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Creative Closet Makeovers


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If you’re looking to breathe some new life into your bedroom and enjoy a little added value to your home, it may be time to overhaul your bedroom closet. Reorganizing how you store your clothes, shoes, and accessories has the power to change your morning routine, which makes for a better day overall. You’ll love the feeling of knowing just where to find that versatile belt you love or having easy access to your favorite pair of stilettos.

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Creative Closet Makeovers

  1. 1. Creative Closet Makeovers Rules of Renovation
  2. 2. Purge What You Don’t Need • Before you dive into the process of reorganizing, get rid of what you don’t need. You’ll avoid making storage space for things you don’t actually use, and will have more room to neatly put away what you do use. Donate unwanted, gently used clothes to a local shelter or second- hand store, or pass them on to a friend.
  3. 3. Buy Coordinating Hangers • You may have plenty of hangers for your clothing, but if they’re not matching, we highly recommend recycling your old ones and starting fresh. Coordinating hangers will make a remarkable difference in the look and feel of your closet. You’ll feel happier every time you look at your clothes neatly hanging on same-colored hangers.
  4. 4. Invest in Matching Bins • Just like coordinating hangers, matching bins will create a more eye-pleasing space. Bins can be used to store smaller items like socks, belts, and accessories.
  5. 5. Purchase Space-Saving Shoe Racks • Shoes are often a sore spot when it comes to closet organization. Get rid of the piles of mismatched sneakers and heels, and find a great storage solution to suit your needs. Shoes can be stored in over-the-door plastic hanging pouches, stackable shoe racks, or other unique solutions.
  6. 6. Install Overhead Shelving • Most closets have tons of wasted space in the upper area. Add a couple of shelves to the top of your closet and you’ll have much more storage space.
  7. 7. Add a Bag Rack • If you have purses, backpacks, and totes that need a home, add a bag rack for easy organization. Bag racks can be installed on an open wall or on the back of a door using over- the-door hooks.
  8. 8. Put Away Seasonal Items • Purchase long, shallow bins with lids for your out- of-season items. Seasonal clothes can be stored under your bed in order to free up space in your closet for the clothes you’ll actually be wearing. We guarantee that you’ll love the streamlined look of a less-cluttered closet.
  9. 9. Learn More Today • You’ll be well on your way to a successful closet makeover when you follow these easy tips. And if you’re looking for more expert home makeover tips and tricks, check out Rules of Renovation. We help real estate investors of every experience level increase their profits and grow their business. Register for one of our events today!