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Nodding Disease, AIDS, and African Swine Fever


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Is Nodding Disease related to both AIDS and African Swine Fever?

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Nodding Disease, AIDS, and African Swine Fever

  2. 2. Do the shocking AIDS-like aspects ofNodding Disease offer further supportfor the African Swine Fever hypothesis ?
  3. 3. The following aspects of Nodding Disease may link it to bothAIDS and African Swine Fever. Many of these symptoms canbe found in all three supposedly unconnected diseases.BlackoutsOpportunistic infectionsPneumoniaBrain atrophy and damage to the hippocampus and glial cellsElevated neutrophil countsElevated percentages of eosinophilsSome have an elevated cell count, mainly lymphocytes andmonocytesDry skinSevere itchingRashes (that cause the skin to come off in patches)Some develop pneumoniaAnemiaBlindnessTiredness and sleepingSunken eyesHeadachesCognitive problemsAbnormal EEG brain wavesVitamin A deficiencyFecal and urinary incontinenceSub-clinical seizures
  4. 4. In his introduction to his book,African Swine Fever, Yechiel Beckerwrote "The ability of ASFV virus to infectand destroy cells of thereticuloendothelial system leaves adefenseless host that succumbs to aninfection which may be described as anacquired immune deficiency disease ofdomestic pigs."
  5. 5. African Swine Fever is alreadycalled the AIDS epidemic ofpigs. Now the question iswhether one can say that,looking at the full spectrum ofASFV, is African Swine Feverboth the AIDS epidemic of pigsand the Nodding Disease ofpigs?
  6. 6. People on the ground in Uganda have saidthat Nodding Disease is "The New AIDS."Actually, Nodding Disease may have morein common with "The Old AIDS" thenpeople realize.
  7. 7. The big embarrassingquestion of the hourfor CDC and WHO isthis: Is Nodding Diseasethe new ASFV/AIDSepidemic and will itchange the way weshould look at AIDS?
  8. 8. Nodding Disease mayeventually require adiagnostic namechange to ASFV/AIDS-II .