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Next generation Datacenter using diferent virtualization and automation technologies. old preso (2009) @ Porto

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  • Plase 1: Many issues. Commoditized hardware and one app per server model has created a monster. Average utilization of servers ~ 15% ( Source: Gartner) Space, power, cooling challenges abound. Nearly 80% of IT costs spent just to keep the lights on…let alone innovate. Etc… Phase 2: Virtualization begins to take root in test/dev. Benefits of consolidation starting to be seen for some production apps (“Craplications”) This is goodness. Phase 3: Virtualization beginning to be seen for more than just consolidation. Moving to more business and mission critical apps. HA and recovery (DR) become focus areas. Virtualization seen as a way to eliminate planned downtime. Again, more goodness… Phase 4: Goes beyond “Agility” to policy based computing and new ways (paradigms) to deliver apps. Applications may become largely streamed and diskless. More “Utility-like” Virtualization is a key enabler and begins to become pervasively adopted. BUT… reality is that very few severs (even today) are virtualized. We’re still a long way off from seeing pervasive adoption of virtualization. Still in the low teens. (see next slide…) 79% of IT budget to keep the business running Source: Gartner Server sprawl, electricity, floor space Managing too many physical servers
  • We must first start with the underpinnings of XenServer and that’s the Xen hypervisor. Leverages Open Source standard Lean with < 50K lines of code Work closely with OS vendors and advisory board: Citrix, IBM, Intel, HP, Novell, Red Hat and Sun Microsystems Community patches, updates and enhancements Security CIA and NSA actively contribute to Xen XS Differentiation from Xen Open Source Management console; XenMotion; Templates; Optimization
  • Red text indicates new platforms that are supported with XenServer 5.
  • Manages Xen servers, VMs& resources -Standard windows look and feel -No single Point of Failure- like AD Multi-master replication (Master/Slave), if one fails it will promote a 2nd -Same info on all PS - No data stored in XenCenter it is a “pane of glass”
  • XenMotion. Check. Got it.
  • The power of OS Streaming technology is more evident the wider it gets deployed. Simplifies intractable problems. Now, rather than having dedicated back up sites, multiple sites can back up to the same datacenter. This creates big savings.
  • XenServer supports several features to guarantee service uptime in the event of infrastructure failure. Firstly, resource pools can be configured for automated high-availability. This deals with individual host failures by restarting VMs that were running on that host onto the next available machine in the resource pool. Notable features include: Peer-to-peer "self-healing" architecture ensures there is no single point of management failure. Set VM restart priorities individually, to control the order in which services are restarted in the event of host failure. Dynamic failure planning algorithms allow administrators to see how many hosts failures can be tolerated without compromising services. Presentation Title Goes Here Insert Version Number Here © 2007 Citrix Systems, Inc.—All rights reserved.
  • VM’s on failed physical servers can automatically be restarted on other servers in the pool
  • Even if you are not using remote storage you can backup VMs and move them around using our import/export functionality. Again since the VMs are isolated from any hardware differences between the underlying servers you remove all of the driver headache found when moving a physical OS instance around to different boxes.
  • Descrição de Componentes : Citrix NetScaler = Aplication delivery controller
  • SmartAccess is not a feature but rather a concept. SmartAccess incorporates the following: Who is connecting? Access Gateway uses EPA scans to determine various characteristics about a client device. What is the result of the connection? Once users are authenticated, will they receive a full VPN connection, clientless access, Web Interface/Published Applications, etc? What resources can be accessed? Will users receive full access to internal network resources or only a subset of resources? How will users be able to access these resources (published apps only, FTA, etc.)?
  • Here is an example of providing different levels of access, based on the results of client security scans. Here, if the user doesn’t have Windows XP they are denied. Full access is given to PC’s with Prism, Symantec, a particluar registry key, and are running XP. Access is reduced as the users have fewer of these components.
