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Versioned Triple Pattern Fragments


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Poster @ESWC 2017

Published in: Engineering
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Versioned Triple Pattern Fragments

  1. 1. VTPF Versioned Triple Pattern Fragments A TPF versioning feature @rubensworks Which books were present at time X? Which books were added and removed between times X and Y? At what times was book A present? Publishing RDF archives typically involves separate interfaces per version. These interfaces (e.g. SPARQL) can be costly, leading to increasing publication costs for each version. VTPF is feature for the low-cost Triple Pattern Fragments interface that allows querying RDF archives at, between and for versions Our contributions: Hypermedia controls for versioning queries RDF/HTML representation of changesets and versionsets Interface support for 3 triple pattern versioning query types Query the history yourself! Query at versions n-1n-2n-3... n n-1n-2n-3... n n-1n-2n-3... n Query between versions Query for versions