Visitors engagement of google results by country


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Is the consistency of Google search results comparable in different countries in terms of the visitor's engagement of the top 10 results?

We queried Google Ad Planner for Time on Site of the top 10 organic results for long tail queries.
We found that the first results of Google in each market are very different in terms of composition of sites with very different visitor's engagement metrics.

This apparent lack of consistency of the first page of Google might help simulate the SEO potential of a given site in a new market, country or category.

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Visitors engagement of google results by country

  1. 1. Visitors engagement of Google results by country Google dixit:1. Google’s Webspam team do not use Google Analytics data for rankings2. Googles Toolbar [data] makes a big difference [for improving our products] Question Is the consistency of Googles search results in terms of Toolbar data the same in each country for the same category (property)?We queried Google for random long tail property searches and measured Avg time on site & Page views / Total visits of each local site in 5 countries.Found strong correlation and 2 groups of sites (n=51) dominating the 1st Googles SERP
  2. 2. Where do you want to compete and how?Top 10 results on 1st Google SERP for property searches, n=300 Google country Proportion of sites with Diversity of different the highest visitor sites (Shannon engagement index) Australia 90% -0.17 UK 80% -0.26 Germany 60% -0.38 France 52% -0.39 Italy 40% -0.29 Spain 38% -0.29 Conclusion Assuming that [known] Google Ad Planner metrics are correlated to [unknown] Toolbar data The approach to SEO in the property search category in each country depends greatly on the  SEO competitive landscape (how many strong sites exist)  Google treatment of sites with weak signals ("permissiveness" to sites with poor visitors engagement)
  3. 3. One Google <> Many countriesWhy the same Google engine ranks so different proportion of sites withdifferent visitors engagement in each country?Chances that Googles local differences in ranking sites in each country will get more even? (picture of Googles Matt Cutts without permission)Does this matter if I am only targeting one country and category? Take-aways1. Simulate how you will fit among the ranking sites in each country BEFORE youlaunch2. Expect different toolbar data of your site in different countries EVEN for samelanguage
  4. 4. Thank you Organisers: Chee Ho Wan from Traffic OptimiserKevin Gibbons from SEOptimise SEO Barcamp Monday 5th March 2012Adam Street Private Members Club London Ruben Martinez @rubenmartinezs