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World's Best Duck Tours


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Everyone knows Duck Tours - but which cities have the very best ones? All your answers here.

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World's Best Duck Tours

  1. 1. Quack Quack! It’s the best Duck Tours in the World A Ruba Visual Travel Guide
  2. 2. Boston Duck Tours The granddaddy of all duck tours, this is the touristy thing to do in Boston. Hilarious tour guides and a great deal for all the sites you get to see!
  3. 3. The competition: Super Duck Boston Boston Duck Tours’ main competition – this one is fully enclosed and a modern design, better for chilly days when the old school Army Duck is just too cold
  4. 4. London Duck Tours Another one of the best Duck Tours out there – who could resist diving into the Thames? This one is very well maintained and great guides
  5. 5. Seafair In fact – not a duck tour, but the amphibious vehicle fondly named the Moby Duck does hold a special place at this Seattle Summer Festival – plus it’s decorated like a pirate ship!
  6. 6. Wisconsin Duck Tours Wisconsin was actually the birthplace of the Duck Tour – rumor has it a man bought the amphibious vehicle from the Army and took some friends out for a tour of the Wisconsin Dells. The rest is history
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