practitioners, here are five temptations and how to navigate these challenges successfully.

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Temptations of a High Potential

  1. 1. Tempta'ons  of  a  High  Poten'al         Kevin  D.  Wilde   APRIL,  2014   runwilde@yahoo.com   ©  2014  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   HIGHLIGHTS  
  2. 2. 90%   Leaders  not  ready  to   for  more  senior  roles.                            70%   Leadership  pipeline   efforts  are  ineffecNve.   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   THE  ALARMS  ARE  STARTING  TO  RING:   WE  NEED  TO  IMPROVE  AND  ACCELERATE  GETTING  LEADERS     READY  FOR  BIGGER  ROLES.  
  3. 3. “We  go  through  the   iden.fica.on  exercise  and   determine  that  people  are   three  years  away  from  being   ready  for  their  next  role.   We  go  back  in  two  years  and   they  are  s)ll  three  years   away.”     -­‐    CHRO,  Fortune  500     Technology  Company   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   WE  NEED  TO  RETHINK  HIGH  POTENTIAL  TALENT  DEVELOPMENT  
  4. 4. ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   ONE  APPROACH:   RETHINK  ACCELERATION  EFFORTS  FROM   AN  INDIVIDUAL  APPROACH.   IMAGINE  HAVING  COFFEE  WITH  ONE  HIGH   POTENTIAL:   WHAT  IS  YOUR  ADVICE  TO  NAVIGATE   THE  CHALLENGES  AND  TEMPTATIONS?  
  5. 5. Wearing   the   Label   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission  
  6. 6. ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   AS  A  HIGH  POTENTIAL,  YOU  PROBABLY  EXHIBITED   THESE  VALUED  ATTRIBUTES.   BUT  BE  WARNED.  
  7. 7. ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   YOUR  LABEL  CAN  BE  AS  TEMPORARY  AS  A  SNAPCHAT  PHOTO.   YOUR  ORGANIZATION  MIGHT  HAVE  CONFUSING  STANDARDS.   AND  WATCHOUT  ALIENATING  THOSE  WITHOUT  THE  LABEL.  
  8. 8. Learn  to  Shine   While  Building  Rela'onships   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission  
  9. 9. Missed   Timing   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission  
  10. 10. Assembling  the  porTolio   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   AS  A  HIGH  POTENTIAL,  THINK  ABOUT  YOUR  WORK  AS  ASSEMBLING   A  PORTFOLIO.    WHILE  ORGANIZATIONS  AREN’T  ALWAYS  CLEAR,  THERE  ARE     FOUR  TYPES  OF  ASSIGNMENT  WITH  PURPOSE  AND  TIMING  AS  VARIABLE  AS   BAKING  CUPCAKES.  
  11. 11. Non  S'ck  -­‐  Exposure  Assignment   •  Exposure  Roles     •  Connect  Dots     •  Contribute   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   A  QUICK  ASSIGNMENT  IS  MUCH  LIKE  BAKING  WITH  A  NON-­‐STICK  PAN:   SHORT,  EXPOSURE  TO  DIFFERENT  WORK  SETTINGS.    BE  SURE  TO   GAIN  A  BROADER  PERSPECTIVE  AND  MAKE  A  DIFFERENCE.  
  12. 12. Tooth  Pick  –  Competency  Assignment   •  Build  or  prove   competence.     •  Strategy   •  Team  Leadership   •  Customer  Savvy   •  InnovaNon   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   A  LONGER  ASSIGNMENT  IS  TO  HELP  YOU  DEVELOP  OR  PROVE  A     COMPETENCY  BEFORE  MOVING  ON.    DON’T  BE  ANXIOUS  TO  MOVE  UNTIL   YOU’VE  GAIN  SOMETHING  IMPORTANT,  SUCH  AS  THESE  FOUR  AREAS.  
  13. 13.  Golden  –  Wisdom  Assignment   •  Judgment,   wisdom,  humility   •  Living  with   decisions   •  Seasoning  with  the   unexpected   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   SOME  ASSIGNMENTS  LAST  LONGER  –  BEYOND  COMPETENCE  –  TO   ACHIEVE  JUDGMENT,  MATURITY  AND  AGILITY.  
  14. 14. Overcooked  -­‐  Stuck   •  Manager   hording   •  LiYle  growth,   made   contribuNon   •  Look  for   expansion  or   lifeline   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   ONE  NEGATIVE  ASSIGNMENT  IS  STAYING  PAST  THE  JOB  INTENT.   SOMETIMES  THE  ORGANIZATION  JUST  NEEDS  YOU  LONGER.     SOMETIMES  THE  MANAGER  IS  HORDING.  PATIENCE  AND  POSITIVE  ATTITUDE  HELPS.  
  15. 15. Capture  the  meaning     from  each  assignment   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission  
  16. 16. Yes  to   Every-­‐ thing   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission  
  17. 17. Enrichments  to  Bend  the  Curve   Time  -­‐>   YOU   Now   BIG   JOB   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   BY  GOING  THROUGH  A  SERIES  OF  ASSIGNMENTS,  THERE  IS     A  NATURAL  GROWTH  CURVE  TO  GET  YOU  READY  FOR     A  BIGGER  JOB.  
