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Real Estate Market in Finland, Terho Salo


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Недвижимость в Финляндии.
В данной презентации представлены необходимые базовые знания о специфике сделок с недвижимость в Финляндии.

В Финляндии нет ограничений на приобретение недвижимого и движимого имущества иностранными гражданами за исключением редких случаев.
Недвижимым имуществом в Финляндии признается земельный либо водный участок, зарегистрированный в Кадастре недвижимости как самостоятельный объект недвижимости, имеющий идентификационный кадастровый код. Объект недвижимости включает в себя также все строения, деревья и прочие неразрывно связанные с ним части. Таким образом, если здание находится на арендованном земельном участке, оно считается движимым имуществом.

Однако наиболее распространенной ситуацией в сфере жилой (многоквартирные дома) и коммерческой недвижимости является то, что собственником недвижимости выступает акционерное общество, созданное с единственной целью осуществлять права собственности на недвижимость. При покупке квартиры в многоквартирном доме либо коммерческого помещения приобретается не недвижимость, а акции, дающие право на распоряжение определенной квартирой либо помещением в здании, собственником которого является акционерное общество.

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Real Estate Market in Finland, Terho Salo

  1. 1. NestorPartners / 1.2.20071 Rubicon MasterClass Terho Salo 5.6.2013 REAL ESTATE MARKET in FINLAND Market situation Real estate transactions in Finland
  2. 2. NestorPartners / 1.2.2007 Rubicon MasterClass Terho Salo 5.6.2013 Basic facts about a real estate transaction in Finland Real estate Land lot or forest estate Built up real estate Buying stocks of a housing or commercial real estate company 2 Terho Salo Kotka 5.6.2013
  3. 3. NestorPartners / 1.2.20073 Rubicon MasterClass Terho Salo 5.6.2013  It is very safe to do real estet transactions in Finland, because our real estate registration system is very clear and witout any rat holes  We have a nation wide register of all real estate properties in Finland. This register is kept by state owned surveyor-general office  Each real estate has its own distinctive number, for instance 540-455-4-35  The register includes information who is the owner, are there any servitudes, like debts, right to go thorough the land etc  All real estate are also in a digital register including exact facts about the location of each cornerpoint of the real estate, the number of the corner points and of course the exact area.
  4. 4. NestorPartners / 1.2.20074 Rubicon MasterClass Terho Salo 5.6.2013 Buying a land lot or a forest estate To be sure that you can use the real estate in the future in intended way, you must be acquainted with the city plan or the shore plan of the area. These are seen in the municipality, where the real estate is located. Especially, if the land lot is by a lake side, you should be careful, because building near water is heavily guided nowadays in Finland The transaction needs to be done in front of a public notary. He will convey the information about the new owner to the official real estate register. The ownership of the seller can be checked from the land ownership certificate, which is available in surveyor-general office. They also have a list of potential servitudes of the real estate. The revenue tax for a real estate is 4% in Finland.
  5. 5. NestorPartners / 1.2.20075 Rubicon MasterClass Terho Salo 5.6.2013 Buying aready built real estate The basic facts are the same as buying a land lot or a forestry estate A copy of the land owners certificate is essential and it should not be older than three months. To day you can hoover the certificate from the home pages of surveyor-general office on the spot. The official purpose of the real estate can be verified in the construction permission granted by the municipality. If there is an idea of chancing the intended use of the real estate, it is advised to consult the municipality city planning officials before signing a binding contract for the real estate. The owner is obliged to give to the buyer sufficient information about the tecnical and economic situation of the real estate before final signing of transaction.
  6. 6. NestorPartners / 1.2.20076 Rubicon MasterClass Terho Salo 5.6.2013 Buying stocks of a housing or commercial real estate company These real estate companies are separate juridical entities. They are obliged to hold a register of their stocks and and the owners of these stocks. The register consists also a list of apartments belonging to the company and which stocks give the right of possession to each apartment. (Property manager certificate). This certificate includes also information about tecnical details of the real estate and debts and potential servitudes etc. The stock sertificates of the company must be printed in Finnish Bank. When the transaction of stocks of an apartment takes place the seller must sign in to the back page of the stock certificate the change in ownership and give the certificates to the new owner. Property manager will then sign in the company register the new owner of the stocs. The revenue tax in a stock transaction is 2%.
  7. 7. NestorPartners / 1.2.20077 Rubicon MasterClass Terho Salo 5.6.2013 When a foreigner buys a real estate in Finland There are no legal limitations for a foreigner or a foreign company to own real estate or stocks of a real estate company in Finland If the buyer is a company, it must acquire certificates from its home country about its legal existence. Detailed information about dese documents can be obtained from the home page of surveyor-general office. They have also pages in Russian language. In Finland it is not possible to do real estate transactions using cash money, but money transactions must be operated through banks, either by bank account transfer or by a bank verified check.
  8. 8. NestorPartners / 1.2.20078 Rubicon MasterClass Terho Salo 5.6.2013 Hansteel Oy Terho Salo 050 548 3450