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5 Best Home Staging Tips


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While some properties often sell on their own without any staging, most homes sell faster if they have a few pieces of tasteful furniture and décor laid out. If you truly want to impress buyers and receive a better offer, you will want to spend some time on home staging.

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5 Best Home Staging Tips

  2. 2. KNOWWHENTO STAGEA PROPERTY If your house is selling for less than $200,000, you probably don’t need to stage it. If you are selling a house—in a nicer neighborhood or you’re trying to sell at a slightly higher price, you’ll want to invest in some quality home staging.
  3. 3. SHOWCASETHE PROPERTY’SSTRENGTHS Your staging should show off the property’s strengths and minimize its weaknesses. Show potential buyers what they can do with the space— how they can make it their own and really enjoy it.
  4. 4. ACCESSORIZE – BUT DON’TOVERDO IT The point of staging is to spark your potential buyers’ imaginations and to help them imagine how they could use the space.A few tasteful accessories can provide that inspiration without making them feel like they’re walking into someone else’s home.
  5. 5. DON’T FORGETABOUTCURBAPPEAL You want people driving by or walking up to feel like they’ve arrived home to a beautiful house.You want them to picture evenings on the patio, working in the garden, and watching their kids playing in the yard.
  6. 6. DON’TOVER-STAGE If you have the chance, visit some of the comps in the area.Take a look at the way the homes have been staged, and determine what works well and what doesn’t.