Welcome to second life online


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Welcome to second life online

  1. 1. Welcome to Second Life!I am so excited to have each of you in this ground breaking course! We are all a part of history here atYavapai College! This is only the third time this class has been offered ;-)A few formalities before we can get moving and grooving.  “Virtual Attendance” is a must for helping achieve great fame in this course! Please login a minimum of three days a week to Blackboard and Second Life. Try to attend the weekly Wednesday Night meetings. The in-world meetings are not mandatory.  Participation in the Discussion Board is a necessity.  Use the Firefox web browser (http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/) for Blackboard.  Also…Yes there’s more…You will need the following “Plug-Ins” downloaded: o Apple Quick Time 7 "The free QuickTime Player is an application for playing, interacting with, or viewing any video, audio, VR, or graphics file that is compatible with QuickTime. This includes MPEG-4, the new standard for digital media, new in QuickTime 6." (Apple Web site) o Shockwave & Flash Macromedias Shockwave, Flash Player plug-ins let you experience automation and entertainment in your Web browser. Shockwave provides auto-updating of the player. o Microsoft Media Player 11 Windows Media Player supports Windows Media (WMA, ASF, MP3, WAV, MIDI, AVI, and other formats (there is also a Mac version). o Java Java allows smoother playing of online games, chats, and viewing of images in 3D, just to name a few. Its also fundamental to run Blackboard.  Make sure you have reviewed the System Requirements and your machine is up to the Second Life challenge. These can be seen at: http://secondlife.com/support/sysreqs.php PLEASE NOTE: We are using Viewer 2 (this is the default download for new users)  If there are ANY problems, contact me immediately (ruth.alsobrook@yc.edu).I have opened the course early for your viewing pleasure. Please READ the syllabus. Assignment datesare to keep you on track. To receive full credit, the Assignments and Discussion Boards must meetthese dates. Note the 25% per day reduction of points if not submitted by due date.To log into Blackboard, go to the Yavapai College Portal at http://my.yc.eduEnter your USERNAME and PASSWORD (The USERNAME and PASSWORD should have been sent toyour email address upon registration. Please remember that the passwords are case sensitive). Oncewithin the Portal, the Blackboard icon is located to the right. Select this and Blackboard will open in a newWindow.For a tutorial of the portal, go here: http://www.yc.edu/content/myyc/Any problems let me know and I will do my best to help you out. I can be reached at (928) 776-2076. Thebest way to contact me is by Email: ruth.alsobrook@yc.eduHave fun with this class. Get a Second Life!Ruth Alsobrook-Hurich (AKA: Rah Rehula)