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Poster OSTRICH: Versioned Random-Access Triple Store


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Poster @TheWebConf 2018

Published in: Engineering
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Poster OSTRICH: Versioned Random-Access Triple Store

  1. 1. OSTRICH @rubensworks Versioned Random-Access Triple Store Storage strategy + Metadata Compressed delta chain Query capabilities Which books were present at time X? What was added/removed between X and Y? At what times was book A present? Query at versions Query between versions Query for versions n-1n-2n-3... n n-1n-2n-3... n n-1n-2n-3... n Store and query multiple RDF dataset versions in a single store Bonus features Cardinality estimation Supporting query plan optimization within query engines. Result streams Memory efficient processing of results. Efficient stream offsets Selecting subsets of results, like Triple Pattern Fragments paging