Ombudsman	  Assembly	  Meeting	                                                                                           ...
à Chapel	  of	  Hope-­‐	  Chaplain	  Smith                                                                               ...
§    Stars	  and	  stripes	  are	  having	  	  a	  contest	  will	  be	  doing	  a	  contest	  where	  you	  can	  win	  ...
§    There	  will	  be	  a	  Muira	  Honcho	  Youth	  Soccer	  Championship	  February	  24,	  2013	  on	  Ikego	  detach...
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Pdf ombudsman assembly meeting february


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Pdf ombudsman assembly meeting february

  1. 1. Ombudsman  Assembly  Meeting    à Commander  of  Fleet  Activities  Yokosuka-­‐Captain  Owens     § United  States  Forces  Japan  has  released  a  new  liberty  policy  however;  Commander  of  Naval  Forces   Japan  (CNFJ)  and  Seventh  Fleet  are  currently  working  on  a  complying  message.  However;  for   Yokosuka  the  current  policy  is  still  in  place  until  CNFJ  and  Seventh  Fleet’s  new  liberty  policy  is   released.       § Budget  cuts-­‐  CNIC  has  to  cut  500  million  dollars  from  their  budget.    Nothing  has  been  officially   implemented  as  of  yet.    Things  they  are  looking  at  cutting  are  the  shuttle  buses,  base  events,  reduced   hours  at  gyms  and  libraries.       ♦ MWR  is  also  making  big  cuts  when  it  comes  to  facilities  and  transportation  as  well.  Most  of  the   budget  cuts  right  now  are  preparatory  for  what  might  be  required  in  the  near  future.       § February  20,  2013  there  will  be  an  open  galley  11:00-­‐12:45  and  anyone  can  attend.  There  will  be  an   African  American  Heritage  Ceremony.       § Pizza  Hut  is  now  open.  They  are  not  doing  home  deliveries  as  of  now.       § Baseball  season  is  about  to  start.  The  minor  league  Yokosuka  Bay  Stars  they  will  have  their  opening   game  will  be  March  16,  2013.  They  play  here  in  Opama.  1000  yen  for  adults  and  500  yen  for  students.      à U.  S.  Naval  Hospital  Yokosuka-­‐Captain  Turner     § Received  word  from  the  Japanese  Public  Health  that  influenza  or  Flu  is  on  the  arise  in  Yokosuka  area.   If  you  have  not  gotten  your  flu  vaccine  please  consider  it.         § Voice  of  the  Customer  will  be  conducted  on  February  25  &  26,  2013.   § The VOC groups are scheduled as follows: ♦ Monday, February 25, 0900-1030, for Active Duty Enlisted and § Family Members ♦ Monday, February 25, 1330-1500, for Retirees and Family Members ♦ Tuesday, February 26, 0900-1030, for Active Duty Officers and § Family Members ♦ Tuesday, February 26, 1500-1615, for Civilian Pay Patients  
  2. 2. à Chapel  of  Hope-­‐  Chaplain  Smith     § Ash  Wednesday  Services  has  started  today.       § The  Stations  of  the  Cross  on  February  15&  22,  2013.  March  1,8,  15  &  22,  2013  and  April  15,  2013.       § Passover  Service-­‐March  25,  2013  at  4:30  pm.     § Lutheran  Service-­‐  will  be  moving  over  to  the  hospital.  It  will  be  moving  from  8am  to  9:30am  on   February  24,  2013.      à DECA-­‐Commissary-­‐ships  cancelling  their  orders  with  commissary.  Logistically  it  is  messing  up  the  inventory,   but  please  try  to  pick  up  the  inventory  if  you  place  an  order.       § Sushi  is  now  open  officially  health  inspections  have  been  passed.       § Monday,  February  18,  2013  is  Presidents  day  the  Commissary  will  be  open  from  10:00-­‐  18:00.       § Due  to  budget  cuts  there  will  be  less  employees  and  more  waiting  in  line  at  the  Commissary.    Try  and   shop  early  or  during  lunch  hours  to  help  relieve  congestion  if  you  can.       § Please  have  children  watch  their  language  within  the  commissary.     § Rewards  cards  are  out,  but  those  who  have  applied  and  are  using  them  are  at  a  low.  We  would  love  to   see  more  people  apply  for  the  rewards  cards.  We  will  have  more  coupons  that  can  be  loaded  on   commissary  website  later  in  the  year.         § Military  Savings  Week-­‐  There  will  be  a  coupon  competition  held  by  the  Fleet  and  Family  Support   Center.  Please  inquiry  with  them  on  additional  details.      
