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Poster GraphQL-LD: Linked Data Querying with GraphQL


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Poster @ISWC 2018

Published in: Engineering
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Poster GraphQL-LD: Linked Data Querying with GraphQL

  1. 1. @rubensworks Query the Web of Linked Data with GraphQL queries Highly popular JSON-like query language for graph-based data We convert GraphQL queries to SPARQL using a JSON-LD context LD- Can only be used to query a single GraphQL interface no link with Semantic Web technologies Try it at GraphQL Query JSON-LD Context { label } { “label”: “” } + = SELECT ?label WHERE { _:b <> ?label } SPARQL Query GraphQL developers can now query with any SPARQL engine. => no universal semantics over different interfaces GraphQL-LD queries have universal semantics, which enables federated querying over multiple sources.