  • Next Gen Datacenter

    1. 1. ALBORA Portugal ALBORA SOLUCIONESDatacenter deNova Geração Albora Portugal Rui Lopes, System Engineer
    2. 2. Agenda ALBORA Portugal1. Evolução do Datacenter2. Virtualização enquanto habilitador de datacenter de nova geração  Citrix XenServer - Servidores  Datacore SanMelody – Storage  Marathon everRun vm – cluster & failover3. Objectivos para o novo Datacenter  Elasticidade e Mobilidade  Alta Disponibilidade & Continuidade de negócio  Provisão e Operação Automatizada4. Aspectos de segurança
    3. 3. Evolução do Datacenter ALBORA Portugal P ha s e 1 – P ha s e 2 – P ha s e 4 – R e c o g n iz e P h a s e 3 – A g ilit y D y n a m ic C o n s o lid a t e D a ta c e nte rUnder utilized hardware Test/Dev Some tier 1 applications Dynamic Workload DeliveryIncreasing costs of Encapsulation High Availabilityownership Automation / Policy Consolidation Disaster RecoveryDifficult management Chargeback / Utility “Craplications” MobilityBarriers to expansion Pervasive Virtualization
    4. 4. Datacenter 2.0 NextGEN DATACENTER• Virtual Infrastructure ALBORA Portugal • Citrix XenServer • Citrix Provisioning Server• Storage Virtualization BACKUP/ DR SITE • Datacore SANMelody everRun A• Business Continuity & DR • Marathon everRUN C • Datacore SANMelody PVS PRIMARY SITE XenPool SAN A everRun PVS C IP XenPool iSCSI/FC SAN IDE,SCSI, SATA, SAS,FC, iSCSI, etc
    5. 5. Citrix XenServerVirtualização de servidores
    6. 6. O que é o XEN?• Native 64-bit hypervisor ALBORA Portugal• Runs on bare metal• Widely-deployed at tens of thousands ofsites• Optimized for hardware-assisted & S un C it r ixparavirtualization HP C it r ix• Highly secure Xen open securityframework In t e l IB M• Small exposure footprint• Lightweight and efficient
    7. 7. Fiabilidade empresarial ALBORA Portugal • Live Migration / Motion • Dynamic Resource Pooling • Automated Host Level HA • Fault Tolerance • Storage support for DR • Distributed management
    8. 8. Suporte para VM’s Guest ALBORA Portugal• Windows – Windows Server 2008 64-bit & 32-bit Microsoft Microsoft – Windows Server 2003 32-bit SP0, SP1, SP2, R2; 64-bit SP2 Virtualization Virtualization Validation Validation – Windows Small Business Server 2003 32-bit SP0, SP1, SP2, R2 Program Program – Windows XP 32-bit SP 2, SP3 – Windows 2000 32-bit SP 4 – Windows Vista 32-bit SP 1• Linux – Red Hat Enterprise Linux 32-bit 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2; 64-bit 5.0, 5.1, 5.2 – Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 32-bit 9 SP2, SP3, SP4; 10 SP1; 64-bit 10 SP1, SP2 – CentOS 32-bit 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 5.0, 5.1 , 5.2; 64-bit 5.0, 5.1, 5.2 – Oracle Enterprise Linux 64-bit & 32-bit 5.0, 5.1 – Debian sarge (3.1), etch (4.0)
    9. 9. XenCenter - Consola de gestão ALBORA Portugal Device • Included at no cost DriversXenTool Stack Xen Hypervisor • Runs on any PC Bare Metal Hardware Device • No single point of failure Drivers XenTool Stack Xen Hypervisor • Real time replication Bare Metal Hardware • Performance monitoring • VM searching/tagging Device Drivers XenTool Stack • Installs in minutes Xen Hypervisor Bare Metal Hardware
    10. 10. Saber Mais: Virtualização Servidores ALBORA Portugal• Download Citrix Xenserver 5.0 (versão gratuita)• Como fazer? Demonstrações video online• Documentação Xenserver• Forums de suporte
    11. 11. Datacore SANMelodyVirtualização de Storage
    12. 12. datacore DataCore Software ALBORA PortugalX86 Server Powered by DataCore™ Storage Server RAID Drive Controllers Disks & JBOD / SATA Fibre-Channel or Ethernet NICs (Host connection) Latest Components, Latest Speeds, Individually Upgraded, Software Maintenance only
    13. 13. datacore ALBORA PortugalIT 2.0 Datacenter
    14. 14. datacore Virtualização e Optimização de Storage ALBORA Portugal• Hardware Independent Licenced capacity on Custom Server Support for Virtual Machines iSCSI or Fiber Channel• Increased Perfomance & Availability Auto Thin Provisioning I/O Performance Acceleration Data Migration (SAN Motion)• Business Continuity Snapshot Continuous Data Protection & Recoveery (Traveller) Auto-Failover - Synchronous Mirroring (HA) Asynchronous IP Mirroring (DR)
    15. 15. Saber Mais: Virtualização Storage ALBORA Portugal• Download Trial Datacore SanMelody• Como fazer? Demonstrações e videos online• SANMelody Highlights• Webinars
    16. 16. Marathon everRun vmcluster & failover
