Most Useful Check Out Extension For Magento


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All this Check Out Extension are free. In this document, we have 5 Extension that makes easier for customer when they perform the check out procedure. All extensions are easily configurable for Magento Theme. All this information is created and prepared by M-Connect Media.

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Most Useful Check Out Extension For Magento

  1. 1. Asia Pacific - Corporate Headquarters – M-Connect Solutions 303, Anjani Complex, Opp, Russian Flats, Near Choice Street, C.G Road, Ahmedabad - 380009 Contact US - +9179 40327577 E-mail - Websites- Top 5 Free Magento Checkout Extensions M-Connect Media Prepared By: M-Connect Media
  2. 2. Officia Deserunt 1) Web Shop Apps Matrix Rate Since 2008 WEbShopApps MatrixRate is most downloadable shipping extension on Magento Connect. Is is free Shipping Extension at Magento Connect. It is first original Magento Extension that supports multiple shipping options to customers based on their locations. It displays multiple delivery methods for different locations. It gives customized shipping rates, cart weight, subtotal or quantity on destination. It is widely used on all over the worlds like UK, Europe, the USA and Australia. 3)PaymentFilter for Products and Customer Groups By this Extension you will set payment method for your particular products and your Customer Groups. This Extension connects totally free available at Magento. So , you can set different payable method for your most used Customer groups and most sold Products. 2)Customer Order Comment Customer Order Comment Magento Extension is totally free at Magento Connect. In this Extension customers are adding a comment when they order their Orders at review in the checkout. So, Customer can add their any comment when they proceed the checkout process. For the customer experience this Extension will not provide more functionality for their users. Prepared By: M-Connect Media
  3. 3. 4)Magemaven Order Comment This Extension is free and it is easily available from Magento Connect. When you place the order then you have to facility to comment any information for stores and this facility is provided by this Extension. It is easily installed and not affected the Magento themes design and more useful compare to other similar Extension that not put itself in Magento themes and the developer must change in themes to set other Extension in the theme. 5)Outsource Online Captcha By this Module you can easily set spam protection at Magento forms like registration, one page checkout, contact us, product review and send a friend page. It is easily configurable at your front end and back end. But you must clear your cache after installing. So, you can protect your store’s page from spammers. It is free at Magento Connect. COMPANY PROFILE M-Connect Media is a BIG name in E- Commerce Domain. We have developed 9 extension for Magento Community ONLY and also more extensions for clients. Please have look on our Official Magento Connect Profile from this link: to-connect/developer/M_CS Prepared By: M-Connect Media