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Rubedo cms


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Rubedo is an open source content management system. This professional website building tool offers a complete range of features for all users.
Rubedo is a CMS / Portal to create quickly and easily new websites. Advance settings offer maximum freedom to administrators/webmasters without, most of the time, a single line of code.
As far as developers are concerned, Rubedo technical platform (Zend Framework, MongoDB and Elasticsearch) will reduce development time for new features.

Rubedo’s back-end is designed as a virtual desktop that gathers all admin functions. Thanks to this unified admin interface, you can manage :
• an editorial content repository (articles, news, …)
• a document repository (pictures, sounds, videos, PDF files, office files, …)
• a block repository (functionalities that are arranged in pages)
• a pool of websites (internet/intranet/extranet)
• a user repository

Contents, documents and blocks can be shared without any duplication between the different websites hosted by the platform. This allow to create quickly and easily new sites, blank or by duplicating model websites.

Websites can be managed by different types of users, who can access administration functionalities on all or part of the website(s) hosted by Rubedo. Administration functionalities are grouped into three main parts:
• Admin functionalities: daily administration
• Studio functionalities: to create websites
• Contribution functionalities: to create and manage contents

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Rubedo cms

  2. 2. http://www.rubedo-project.orgRubedo Rubedo :– Content and digital assets management– Native responsive web design– Content taxonomy– Content search and indexing Rubedo is an open source content management system.Thisprofessional website building tool offers a complete range offeatures for all users: customization, content management,digital assets management, cross-platform, responsive webdesign, geolocation.
  3. 3. http://www.rubedo-project.orgRubedo Project Rubedo Project :– Licence : GPLV3– A PHP framework : Zend Framework– A NoSQL database : MongoDB– A search engine: Elasticsearch– A JavaScript and HTML5 framework: Sencha Ext JS and SenchaTouch– The templating engine:Twig– The HTML5 – CSS3 toolkit : Bootstrap
  4. 4. http://www.rubedo-project.orgArchitectureRubedoFramework Zend PHPStockage des donnéesMongoDBWebApachesearch engineElastic Search
  5. 5. http://www.rubedo-project.orgRubedo : Elasticsearch The open source search and indexing engine Elastic Search is built into Robedo. Itstands out by its open model knows as documentary or NoSQL which allows forversatile indexing of varied data and by its ability to perform real time indexing onlarge amounts of data without loss of search performance. Content types createdwith Rubedo are instantly declared to the indexing engine and contents areindexed in real time.This makes contents searchable for users as soon as they arepublished. Taking advantage of the search capabilities of Elastic Search, Rubedo natively offersa facet-based search interface. Facets provide automatic refining to the full textsearch by filtering results using their author, content type, publication date and alsoclassifaction.The indexing library provides file parsers for the most common filetypes (doc, xls, ppt, xml, openoffice, pdf, html, txt, …) in order to enable text searchon the content of such files.
  6. 6. http://www.rubedo-project.orgTéléchargement :
  7. 7. http://www.rubedo-project.orgTéléchargement :