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Run For Freedom began in 2007, during the bicentenary of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade. We raise awareness of people being trafficked into slavery but holding an annual run. Today it's estimated that over 12 MILLION people are trafficking into slavery worldwide, not just in the poorest countries like Haiti, but also the USA and UK. Many people aren't even aware that slavery is still even happening, trafficking is the second most lucrative criminal activity after drug trafficking! We cannot allow people's human rights to continue to be abused in this way.

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  • Run For Freedom 5 km runs held in London and Bermuda and a 5km walk in Florida. For two years we held a poster competition to use the winning entry worldwide when promoting Run For Freedom and raising awareness of people trafficking. Encouraging ‘For Freedom’ events, Climb For Freedom consisted of climbing a wall enough times to reach the equivalent height of Mount Everest. Upon meeting music producer Charles Bailey, he was inspired to create two songs – Run For Freedom with signer Kedisha Charles and a remix of Amazing Grace with Kedisha and songwriter KC aka SirCredit; 50% of proceeds go directly to anti trafficking campaign MTV EXITDownload Run For Freedom tracks on iTunes UK: Run For Freedom tracks on iTunes Worldwide:
  • Charles Bailey and Kedisha music: Download Run For Freedom tracks on iTunes UK: Run For Freedom tracks on iTunes Worldwide:
  • Akil Simmons won the vote for his inspiring image for the 2008 poster competition
  • Karthika Chelvam won the vote for her impressive image for the 2009 poster competition
  • Run For Freedom 2010

    1. RUN FOR FREEDOM 2010<br />Anti people trafficking group<br />
    2. OVERVIEW<br />200 years ago the transatlantic slave trade was abolished<br />Today, it is estimated that over 12 million men, women and children are trafficked into slavery <br />Run For Freedom began in 2007 when descendents of William Wilberforce and friends ran 5km in London to raise awareness<br />We’ve raised over $14,000 for anti slavery and anti trafficking coalitions<br />
    3. HOW WE HELP<br />
    4. First Run For Freedom, London<br />BBC and local press coverage<br />Charles Bailey and Kedisha<br />
    5. Poster competition<br />Run For Freedom London<br />Climb For Freedom<br />RFF Bermuda event<br />
    6. Poster competition<br />Walk For Freedom Florida<br />Run For Freedom Bermuda<br />Run For Freedom London<br />
    7. LEARN MORE<br />Traffickers use coercion, are violent and intimidate their victims into forced labour, domestic servitude or sexual exploitation for their own economic gain.<br />Follow on Twitter<br />Become a fan on Facebook<br />
    8. HOW TO HELP<br />Act now;<br />Join us on Sunday March 21st 2010 to run in <br />London / Bermuda<br />or Walk For Freedom in Florida.<br />Hold your own ‘For Freedom’ event!<br />Run, swim, cook, dance, sing…it’s up to you! <br /><ul><li>Raise awareness
    9. Raise funds for anti trafficking and slavery coalitions
    10. Report the crime – see it, report it, make a difference</li></li></ul><li>FURTHER INFORMATION<br />Donate / raise funds for:<br />Anti Slavery International<br />Stop The Traffik<br />MTV EXIT<br />Visit our website:<br /><br />Tell us about your ‘For Freedom’ event:<br /><br />