  18. 18. Enrichments  to  Bend  the  Curve   Time  -­‐>   YOU   Now   BIG   JOB   BIG   JOB   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   SOME  ORGANIZATIONS  GIVE  HIGH  POTENTIALS  ADDITIONAL  WORK  TO   ACCELERATE  THE  GROWTH,  BENDING  THE  CURVE.  
  19. 19. Enrichment  Beyond     the  Assignment     •  Corporate  Task  Force   •  Internal  Mentor   •  External  Coach   •  Execu've  Ed  Program   •  Ac'on  Learning  Project   •  Assessment  Center   •  360  Feedback   •  Job  Shadowing   •  Peer  Network  Circle   •  Community  Service   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   EXAMPLES  OF  WHAT   ORGANIZATIONS  OFFER     HIGH  POTENTIAL  TO     ACCELERATE   DEVELOPMENT.  
  20. 20. Talent  Accelerators:     •  Broader  Perspec've  of  Organiza'on     •  Strategic  Thinking     •  Influence  and  Change  Leadership   Skills     •  Self-­‐Insight  and  Self-­‐Management     •  Execu've  Sponsorship   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   EACH  ENRICHMENT   ADDS  NEW  ABILITIES  –   THINK  MERIT  BADGES  –   TO  STRENGTHEN  ONE   OR  MORE  TALENT   ACCELERATORS.  
  21. 21. Reaching  Overload!     ü  Corporate  Task  Force   ü  Internal  Mentor   ü  External  Coach   ü  ExecuNve  Ed  Program   ü  AcNon  Learning  Project   ü  Assessment  Center   ü  360  Feedback   ü  Job  Shadowing   ü  Peer  Network  Circle   ü  Community  Service   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   THE  PROBLEM  OF  STRETCH   ASSIGNMENTS  ALONG  WITH  TOO  MANY   ACCELERATORS  CAN  PUSH  YOU  INTO   OVERLOAD  AND  FAILURE.  
  22. 22. Bridge  Lessons   •  Execu've  Resiliency   •  Execu've  Produc'vity     •  Execu've  Savvy     ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   LEARN  TO  HANDLE  THE  ‘EXTRAS’  THE  BEST  YOU  CAN.   DEEPER  YOUR  RESILENCY  SKILLS.   RECOGNIZE  THAT  EXECUTIVES  ARE  OFTEN  FACED  WITH  OVERLOAD.   LEARN  TO  APPROPRIATELY  SAY  ‘NO’  OR  ‘LATER’  TO  TOO  MUCH.   LEAN  ON  SENIOR  SPONSORS  TO  GUIDE  AND  HELP.  
  23. 23. Strengthen  Resiliency  Habits  &   Cul'vate  Execu've  Savvy   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission  
  24. 24. Skipping   IT   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission  
  25. 25. Dangers  Ahead:       Bending  the  curve  and  blind  spots   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   LOTS  OF  JOB  ASSIGNMENTS  AND  ACCELERATORS  CAN  ALSO  EXPOSE   YOUR  WEAKNESSES  AND  BLIND-­‐SPOTS.   THIS  COULD  BE  GOOD  OR  BAD.  
  26. 26. Shibing  Gears  In  A  Career   Technical/Func'onal   (Personal  ExperNse)   Managerial   (Set  ObjecNves,  Coach,   Develop)   Leadership   (Vision,  Strategy)   Professional   Manager   Execu've   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   BLINDSPOTS  CAN  HAPPEN  AS  THE     NATURE  AND  EMPHASIS  OF  WORK     ELEMENTS  CHANGE.  
  27. 27. Didn’t    address  gaps:       “What  didn’t  ma4er  before,  ma4ers  now.”     Blocked  self-­‐insight:   “I  am  successful  because  of  some  things  and   despite  of  some  things.”       Didn’t  grow  in  transi'on:   “What  worked  before  doesn’t  work  now.”   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   FAILURE  TO  RESPOND  WELL   TO  CHALLENGES  OFTEN  IS   ROOTED  IN  ONE  OR  MORE   FAULTY  BELIEFS  AS  A  HIGH   POTENTIAL.    
  28. 28. Impact  of   Asking  for  and   Responding  to   Feedback?   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   THE  ANTIDOTE  TO  MANY  BLIND  SPOTS  AND  BARRIERS  TO  GROWTH   AS  A  HIGH  POTENTIAL  IS  TO  DEVELOP  A  PERSONAL  HABIT  OF     ASKING  FOR  FEEDBACK.  
  29. 29.  Zenger-­‐Folkman  (c)  Results  from  16,644  Leaders   0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Bottom 10% Next 25% Middle 30% Next 25% Top 10% OverallLeadershipEffectiveness Asks for and Responds to Feedback ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   Leadership  Effec'veness  Rises  with  Openness  to  Feedback   A  LARGE  STUDY  OF  LEADERS  SHOW  A  STRONG   RELATIONSHIP  BETWEEN  EFFECTIVENESS  AND   OPENNESS  TO  FEEDBACK.  
