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10 tactics to avoid holiday weight gain


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10 tactics to avoid holiday weight gain

  1. 1. Walk it OutAdd three 30-minute walks to your day. For example, a 130 lb femalewalking 4 mph, 90 minutes a day, will burn about 500 calories or3500 calories per week – ah, a pound of fat.
  2. 2. Snack Smart and SparinglySnacks are pre-run fuel or best for recovery. On your off days, pickfruits and veggies for snacks.
  3. 3. Deny Baked GoodsBelieve it or not, grain-based desserts are the TOP caloriecontributors in the American diet according to the Dietary Guidelinesreport. These temptations include muffins, cookies, quickbreads, anything in Starbucks glass case ofcalories, croissants, bars, cakes, pies and pastries.
  4. 4. Make it FancyFor every meal, make it worth it. Eating mindfully will help youmanage portions and avoid eating-on-the go and racking up thecalories.
  5. 5. Fruit FirstTo help manage your intake, start every meal with a piece of fruit.The idea is that you curb your hunger with fruit, not fries.
  6. 6. Go HalvsiesEat half of what you normally do and share large portions withfriends and family.
  7. 7. Lift ItIf you’re not already, add 30-40 minutes of strength training 2-3 timesper week. Muscle burns more calories than fat and the benefits ofstrength work are through the roof. More muscles + more caloriesburned = weight maintenance.
  8. 8. Dry OutWatch out for calorie-containing beverages – from soda to cocktails –those calories can really add up.
  9. 9. Lighten Your LunchEating a light, nutrient dense lunch will help you manage your totalcalorie intake, especially with evening get-togethers and dinners out.Simple, pack-able ides: yogurt, carrot sticks/cherry tomatoes (choosea veggie), string cheese/hard-boiled egg/1 oz. lean turkey (pick yourlean protein), apple/orange/banana (choose a fruit) and one slice ofwhole grain bread.
  10. 10. Dont Eat Like it’s your Last MealI remind myself of this frequently. I will eat again…I don’t need to getit all in at one sitting and I don’t to eat all my decadent favorites atone meal.