    17. 17. everRun VM Unique Architecture – VM Fault-Tolerance in Software ALBORA Portugal•Installs directly onto a pair of Citrix XenServer hosts –Thin software layer between hypervisor and VM environment•Auto-creates and maintains identical PVM on alternate host –“Active” VM is paired with a “Ready” VM –Assured recovery if Active VM host fails•PVM’s I/O resources are transparently paired –Aggregated across both XenServer hosts –Fully redundant networking & storage –“ComputeThru” device failures•Availability Manager attaches to each PVM –Mini Linux VM, manages I/O redirection –Automated error detection, fault handling
    18. 18. everRun VM Key Benefits •Available ALBORA Portugal •Zero downtime due to subsystem failures •Patented “ComputeThru” technology ensures transparent fail-out of devices •No complex failover management or testing •No false failovers SQL •Mirrored storage for zero data lossExchange •Affordable Oracle •Allows consolidation of multiple business-critical applications •Priced for broad adoption •No shared-disk subsystem or SAN required •Automated •Easy to install, operate and maintain •“Point and click” operation •Automated fault handling and policy management •Active redundancy provides assured recovery on host failure •No scripting or custom coding
    19. 19. Saber Mais: Cluster & Failover ALBORA Portugal• Download versão trial• Demonstrações video online• “Life on Clusters vs Life on Marathon”• HA, DR & data protection resource center
    20. 20. nextGen DC:Elasticidade e Agilidade
    21. 21. Elasticidade e Agilidade ALBORA PortugalObjectivos  Consolidação de servidores  Melhor aproveitamento da infrastrutura física  Rápida provisão de recursos  Capacidade de resposta dinâmica em função da carga  Operação sustentável (gestão & patching)Citrix XenServerCitrix Provisioning Server
    22. 22. Operação ininterrupta - XenMotion ALBORA PortugalDevice Drivers Device Drivers Device DriversXenTool Stack XenTool Stack XenTool Stack X e n H y p e r v is o r X e n H y p e r v is o r X e n H y p e r v is o r Bare Metal Hardware Bare Metal Hardware Bare Metal Hardware VM guest storage
    23. 23. Dynamic Workload Streaming Citrix Provisioning Server ALBORA PortugalSilo One A Citrix Provisioning Server BSilo Two CSilo Three Image repository holds Virtual Hard Disks Servers are configured for network boot. No local storage required
    24. 24. “Any Workload, Any Server, Any Time” ALBORA PortugalSilo One XenServer / Hyper-V A Citrix Provisioning Server BSilo Two CSilo Three Virtual Hard Disks are streamed from image repository Boot hundreds of VMs/servers from 1 image
    25. 25. Manage Disaster Recovery Primary Data Center Backup Data Center ALBORA Portugal XenServer / Hyper-V XenServer / Hyper-V XenServer / Hyper-V Backup servers 2 3 1 Site Failure host real Failure Server workloads Storage Replication Provisioning Server Storage Provisioning Server StorageVIDEO
    26. 26. nextGen DC:Alta Disponibilidade eRecuperação
    27. 27. Alta Disponibilidade e Recuperação ALBORA PortugalObjectivos  Protecção de activos críticos ao negócio  Aumentar resiliência da infrastrutura  Implementação de plano de DR  Capacidade para recuperar em cenário de desastre  RTO & RPO aceitáveisCitrix XenServerMarathon everRunDatacore SanMelody
    28. 28. XenServer - High Availability ALBORA Portugal• Automatically restart VMs upon host server failure• Easily administered within XenCenter• Reports failover capacity
    29. 29. XenServer - High Availability ALBORA Portugal Shared StorageVIDEO
    30. 30. Xen + Marathon = Tolerância a falhas ALBORA Portugal CRM1 CRM1 XCH1 XCH1 DNS1 SQL1 everRun everRun AD2 XenServer Ent Availability Link XenServer Ent x86-Based Server x86-Based ServerXenHost1 XenHost 2 LAN
    31. 31. Simplifying Disaster Recovery ALBORA Portugal 1 Automated backup of VM metadata to SR 2 Replication of SR includes 4 Virtual Disks and VM metadata 3 Attach replicated SR 4 Restore of VM metadata will 1 3 recreate VMs 2 Shared Storage Shared Storage Production Site DR SiteVIDEO @ 7’30’’
    32. 32. nextGen DC:Provisão e OperaçãoAutomatizada
    33. 33. Provisão e Operação Automatizada ALBORA PortugalObjectivos  Alta disponibilidade aplicacional  Provisão automática em função de condições no momento  Melhor Performance aplicacional  Gestão global de tráfego e cargaCitrix XenServerCitrix Workflow StudioCitrix Netscaler
    34. 34. The Citrix Delivery Center in Action ALBORA Portugal Citrix Workflow Studio Citrix XenServer Pool A Citrix NetScaler Pool B Monitor Decide ActResposta em cenário de pico de trafegoXenServer Tráfego em de inactiva | Netscaler : aumentar serviçosWorkflow : balanceamento e monitorização noinfrastruturaNetscaler : Arrancar máquinamaistráfego pré-definido.& deservice group Provisionar níveis capacidade contínua Netscaler Atingido o nivel denormais. Repor Xen Aumentar capacidade!
