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Irish Menu


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Tips on deciphering an Irish menu. Perfect for those wondering what goes best with a pint of Guinness.

  • And if you're wondering where to grab a Guinness to go with any of these, check out this guide to the best pubs in Ireland: known for good food, good drink, and good company!
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Irish Menu

  1. 1. What’s that? Tips on Deciphering Irish Menus Ruba Visual Travel Guide by Jessica Colley
  2. 2. Black Pudding Yes – the rumors are true. This popular breakfast item is made from pig & cow blood. Give it (or the less scary white pudding) a try if you’re up to it, or just politely ask for no pudding with your breakfast
  3. 3. Irish Breakfast A typical Irish breakfast includes eggs, sausages, rashers (Irish bacon), black pudding, sautéed mushrooms, beans, Irish brown soda bread & a cup of milky breakfast tea. Popular cure for one too many pints of Guinness the night before
  4. 4. Dublin Coddle Made famous by James Joyces & Sean O’Casey, this hearty winter dish is prepared with sausages, rashers, potatoes, onions, and sometimes barley. YUM!
  5. 5. Irish Coffee No – this isn’t coffee brewed in Ireland. It’s a warming cocktail made of whiskey, coffee, sugar, and a topping of thick cream
  6. 6. Boxty Especially popular in Mayo, Sligo, and Donegal, a Boxty is a traditional Irish potato pancake made with flour, baking soda, and buttermilk
  7. 7. Fisherman’s Pie This pub menu staple is made of smoked & unsmoked fish, vegetables, and a creamy base. Served piping hot in single servings, its the perfect cold weather accompaniment to a Guinness.
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