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Task 3

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Task 3

  1. 1. NME uses the same colour of red and the identical san-serif for every masthead to push forward a house style in this way. Task Three San-serif font is used again this connotes a masculine brand identify because of its strong block-like style. However it is pushed further forward still by the use of yellow font and a black background which causes the font to pop forward. The image of the Kings of Leon artists is intense and aggressive, this re-enforces a male brand identity audience conveyed through the magazine The haphazardly placed images have a polaroid style this creates a concert like effect, again related to the music industry. The house style is continued with the “Kings of Leon” font, the yellow colour corresponds to the masthead background, that in turn help the NME font stand out. The sharp boarders imply hostility, again this is heavily associate a male brand identity.
  2. 2. A house style is created through the use of a constant colour, in this case black backgrounds with white text is used with all titles, including the sub sections. The black and white colours connote a chic look that is also masculine due to its dark colours. This contents page is unconventional because it lacks the literal title if contents, this is however not uncommon for the indie genre, it is know for its different style Advertisements are seldom seen on a contents page, usually they are seen midway or at the back of the magazine. This image is clearly from a live performance, this signifies that the readers are interested in going out and being sociable. This informal language has a manly register with vocabulary like”Boosh”
  3. 3. This image would definitely imply a male brand identity, the rough complexion of the subject connotes a drinking culture plus the alcoholic drinks he is holding are associated more heavily with males The background is similar to that of a country inn or pub, this is very masculine. This reinforces the pub culture mode of address. This kicker creates a mode of address that is repeated in the heading using the orange colour. The colour creates a meaning that contradicts the word so the orange word “good” is contradictive because is not usually a healthy colour therefore it contradicts the meaning of the word. This pull quote produces the male mode of address because of the casual and informal language “I’m like”.