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Twilight Tours


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Visit all your favorite places from Twilight and Twilight New Moon in this virtual guide - and plan your own tour to follow in your favorite vampire's (or werewolf's) shoes.

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Twilight Tours

  1. 1. Twilight: New Moon – Tour spots for the ultimate fans A Ruba Visual Travel Guide by Lesley Peterson
  2. 2. Forks, Washington This tiny town nestled in between Vancouver and Seattle has seen a huge spike in tourism since the launch of these books & movies. Watch for Twilight inspired restaurants attractions popping up all over
  3. 3. Olympic Peninsula, Washington This gorgeous stretch of land really is home to the Quileute Nation, to Port Angeles, and to striking scenery. You can even download Twilight maps of the region
  4. 4. St. Helens, Oregon This small town outside Portland served as the actual filming location for a number of scenes in the first Twilight movie, including Bella’s home, the mushroom ravioli restaurant, the surfing scene, and the waterfall by the baseball field
  5. 5. View Point Inn This national landmark which served as the scene of Bella & Edward’s prom in the first movie, now hosts Twilight themed events and even weddings for the fairly obsessed couple
  6. 6. Vancouver, British Columbia This city’s outlying dense, gloomy forests served as the perfect setting for New Moon and Eclipse filming. There is even an 8 hour tour that has started running to satiate the Twilight fans who venture north to catch a glimpse of the sets
  7. 7. Volterra, Italy This walled city figures heavily in the plotline of New Moon , but the actual filming took place in Montepulciano, a similar town about 70 miles from the original. Tour both of them for the full Twilight experience
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