    35. 35. Distribuição de tráfego : Disponibilidade Global ALBORA Portugal www.citrix.comFalha Europa : Netscaler GSLB direcciona clientes para melhor site site baseado em proximidadeOperação Normal : Netscaler GSLB direcciona clientes para melhor baseado em disponibilidade
    36. 36. Saber Mais: Orquestração do Datacenter & Gestão de Tráfego ALBORA Portugal• Download Workflow Studio (gratuito):• Comunidade de Desenvolvimento - CDN• Documentação Workflow Studio• Forums de suporte Workflow Studio
    37. 37. nextGen DC:Segurança
    38. 38. Aspectos de segurança ALBORA PortugalObjectivos  Protecção de activos críticos ao negócio  Acesso Granular em função do utilizador e condições de acessoCitrix Access GatewaySonicwall e-ClassSonicwall e-mail securitySonicwall content filteringSophos Entreprise
    39. 39. What is Citrix SmartAccess™?Who is connecting? What is the result What resources ALBORA Portugal of the connection? can be accessed? Which User What Device VPN Access Clientless Web and FileNetwork Level Access Server Access Access What What Web Interface XenDesktop Outlook Web XenApp Authentication Location XenApp Access XenDesktop Resources Endpoint Analysis Session Policy Session andAuthentication Policy Authorization Policy
    40. 40. All Applications Reduced Applications Denied Access & Virtual Channels & Virtual Channels Full Network Access Restricted network Access ALBORA Portugal+ + + Full Access + + Reduced Access + Restricted Access Clientless Portal and SnR Security + Email Access Remediation Web Site Global Access
    41. 41. Aplicacoes 2.0 APLICAÇÕES• Web Aplication Optimization ALBORA Portugal • Citrix Netscaler WebUsers BRANCH OFFICE• Wan Acceleration • Citrix Wanscaler • Citrix Branch Repeater BranchRepeater WAN optimization + Network servrices• Web Services (DHCP, AD, FS, DNS, …) • Ventus Proxy WebServiceClient REMOTE USER DATACENTER NetScaler WanScaler SOAP, XML SLB, Comp, SSL & TCP Offload, Cache CIFS, MAPI, ICA; FTP, [tcp] DoS Protection, ACL, Content Filtering
    42. 42. Escritorio 2.0 POSTO DE TRABALHO• Virtual Desktop Infrastructure ALBORA Portugal • Citrix XENDesktop RoadWarrior • Citrix XenApp • Citrix XenServer • Citrix Provisioning Server “Thin office”• Secure Remote Access • Citrix Access Gateway EE 3G SSL• User Workstation ipsec •Wyse X series (laptops) •Wyse V series (desktop)• Printing optimization • ThinPrint .print•Network Access • Aruba Mobility Controllers 802.11n• Network Security • Sonicwall E-Class UTM DMZ CITRIX AGEE WLAN DATACENTER WebApp XenApp XenDesktop PrintServer
    43. 43. Seguranca 2.0 SEGURANÇA• EndPoint Security ALBORA Portugal • Sophos Endpoint Security (AV, PF, HIPS) WEB• Network Security • SonicWall UTM • Sophos Network Access Control REMOTE USER • Aruba Mobility Controllers• Service Protection • Sonicwall Email Security • Sonicwall Content Filtering • Sonicwall CDP FW+ IPS, GAV, • Citrix WebAplication FW AntiSpyware, …• Remote Access • Aventail SSL-VPN DMZ CFM WLAN Email Security Citrix WAF SSL-VPN DATACENTER CDP
    45. 45. FabricantesALBORA Portugal
    46. 46. ALBORA Portugal OBRIGADO!Rui Lopesrlopes@ingrammicro.pt91 414 3083Junho 2009