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Building Voice Experiences with Amazon Echo


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This is a hypothetical strategy for a juice product relaunch based on Ribena using social media and an Amazon Echo experience for marketing. Done in early 2018. The idea is to showcase how I can craft a digital social strategy for your brand and blend in current and next gen technologies into meaningful brand ideas..

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Building Voice Experiences with Amazon Echo

  2. 2. Sometimes its difficult to discover that social ice breaker when you are meeting someone for the first time or after a long time. People turn to drinks to give them ‘Dutch courage’ but what if you are a non- alcoholic? THE CONSUMER HURDLE Singapore has a strong drinking culture if you think about it. From drink shops at hawker food centers, to outlets in malls, to cafes and a myriad of bars. It’s just that you don’t drink Ribena in any of those places. THE CONTEXT To get people to talk about Ribena again you need it to become the social drink of the year. The preferred non- alcoholic drink of choice at a gathering or reunion. THE BRAND CHALLENGE 2 3 1What we want Get people talking about Ribena again Driving brand recall Driving brand purchase Building brand preference Copyright Rubik Azariah 2018
  3. 3. THE RIBENA ROUND So you are a little shy. Who isn’t? Wondering what to say? Maybe you need a wingman to help you get the conversation flowing. Order yourself the ‘Ribena Round’ your very own genie in a bottle. HOW DOES IT WORK Order a Ribena pitcher and it gets brought to your table. Instead of talking to ‘Alexa’ talk to ‘Ribena’ as the keyword to activate the device, trigger our custom built skill to play ice breaking games, trivia and jokes that goes around the table and gets everyone involved. WHAT IS IT? An Amazon Echo powered ice breaking experience that gets the conversation flowing around the table in an inclusive way. Copyright Rubik Azariah 2018
  4. 4. How does it help the brand? This is a social experiment that literally has the potential to put the voice of the brand on every table in every café. BUILDS IN CONTEXTUALITY & FUTURE CAMPAIGNS As a promotion mechanic it introduces voice as a viable medium for brand communications in the future which can be used to deliver contextual messages by updating the Echo skill. GETS PEOPLE TO TAKE HOME THEIR OWN RIBENA By tying up with a rewards scheme or a discount coupon that can be availed in-store or online we help promote sales via a companion app. GETS PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THEIR RIBENA STORY Share a picture or video of your Ribena ice breaking experience. Since it’s a unique tech execution its going to be the talk of the town and social circles. Copyright Rubik Azariah 2018
  5. 5. An Amazon Echo or Echo dot built into the base of the pitcher. AMAZON ECHO DOT Promo jacket on a thin film that has links to apps for finding a Ribena in store, QR discount coupon to be redeemed on Shopee, list of commands you can try. ECHO PROMO JACKET Third party battery pack for the Echo device so that you don’t need it to be plugged into a power socket. BATTERY PACK FOR ECHO A battery powered 360 camera that shoots WeFies of everyone around the table. 360 CAMERA A cylindrical transparent pitcher crafted to fit the diameter of the Amazon Echo and sit atop of it. CUSTOM PITCHER What it might look like… Image for representational and explanation only. Not to scale. Copyright Rubik Azariah 2018
  6. 6. AR games Shop Party pics Find a pitcher Take home the RIBENA magic! Amplify the Ribena Round experience with the Ribena Round app. • Find a café with the Ribena Round experience • Get your party pics from the 360 camera. • Play AR drinking games that keep our pitcher in the center • Interact with the Echo Dot device using your app • Play music at your table • Shop and redeem special discounts from the app. • Network with friends that you made during the Ribena round. THE COMPANION APP Copyright Rubik Azariah 2018
  7. 7. ANNOUNCE STEP 02 RECORD STEP 03 ENGAGE STEP 04 DEVOTED STEP 05 SENSATIONALISE STEP 01 Talk about how its difficult to make new friends in the city. Promote the Ribena round on facebook and with Meetup hosts as the perfect icebreaker for the evening. CAMPAIGN STEPS Do mock ads for a date night or a make new friends night with a virtual assistant coach. Teaser with a reveal for the Ribena round. Show the world what happens when you get around the table and order a Ribena round with our curated stories. Promote future Ribena reunions and utilize the pitcher as a communication channel & the companion app as a CRM tool to drive sales & Engagement Copyright Rubik Azariah 2018