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  1. 1. MUSIC
  2. 2. MUSIC “Without music, life Would be a mistake.-” friedrich nietzsche Music has an "excellent power to expell many diseases“Onegood thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” - Bob Marley
  3. 3. Music Music is an art whose medium is sound and silence. common elements• pitch-governs melody and harmony• Rhythm-associated conc. Tempo,meter and articulation• Dynamics• Sonic qualities-timbre,texture
  4. 4. Styles of music Classical music-art music Commercial music-• Jazz-20th century• Pop• Rock• Folk• World• Country• Eastern
  5. 5. Indian musicOldest nd longest living typeOrigin-vedasWidely heard-performed in south asia ndinternationallyElaborate and ExpressiveMonophonic-based around single melodylineBased on ragas and rhythmically thalasTalavadya- perfomances in south indiaIndian music uses just-intonation tuning.
  6. 6. Musical instrumentsDevice created or adapted for thepurpose of making musical sounds.object that produces sound can serve asa musical instrument.Hunter uses a trumpet to signal successon the hunt.Drum-religious ceremony.
  7. 7. Cat. of musical instrumentsPercussionWind(blowed)StringedElectronicKeyboardFictional-harolina,holophonerwhich do not exist inreal. in books nd moviesFolkArchaic-cimbels used by chineseCrystallophonesHydrallophones
  8. 8. Traditional instruments Harmonium Sitar Sarod Sarangi Tanpura Santoor Veena Tabla
  9. 9. Indian percussion instrumentsDamaru-lord shivas instrument,drumshapeMridangam-used for carnatic musicBhangam-made from clay used intamilnaduPakhawaj-traditional north-indian drumDholak-drum shapedMondaiNagara
  10. 10. Stringed instrumentsBowed instrumentsPlucked instrumentsStrucked instrumentsGuitar-plucked string instrumentDeveloped across Europe descendent of Central AsiaUsed in genres-jazz,pop,country,metal etc.Sitar-Indian traditional instrumentBased on no. of strings-2 types13 Sympath. strings-tuned to notes of raga11 Sympath. Strings-high speed playingViolin-string
  11. 11. Indian musicsSeven notes of the scale-swarasCarnatic-Sa,ri,ga,ma,pa,dha,ni,saHindustani-sa,re,ga,,ni,saWestern-Do.Re,Mi,Fa,Sol,La,Ti,Do,octaneSargam-acronym of first four swaraswritten-s,r,g,m,p,d,nEach swara is origin. In the sound of differentanimalsLarge reportoire of stylesInv. Talavadhya performances in southindia
  12. 12. List of Indian musicsClassical music-carnatichindustaniFolk music-bihu ofassam,Dandiya,Lavani,RajasthaniPopular music-film music,hip-pop,rock ndmetal,film music,dance music,pop music.Western classicalPatriotism and music
  13. 13. Carnatic musicOrig. in south IndiaMore structured than HindustaniPersian influenceLogical classification of ‘RAGAS’Opening piece-varnam,interchanges in ragamsand thalamsIntermixed wid hymns and krithis.Pallavi or the theme then followsInstruments used-Venu,Harmonium,Veena,Mridangam,Gottuvadyam,Violin,ghatam.
  14. 14. Hindustani musicOrig. north indiaPersian influence-instrumentsstyle of presentationAssimilated various folk tunesTabla type of drum keeps the rhythmStringed tanpura-played at a studied toneEmotions are the prime themes of differentragasInstruments used in hindustani music-sitar,tanpura,shehnai,sarangi,tabla
  15. 15. MusicInstrumental is referred as music without any non-vocal accompaniment.Vocal music is a genre of music performed by oneor more singers, with or without instrumentalaccompaniment.Called-capellaFamous VocalistsTansen,m.s subbalakshmiBalamuralikrishna,G.N balasubramanianBismillah khan-shehnaiZia mohiuddin dagar-rudra veena
  16. 16. Music therapy Interpersonal process in which the therapist uses music and all of its facets- physical emotional mental and spiritual Used to- improve learning build self-esteem reduce stress Support physical exercise