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LT: Breaking the monopoly: new GraphQL lib for Ruby - Mikhail Bortnyk | Ruby Meditation 29


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Lightning Talk of Mikhail Bortnyk, at Ruby Meditation #29 Kyiv 14.12.2019
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LT: Breaking the monopoly: new GraphQL lib for Ruby - Mikhail Bortnyk | Ruby Meditation 29

  1. 1. New GraphQL lib for Ruby Breaking the monopoly
  2. 2. 0. Preparations We need to perform something before. And it’s not preparing to the afterparty. ➔ Look at the next slide Here you need to just wait ➔ Open You need this to interact with the lightning talk ➔ Enter the code #5152 Just try it.
  3. 3. Join at #5152 Are you using GraphQL Ruby?
  4. 4. About me Mykhailo Bortnyk Ruby developer Co-founder of Kottans #3 (now #5) contributor of mruby/c Speaker
  5. 5. 1. Current state GraphQL Ruby is currently the one and only GraphQL library we currently have in Ruby. ➔ Bad design God object, no dynamical definitions, non-welcoming to frontend developers ➔ Hardly extensible Federation specification isn’t still implemented ➔ The only option Currently we have no other implementations of GraphQL specification
  6. 6. Why am I doing this stuff?
  7. 7. What we can do to avoid all caveats?
  8. 8. What we should have to do it? ➔ Lexer I got one from Rust’s GraphQL implementation named Juniper and rewrote it in mode “fried soup” ➔ Parser Almost ready, just needed to finish the tests specification ➔ Type system specification ➔ Resolver specification ➔ Dataloader 2. Parts
  9. 9. 3. Roadmap In March 2020 I’m going to have working type definition implementation and proof-of-concept for resolvers. In May 2020 I’m going to present the library in beta state to receive wide testing, discover edge cases and find out caveats
  10. 10. Join at #5152 Wanna join?
  11. 11. Thanks! Find me on the afterparty