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Shaiq egp


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Shaiq egp

  1. 1. English GlobalA power point presentation about the video ProductsRatty Robs the Bank
  2. 2.  Rob /rɒb/ verb  - To take money or property illegally from a place, organization or person, often using violence he terrorists financed themselves by robbing banks. They robbed the company of £2 million. Arrest /əˈrest/ verb [T]  CATCH  If the police arrest someone, they take them away to ask them about a crime which they might have committed The police arrested her for drinking and driving. ˈ Banknote-/bæŋk.nəʊt//-noʊt/ noun [C] › a piece of printed paper that has a particular value as money For ex:a £20 banknote:
  3. 3. Oh, no!It is Spycat!
  4. 4. 1)Rats robbed the school.2)They found no money in the safe.3)Spycat finds a piece of cheese insideof the safe.
  5. 5.  Well Done! Next
  6. 6.  False! Try again!
  7. 7. By : Shaig KhaliglyTeacher: Ruhiyye M.