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Evolphin makes Zoom, the fastest digital asset versioning and workflow system on the planet. Evolphin enables businesses to visually access, manage, edit, share, reuse, version, distribute and archive their most valuable digital assets in real-time. With Zoom, users can engage their digital assets with blazing speed, resulting in more informed, proactive workflow. And unlike existing solutions, Evolphin Zoom delivers immediate value with payback measured in days rather than weeks, months, years, or not at all.

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  • Awesome tool for Version Control of Digital Assets. Brilliant execution by its designers
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  • Hello is XYZ from Evolphin (Technical Engineering).I will be going over Zoom today. I have around 17 slides most of which include demo clips to show you.It should take me 30-35 min to go over the entire presentation. Feel free to interrupt me if you have any questions.
  • Talking with you it appears the key pain points you are running into right now includeYou would like to upgrade to CS5 but a lack versioning support is a major issue.Lack of version control that leads to loss in productivity as assets get modified, multiple versions are hard to locate,Duplication of effort as digital assets can’t be found/ Time spent searching for assets through multiple file sharesYou also need a version control system that can work with a variety of digital assets – often VCS like SVN are optimized for text only filesBut do not work so well with binary files.Before we start – could you talk about how does you creative workflow look like today? Are there any other issues you face today ? What are you looking for in an asset management solution ?X CS4 woes – lost versions/repository corruption X
  • Most of the version control systems out there are optimized for software development. Dig Assets present their own Challenges.(do bread first – go over the process summary then jump into the depth of each challenge)First step you perform is import assets into the version store. Zoom will not only version it will create visual previews on the fly as assets are importedOn checkout, Zoom supports exclusive editing via locking of assets on server for editsPost your creative work, you need to be able to checkin with minimum distraction w/o switching context from your creative app.Zoom provides number of Adobe Plugins and soon plugins for many 3D authoring tools.Other version control tool will transmit just the changed bytes to the server – storage & n/w savingsNext if you are working in a team setting, the VCS needs to notify team members about incoming changes,Zoom can alert you about changes made by your team memberYou can visually locate and preview any version
  • Zoom is a comprehensive solution that covers the end to end workflow for a creative group like yours. There is no need to invest time & money integrating disparate solutions from multiple vendors. Zoom is your one stop shop foryour asset workflow.Zoom is optimized for binary data – which is all digital assets – we have benchmarked it to be 50x faster than the fastest VCS out there.It provides visual tools like – visual asset browser, visual history of changes as well as visual plugins into authoring tools like Adobe CS suite. This improves the productivity of designers.For project lead, the built-in project mgnt and approval workflow implies they can track project schedule, budgets and jobs easily. This help ensuresOn time delivery of jobs to the client.IT admins will find dramatic reduction in storage needs, as we shall see in the demo, you can get over 99% disk space compression across multiple versions. Reduced byte usage also results in less network traffic and in turn helps bring down n/w bandwidth costs. User & security managementEnsures , assets are accessible to staff with appropriate permissions. With the ADS/LDAP integration in next release this would be even more seamless.With our upcoming web based approval, end clients will be able to review jobs and annotate visually the asset revisions generated during the creative workflow. No need to upload files to ftp or email assets for review. No need for the clients to install desktop software or Adobe CS licenses. Zoom will automatically track client reviews and approvals. Using our automatic publish tagging features, project delivery staff can easily checkout the approved assets.
  • We support all Versioning features that other version control systems like Version Cue do and here is where wego beyond.Asset browser is designed to search through millions of asset in fraction of a second. It returns a set ofPreview images for each digital assets that matches the search criterion. It’s the king-pin of a Typical workflow,You find asset, see who is editing, check if its already present in your local project folder, checkout & lock to start editingin the Adobe app.Unlike DAM tools, it can search through versions. Contrast this with tools like Adobe Bridge whichhave no search capabilities. Several search criteria are supported – tags via comments field, resolution, date ranges
  • We support all Versioning features that other version control systems like Version Cue do and here is where wego beyond.Visual timeline or history in Zoom is a major differentiator. Unlike other version control tools Zoom stores the preview or thumbnail associated with each revision on the Zoom server. Anyone can view visual history of changes using the our visual timeline tool.Visual history can be launched from inside authoring tools like CS5 , or Even without installing any authoring tools allows you to preview file versions from Explorer or Mac Finder context menu, or our Zoom repository browser.Lets take a look at a demo clip.
  • Here we take a look at a Adobe PS plugin for Zoom. This works the same way on Mac/Win, it shows up as a panel inside Adobe CS5 products like PSD, AI, DW. You do not have to switch context to do the normal VCS operations.
  • Here we take a look at a Adobe PS plugin for Zoom. This works the same way on Mac/Win, it shows up as a panel inside Adobe CS5 products like PSD, AI, DW. You do not have to switch context to do the normal VCS operations.
  • Here we take a look at a Adobe PS plugin for Zoom. This works the same way on Mac/Win, it shows up as a panel inside Adobe CS5 products like PSD, AI, DW. You do not have to switch context to do the normal VCS operations.
  • You saw how to play with digiatl asset versions in Zoom store. Now lets take a look at how you get those assets into the Zoom store.Import is the initial step you will undertake to get your files come under version control. Import links your asset to version store, so that you can latter browse and check-in revisions.Zoom supports several easy ways of getting your project underway via import of assets.
