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Learn how to make the most out of your kitchen space by signing up for a Hilary Farr workshop today!

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  2. 2. UTILIZE VERTICAL SPACE  Make the most out of kitchen space and maximizing storage potential by installing shelving along the walls, including above the sink and cabinet.Try hanging pot racks, mounted dish drying racks, hooks for towels and aprons, under cabinet stemware rack, and magnetic strips for knives.
  3. 3. ADDAN OVER-THE- SINK CUTTING BOARD  Cooking can be a pain when counter space is limited. Reduce this pain point by using an over-the-sink cutting board—it simply snaps over the sink when you need it and stows away when you don’t. Plus, you’ll have quick access to rinsing and cleaning the cutting board when you’re done.
  4. 4. CREATEA PANTRY  If your small kitchen doesn’t have enough storage space for food, consider converting a nearby space into a pantry. Is there a coat closet or even a recess in the wall that can be fixed up into a pantry? Install shelving and a door or curtain to keep the space looking classy when you’re not looking inside for snacks or ingredients.
  5. 5. CONSIDERA FOLDING TABLE Small kitchens don’t usually have room for islands.To add more usable surfaces to your kitchen, install a folding table along a wall.When you need extra counter space to prepare food, pull it out and use it for cooking. It can also be used for eating to save space on a kitchen table if you have a small family. Fold it back up to conserve floor space.
  6. 6. DOWNSIZE KITCHEN TOOLS Take a realistic look at all of your pots, pans, and kitchen tools.What items do you actually use, what needs to be replaced, and which can you donate? Reducing the number of things you keep in your kitchen will help reduce clutter and maximize the space.Try to keep only kitchen tools with more than one function—instead of hanging onto that as-seen-on-TV egg cooker or banana slicer, just use a run- of-the-mill bowl and knife.
  7. 7. ADDCORNER SHELVING Any renovation that creates more storage space without sacrificing floor space will help make your small kitchen more usable.Try installing shelves across the corners to store spices, cleaning supplies, and more.
  8. 8. DIY PEGBOARD A stainless steel pegboard makes a great backsplash or an interesting look along a wall. It can provide visual interest, protect your walls from splatters, and provide a place to hang tongs, whisks, small shelving, or other tools you need nearby.This kind of storage will clear out room in a drawer without over-cluttering the limited counter space. Even better, most home improvement stores sell stainless steel pegboards so you can custom-make your own to fit your kitchen.
  9. 9. STACKAND NEST To maximize storage space, minimize how much space your kitchen gear needs to take up. Buy mixing bowls that stack together.The same goes for measuring cups and spoons. Stacking and nesting bowls, measuring cups, and more will reduce the amount of space you need to store them and keep everything looking nice and organized. Whether you want to prepare a property with a small kitchen to sell soon or live in it for a few years more, these adjustments will maximize storage and usage space and make the kitchen more comfortable to use. Interested in learning more about home renovations that can increase your return on investment? Check out a FREE Rules of Renovation event!