  30. 30. Self-­‐PercepNons  Not  as  Accurate  as  Others’  PercepNons   0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Self-Perceptions of Effectiveness Others' Perceptions of Effectiveness Accuracy in Predicting Overall Effectiveness (as measured by 360 data) ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission    Zenger-­‐Folkman  (c)   A  SIMILAR  STUDY  REMINDS  US  THAT  WE   ARE  NOT  GOOD  JUDGES  OF  OUR  OWN   IMPACT  ON  OTHERS.  
  31. 31. 41%   Derailed  leaders   asked  and  responded   to  feedback   32%   Unable  to  adapt  to   new  situaNons.   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission    Zenger-­‐Folkman  (c)   DERAILED  LEADERS  ARE  RATED  LOWER   AT  ASKING  FOR  FEEDBACK  AND   ADJUSTING  TO  NEW  SITUATIONS.  
  32. 32. As  People  Age,  They  Ask  For  and   Respond  to  Feedback  Less  Oben   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission    Zenger-­‐Folkman  (c)  Results  from  16,644  Leaders   THE  PROBLEM  IS  THE  OLDER  WE  GET,  THE  LESS  OFTEN   WE  LOOK  FOR  FEEDBACK  TO  GROW.      
  33. 33. Coachable   Fixed  or  growth   mindset     ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   TWO  USEFUL  HABITS  TO  PICK   UP  EARLY  AS  A  HIGH   POTENTIAL:   BEING  COACHABLE  AND   HAVING  A  GROWTH  MINDSET.  
  34. 34. Prac'ce  ‘coach-­‐ability’     with  a  growth  mindset   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission  
  35. 35. Jump   without   Looking   Ahead   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission  
  36. 36. Taking  or  Making  the  Call   to  Bend  the  Growth  Curve   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   BEING  A  HIGH  POTENTIAL  MEANS  YOU  HAVE  MANY  OPTIONS  TO     IMPROVE  YOUR  OWN  JOB  OPPORTUNITIES  –  TAKING  A  RECRUITER’S  CALL   OR  CALLING  ONE.    
  37. 37. ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   BEFORE  YOU  JUMP  TO  A  NEW  ORGANIZATION,  DO  AN  INVENTORY.  
  38. 38. •  Feeling  challenged?       •  Feeling  mo'vated?     •  Feeling  supported?     •  Feeling  connected?   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   CONSIDER  FOUR  QUESTIONS  BEFORE  LEAVING.       TALK  IT  OVER  WITH  A  TRUSTED  ADVISOR.  
  39. 39. Objec'vely  Manage  Jumping  Your   Opportunity  Curve   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission  
  40. 40. ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   WHILE  THERE  ARE  MANY   CHALLENGES  AND  TEMPTATIONS   OF  BEING  A  HIGH  POTENTIAL,     REMEMBER  THE  GREAT     OPPORTUNTIES  BEFORE  YOU  TO     GROW  AND  MAKE  A  DIFFERNCE  IN     THE  WORLD.      
  42. 42. Tempta'ons  of  a  High   Poten'al  Worksheet   Keep  the  coffee  chat  going  at:    www.kevinwildeonline.com      runwilde98@yahoo.com   Tempta'on     Organiza'on  Ques'ons   Build   Opportunity:   -­‐  Wearing  the  Label   1.  How  clear  and  accurate  in  characteris'cs?   2.  Degree  of  appropriate  transparency?   3.  Coaching  on  Teamwork?   -­‐  Missed  Assignment   4.  How  clear  and  disciplined  in  assignment  management?   5.  Degree  of  assembling  the  best  mix:    prime  experiences,  cri'cal   competencies,  engagement?   6.  What  prac'ces  to  balance  development  and  contribu'on  in   'ming  and  sharing  high  poten'al  talent?   -­‐  Yes  to  All   7.             Degree  orchestra'ng  the  whole  development  deal  beyond  any   tac'c?   8.             Teaching  resiliency,  networking  and  execu've  produc'vity?   -­‐  Skipping  IT   9.  Degree  we  provide  feedback  early  to  develop  “coach-­‐ability”   and  growth  mindset?   10.  How  skilled  and  commiped  to  provide  ‘tough  love’  with  trust?   -­‐  Jump  without  Looking  Ahead   11.  How  many  ‘s'cky’  reten'on  prac'ces  do  we  apply  to  high   poten'als?   12.  Do  we  have  regular  check-­‐ins  with  trusted  advisors?   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission  
  43. 43. Thank  You         ConNnue  the  Coffee  Chat:    www.kevinwildeonline.com   runwilde98@yahoo.com   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   LET’S  CONTINUE  COMPARING  NOTES   ON  HELPING  HIGH  POTENTIALS.       PLEASE  LET  ME  KNOW  WHAT  YOU   THINK  OF  THESE  IDEAS  AND  PLEASE     SHARE  YOUR  OWN  THOUGHTS.