  • Here we take a look at a plugin client for Zoom. This is our latest Adobe CS5 Plugin on Mac. Windows plugin works the same way, it shows up as a panel inside Adobe CS5 products like PSD, AI, DW. You do not have to switch context to do the normal VCS operations.[Need a better screenshot – not sure how this is different from showing visual client plug-in for Photoshop on previous slide.]
  • Well that’s the end of the demos, now we will sumaarize the features & benefits of Zoom.Based on data collected by our customers, we can computed a hard ROI. And so far it seems you can recoup your investment in < year.
  • Evolphin Zoom - Versioning DAM, Vercsion Cue Alternative

    1. 1. 3/7/2011<br />1<br />Quick Overview of Evolphin Zoom Version Control edition<br />
    2. 2. Pain Points<br />Version Cue discontinued by Adobe<br />No upgrade path to CS5 with asset versioning<br />Future support for Adobe asset versioning unclear<br />Can’t search/track published/archived assets across teams/projects/departments<br />Limited asset reuse,<br />Effort duplication, and<br />Hence increased project cost & decreased efficiency<br />Inconsistent versioning support for various digital assets types<br />3/7/2011<br />2<br />
    3. 3. Unique Challenges for Digital Asset Versioning<br />3/7/2011<br />3<br />Challenges<br />
    4. 4. Complete Solution<br />3/7/2011<br />4<br />Evolphin Zoom covers the full creative workflow <br />improves productivity<br />improves <br />productivity & saves on production costs<br /><ul><li> Web-based approval
    5. 5. Automatic Publishing
    6. 6. Fast version control
    7. 7. Visual search & timeline
    8. 8. Plug-ins for Authoring tools (e.g. </li></ul> Adobe PS, Flash)<br /><ul><li> No lost / corrupted assets</li></ul>saves on IT administration,storage & network costs<br /><ul><li> Project Management
    9. 9. Approval workflow
    10. 10. Huge Storage and network </li></ul> savings<br /><ul><li>Asset Protection</li></ul>manage creative projects<br />
    11. 11. Visual Asset Browser <br />Search, preview and operate on multiple assets and their versions<br /><ul><li>Patent-pending search through versions (unlike other DAM tools)
    12. 12. Designed to search millions of assets in a fraction of a second</li></ul>3/7/2011<br />5<br />
    13. 13. Visual History Tool<br />3/7/2011<br />6<br />View a visual timeline of changes<br /><ul><li> Key DAM innovation
    14. 14. Thumbnail Previews
    15. 15. Access within authoring </li></ul> tools<br /><ul><li> No authoring tool </li></ul> license needed for <br /> version preview<br />
    16. 16. Zoom Visual Client Plug-in for Adobe<br />3/7/2011<br />7<br />Perform standard VCS operations from within Adobe CS tools<br /><ul><li>All Adobe CS5 SDK tools supported products
    17. 17. Many CS4/CS3 tools also supported
    18. 18. Supported on both Mac and Windows</li></li></ul><li>Mac Finder Plugin<br />3/7/2011<br />8<br />Folder Coloring & Standard VCS operations from Mac Finder<br /><ul><li>New for Snow Leopard
    19. 19. Allows version status to be visible in Finder
    20. 20. Context Menu to perform VCS ops from Finder</li></li></ul><li>InDesign Link Versioning<br />3/7/2011<br />9<br />Auto update of linked assets <br /><ul><li>Place links to versioned assets via Network share on Zoom Server
    21. 21. Commit the linked Asset and have InDesign be notified automatically</li></li></ul><li>Importing Assets<br /><ul><li>Drag-n-drop into Zoom Repository
    22. 22. Use Windows Explorer or Mac Finder context menu
    23. 23. Import from within Adobe CS5 or other authoring tools</li></ul>3/7/2011<br />10<br />‘Import’ copies assets into the Zoom remote asset version store<br />
    24. 24. Zoom Plug-in for Adobe Flash CS5<br />3/7/2011<br />11<br /><ul><li>Same as Adobe PS Panel</li></li></ul><li>Benefits for Management<br />Payback period less than a year<br /> Control access and secure assets<br /> Real-time reporting<br />3/7/2011<br />12<br />
    25. 25. Features & Benefits for the Creative Professional<br />Version assets from within Adobe CS<br />Import, check-in, check-out assets faster<br />Visually search and preview millions of assets<br />Reduce erros, Improve productivity<br />3/7/2011<br />13<br />
    26. 26. Features & Benefits for the Project Lead<br />Manage projects and users via a web-based Admin Console<br />Preview thumbnails without installing authoring tools<br />Built-in wizards assist you in<br />setting up project specific workflows,<br />assignments and approval <br />tasks<br />Automated workflow, notifications and publishing<br />Real-time reporting and tracking of timesheets, overdue tasks and more<br />3/7/2011<br />14<br />
    27. 27. Features & Benefits for the IT Administrator<br />Scale to millions of assets<br />Dramatically lower the cost of storing multiple versions<br />Unclog the network<br />Delegate project administration<br />Manage security via a web-based Admin Console<br />3/7/2011<br />15<br />
    28. 28. Key Takeaways<br />3/7/2011<br />16<br />Evolphin Zoom is a complete solution for the entire creative workflow<br /><ul><li> Advanced version control
    29. 29. Visual search, preview and timeline
    30. 30. Speed, security and scalability
    31. 31. Real-time reporting</li></li></ul><li>END<br />3/7/2011<br />17<br />Please Contact Evolphin Software, http://evolphin.com for more info<br />