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Twilight Empire (HTML5 Game)


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First browser MMOSLG developed using HTML5 technology. Cross platform, installation free with flexible gameplay and exquisite graphics.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Twilight Empire (HTML5 Game)

  1. 1. Product OutlineIntroductionCore ExperienceBase MechanicsUnique FeaturesUpcoming FeaturesMonetization
  2. 2. Product Name:Twilight EmpireProduct type:SLG-WebgameGame genres : Western FantasyDevelopment Team:Beijing Leiyoo Information Technology Co., LtdCompany Website: website:
  3. 3. First browser MMOSLG developed using HTML5 technology.Cross platform, installation free with flexible gameplay andexquisite graphics. Ready your own medieval empire throughany device, and enter the epic battle of becoming lord ofTwilight Empire by building alliance or crushing your enemy!
  4. 4. In this medieval world, players startup with a small town and they need toconstruct buildings, expand territory, develop technology, improve civilization,trade resources, build armies and pick their alliance to fight against enemyfor 9 ancient artifacts in dominating the world of Twilight Empire.
  5. 5. Four main resources: wood, stone, iron, food. Lumber Mill Stone Quarry ProduceResources demand: Iron Mine Produce Farm
  6. 6. Construct or upgrade structures Research, train, upgrade army PillageUsage Lack of Resource, results in Train or resurrect heroes
  7. 7. Unique structures areas for structures build your own empire!
  8. 8. Alliance AlliancePlayer Versus Environment Player Versus Player Guild Versus Guild
  9. 9. Early stage: Induce PVE, easy to get a hang of. In this stage, players can acquire plenty of resources for a quicker growth.Player Reward 999 999 999 999
  10. 10. Middle stage: High resources consumption will results in players pillaging resources from one another. Players will then naturally form alliances for protection or further expansion. fish sky 水色
  11. 11. Late stage: in group of alliances, players fight together for 9 ancient artifacts and eventually dominate the world of Twilight Empire.
  12. 12. War contents focus on PVPConstant pillage is required to maintain the resources supply.Players need to fight for the rare resources (E.g. Oasis), which is randomly located,and occupying one will turn the tide of war.Wars are brutal and are encouraged.Feel free to destroy opponent’s structure, or occupy their city.
  13. 13. Alliance systemFlexible management. Leaders can create different rules to regulate members.Strategic alliance agreements and political elements will enrich the gameplay.The alliance can protect players from invasion. Players need to play as a team to get9 ancient artifacts for the ultimate achievement. 玩家1玩家2 玩家3
  14. 14. Expand your territory Players can establish cities without any limitations, more cities means higher resources output, shorter time in army training and more transfer stations. Occupy Oasis: Oasis is a garrison area and provides a bonus in resources output. It allows player to strike their enemies before they could feel a thing. Occupy Cities: Players are able to occupy their opponent’s city in a ferocious way.
  15. 15. Early stage: Growing items or features like(Accelerate , unique equipment), which allow playersto have high efficiency and unique growth. Middle stage: Special feature items like (Immunity, teleportation, resurrection)Late stage: Effect bonus items which allowplayers to change the tide of battle. VIP membership, players will have advantage in resources as well as additional service like, easier way in collecting strategic information and reducing redundant operations.
  16. 16. The contents will be added soonVarious items and rare equipments for collection.Explore dungeons and defeat immortal creatures.Players can train more than one hero in more than one way.Players are able to unite the world by the brutal way(War), or a gentlepath(influence).