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Lightning talk 3: Linux «Tree» Utility - Alex Petrov


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Ruby Meditation 13 - 11.02.2017, BC Incom, Kyiv, 31-33 Smolenska str.

Published in: Technology
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Lightning talk 3: Linux «Tree» Utility - Alex Petrov

  1. 1. Linux «Tree» utility
  2. 2. Useful Params man tree For full command info -F Append a `/' for directories, a `=' for socket files, a `*' for executable files -h Print the size of each file but in a more human readable way, e.g. app ending a size letter for kilobytes (K), megabytes (M), gigabytes (G), terabytes (T), petabytes (P) and exabytes (E). --du For each directory report its size as the accumulation of sizes of all its files and sub-directories (and their files, and so on). The total amount of used space is also given in the final report (like the 'du -c' command.)
  3. 3. Usage