  3. 3. § Stars  and  stripes  are  having    a  contest  will  be  doing  a  contest  where  you  can  win  a  gift  certificate  or   shopping  spree  at  the  commissary.    à NEX  –  No  new  updates.    à MWR-­‐  Amy  mac  Donald-­‐  MWR  packet       § Tomorrow  Valentine’s  day  there  are  Valentine’s  day  dinners  happening  on  base  at  all  of  the  clubs.       § There  will  be  a  new  giant  inflatable  toy  raft  for  the  pool  that  will  be  offered  at  Purdy  Gym.  MWR  -­‐Pg.   30     § Super  bingo-­‐  There  is  an  opportunity  to  win  60,000  dollars.    Tickets  are  on  sale  now.  MWR-­‐Pg.  3       § This  years  Easter  Egg  Hunt  for  Yokosuka  will  be  March  30,  2013  and  for  Negishi  and  Ikego  March  31,   2013.  The  age  groups  will  be  broken  up  according  to  their  ability  and  safety.  There  will  be  a  map   posted  in  the  Seahawk  and  on  their  blog.     § This  years  Mud  Run  will  be  in  Ikego  on  April  6,  2013       § Spring  Festival  will  be  here  on  main  base  on  March  24,  2013.  Pg.  3     § Friendship  Day  will  be  in  Negishi  April  13,  2013.       § Earth  day-­‐  a  way  to  help  clean  up  the  area  we  will  in.  You  can  register  now  at  ITT  office.  They  will  be   cleaning  up  the  land  and  water  outside  of  the  Green  Bay  Marina.  April  27,  2013.       § Pool  closure  for  Purdy  Gym-­‐  is  right  after  4th  of  July.          à PSD-­‐  Pamphlet  services  provided  for  families  at  PSD  and  Fast  Office  will  be  attached  at  the  bottom  of  this   document.     § The  Command  Pass  Coordinator  (CPC)  is  your  first  stop  for  PSD  transactions.  Military  sponsors  must   contact  their  CPC  for  any  PSD  services  not  listed  here  to  include,  pay,  enlisted  exams,  gains,  transfers,   separations,  re-­‐enlistments,  travel  claims  or  official  transportation  (including  student  travel.)     However,  this  pamphlet  attached  will  give  a  website  link  for  sponsors  to  go  on  and  sign  an  1172  for   their  dependents  while  they  are  gone  or  busy.     § If  you  have  any  suggestion  please  let  PSD  know  so  that  they  can  update  and  make  those  changes.       § Again,  the  CPC  will  handle  all  check  out,  re-­‐enlistment,  travel  claims,  before  the  service  member   actually  comes  to  PSD  in  order  to  provide  faster  service  and  make  the  process  for  service  members   easy.    à Ikego  detachment-­‐     § The  monthly  newsletter  will  be  discontinued  due  to  budget  cuts.    The  Ikego  detachment  will  be   offering  it  via  e-­‐mail  and  their  Facebook  page.  If  you  would  like  to  sign  up  for  the  newsletter  you  can   e-­‐mail  the  detachment  at  (      
  4. 4. § There  will  be  a  Muira  Honcho  Youth  Soccer  Championship  February  24,  2013  on  Ikego  detachment   that  will  be  on  fields  3  and  4.  This  will  be  an  all  day  event.  Ikego  detachment  is  expecting  about  800-­‐ 1000  people  from  the  surrounding  cities.     § March  1,  2013  there  will  be  new  construction  of  the  new  OIC  building  and  gym.  They  will  have   contractors  on  the  lower  soccer  field  and  the  new  construction  will  take  place  on  the  dog  park  area.   Effective  April  1,  2013-­‐  all  dirt  on  the  soccer  field  will  be  closed  off  until  further  notice  due  to   construction  in  that  area.       § Phase  5  of  construction  will  begin  in  September  to  October  time  frame  one  lane  in  and  out  of  Ikego   gate  will  be  closed  down.  Traffic  will  be  hectic.       § There  will  be  a  comrel-­‐  tempura  party  Friday,  April  5,  2013  from  10:00-­‐14:00  to  show  Ikego  residents   how  to  cook  tempura.     § Ikego  Friendship  Day-­‐  will  be  May  25,  2013  more  details  to  come.      à USO-­‐  Now  has  a  family  room  decorated  with  Sesame  Street  for  family  enjoyment.     § The  USO  will  be  doing  a  fundraiser  February  23  and  24,  2013  in  building  1803.        à RLSO-­‐     § Tax  center  is  now  open  for  free  tax  preparation  this  office  is  located  on  the  third  deck  of  community   readiness  building  (which  is  across  from  the  commissary).  Volunteers  are  still  needed  to  help   individuals  file  their  returns.         § There  will  be  a  Tax  workshop  on  February  26,  2013  at  1600-­‐  This  class  is  being  offered  to  help   families  learn  how  to  do  their  own  taxes.       § There  is  a  Legal  Assistance  Office  on  the  second  deck  of  the  PSD  building  that  can  help  families  with   legal  Issues  of  Power  of  Attorney  (POA),  buying  cars,  selling  cars,  etc.                      
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